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August 27, 2007

iphone unlocked

George Hotz, a teenager from New Jersey, has unlocked the iPhone allowing it to be used with networks other than AT&T. The unlocking process is a complicated one and involves hardware hacking. George says it takes around 2 hours to hack the iPhone.

It is not clear if Apple would make modifications to the iPhone to make it invulnerable to this hack before its launch in European market.

Meanwhile, the unlocked iPhone has been traded by George for "Nissan 350Z and 3 8GB iPhones".

Hopefully by understanding the hardware hack, someone would be able to come up with a software to unlock the iPhone.

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August 15, 2007

Nokia battery overheating and exploding

I tuned into the evening news today and saw a report about Nokia BL-5C battery overheating and exploding problem. Well it does sound scary and although Nokia says only 46 million out of about 300 million BL-5C batteries manufactured may have this problem, its still a sizable number. What should you do, if you own a Nokia phone?

The first thing to do is to check whether your handset uses a BL-5C battery?

Switch off your phone and replace the back panel. Remove the battery and check the front cover. Does it read "BL-5C" as the battery model?

Nokia says only the batteries manufactured in Japan between Dec 2005 to Nov 2006 are known to have this issue. So the next thing to check is the country where the battery was manufactured. Thats easy, your battery will have "Made in China" or "Made in Japan" or something similar written on the front or back panel.

If you do have a BL-5C battery thats made in Japan, don't panic. As per Nokia, the issue only occurs when charging the phone. But its best to switch off the phone and take it to a Nokia service center to confirm if your battery is affected.

You can do a check on the Nokia website by inputting your battery serial number at the following link

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August 09, 2007

MTNL ISP blacklisted

MTNL is one of the popular broadband internet provider in the city of Mumbai. They provide broadband connection with speeds upto 2Mbps using ADSL technology that uses the existing PSTN line.

I have been using MTNL at home for last 2 years and except for the pathetic customer service and horrible billing issues, I do not have anything to complain.

But that changed recently!!!

Working with some custom php application to detect blacklisted IPs, I realized that most of the IPs assigned to MTNL are blacklisted at SORBS and other popular blacklist providers.

Realizing the seriousness of situation, I emailed the IP administrator of MTNL Triband service at but as expect, didn't receive any reply.

I called up the customer service number 1504 to just let them know about the issue. But again, as expected, the lady on the phone had no clue about IP blacklisting. She suggested me to contact MTNL local exchange in my area.

The only solution I see for this problem is to pay extra and get a static IP from MTNL or switch ISP :-)

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