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February 03, 2011

Bing copies Google search results

Google has accused Bing of copying its search results through an investigative operation called 'Bing Sting'.

Google engineers created fake search results for nonsensical terms. Few weeks later, these results started appearing on Bing.

Interestingly Bing doesn't deny this. It says that their algorithm looks at more than 1000 signals to determine the search results. This includes analyzing the click-stream of its IE toolbar users on what they search and click on Google.

It all started with a search for a misspelling "torsoraphy" where Google showed results for the correct word "tarsorrhaphy". However, the same results appeared on Bing although it could not detect the misspelling.

Google started its own investigation called 'Bing Sting' where they created fake search results for over 100 random nonsensical words. Google gave 20 of its engineers laptops with a fresh copy of windows installed along with Internet Explorer and Bing as the default search engine. Within weeks of searching these 'synthetic queries' on Google via these laptops, the same search results started appearing on Bing as well.

One such term being "hiybbprqag". Microsoft hasn't denied the report but later a spokesperson did say that "We do not copy Google's results!"

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February 02, 2011

iPad launch in India

Apple officially launched iPad in India last week on Jan 28th 2011. The pricing is pretty competitive with the WiFi model ranging from Rs 27,900 to Rs 37,900 while the WiFi+3G model is available in the price range Rs 34,900 to Rs 44,900.

If you already own an iPad, this is still an excellent news. Now your iPad can be serviced in India. You can also extend your iPad warranty in India. Not to mention, the accessories are now officially available as well.

More details are available at the Apple iPad Store India.

However, experts say, it may be worth waiting for a while since iPad 2 will be launched in April 2011. This is not yet confirmed by Apple officially.

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