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April 01, 2005

Music Links

Over the years, because of Internet, I have discovered a lot of Indian acts that are just superb. Its amazing to find an Indian act which you didn't know before, only to be bedazzled further by their superb music.

On this page, I am trying to create a directory of all such acts. I also have tried to put some information apart from the link to their websites. I personally like Indian Fusion genre than the other genres. Within India, there are numerous new groups springing up every day which experiment with all genres of music and, most of the times are able to blend (fuse) it with the music of the land brilliantly. Such acts are discovered best at music promotional events such as Vasantahabba.

So go ahead, soak yourself in the music of these artistes!! (A lot of these artistes' music is available FREE at )

Indian Firang (Firang = Foreign) Pop

Indian Fusion

  • Nitin Sawhney : V2 music

    • Spiritual themes combined with Indian Classical, Flamenco, Rap, Drum n' Bass, Samba

    • Based: U.K.

  • + dj Cheb i Sabbah +

    • An Algerian born DJ, composed with Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan etc; Lot of fusion music in Indian Spiritual realm. 

    • A good review on him.

    • Based: Probably SF, USA.

  • Trilok Gurtu

    • World Music,BHANGRA ELECTRONICA to juju soul, Afro-Asian funk to raga-pop

    • Son of Shobha Gurtu, a classical singing star.

    • Based: Oxfordshire, U.K

  • Taufiq Qureshi

    • A Percussion Specialist

    • Youngest son of the legendary tabla maestro Ustad Allahrakha and brother of the World famous tabla wizard Ustad Zakir Hussain.

    • Based: Bombay?  (He actually performed at IIMB culfest on Jan 18, 2003)

  • Jai Uttal

    • A disciple of Ustaad Ali Akbar Khan.

    • pioneer in the world music community. His eclectic east-meets-west sound has put his music at the forefront of the world fusion movement.

    • Based: NY

  • Welcome to Music,Chennai Music,Indian Music,fusion,Jazz,Indian fusion,creative music,Music bands group,Carnatic Music in India,world music

    • Two brothers Kumaresh and Ganesh with fine musical lineage blend seamlessly Indian classical with westen music.

    • I saw them perform at Vasantahabba 2002.  Sadly they have not come out with an album yet.

    • Based: India (Delhi?).

  • MIDIval PunditZ

    • The PunditZ re-Present the Asian spirit with their music. Mainly studio musicians, the two have become
      popular for the raw energy in their music and their radical DJ-sets at Cyber Mehfils.

    • Based: New Delhi, India.

  • ConFusion home - Celtic melodies and Indian raagas

    • The band came together in 1997 in Berkeley, California.

    • Into Hindustani Classical Music and Celtic Music

    • Based: California?

  • Mindia Devi Klein Homepage

    • an Award Winning Musician, Composer and Educator. She Performs On These Instruments:
      a) BANSURI: Classical bamboo flute of India 
      b) SILVER FLUTE 
      c) BALINESE GAMELAN: Bamboo,Bronze & Wood Tuned Percussion Vocals

    • Ensemble is called: Ancient Future

    • Based: USA

  • Shanti Shanti - World fusion music based on Sanskrit chanting with Indian pop influences

    • Two young sisters Andrea & Sara Forman blend western pop with chanting in Sanskrit (name Shanti meaning peace itself comes from Sanskrit).

    • Based: Nevada, USA


    • Artistes: Richard Brookens. Studied Bansuri and Tabla at the Ali Akbar College of Indian Music in San Rafael, California.

      • Amit Chatterjee, Russell Feingold,Michael Moses, Abbey Rader,Nicole Yarling, Joe Zeytoonian,Barbara Sloan

    • Genre: World music. Mainly instrumental, sounds of varied cultures - India, China, Africa, and New Zealand, among others.

    • Based: 

  • Karsh Kale :: online

    • Classically educated in tabla, schooled in drums and a fiend for electronics, Kale has infused these worlds so well separation seems impossible.

    • Based: Gloucester, MA?

  • Bhakti - Limitless Music

    • Featuring tender folk and soft pop vocals, this satisfying debut by singer/songwriter Bhakti is inspirational and classy.

    • Based: ?

  • Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada

    • Sacred chants and mantras of the Gaudiya Vaisnava tradition. His Divine Grace A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada is the principal exponent of Vaisnava Krsna-conscious thought and spiritual practice in the Western world.

    • Based: Vrindavan, UP, India.

  • Yogeshwara

    • Inspired by the intriguing sounds from Ireland, the Middle East, India and beyond.

    • Based: Munich, Bavaria. Germany

  • Prabhu Music: An artistes Collective

    • Shastro: Italy-born multi-instrumentalist and vocalist.

    • Anugama  Main site: Maui, Hawaii based, Born in Cologne, Germany, Healing music, Multi-instrumentalist .

    • Prem Joshua  Main site: Born to a musical family in Germany, World music.

  • Nana

    • It is unique in that she has succeeded in creating a captivating style that combines her love of Greek music and culture with music influences from India, Native America, Central Europe and Australia.  She builds upona vast array of musical and songwriting influences from Ralph Towner to Dead Can Dance, from Joni Mitchell to Vilayat Khan.

    • Based: USA.

  • Innertemple Music

  • Deva Premal and Miten

    • Graced by ancient mantras, rich harmonies, and sensual rhythms, Deva Premal and Miten's music explores the essence of love, devotion, and consciousness.

    • Based: USA

  • Felix Maria Woschek

    • His music embraces the spiritual tradition of Hinduism, Islam, Christianity, and Judaism, and its sounds of devotion and gratitude lead to the place where it is possible for God and Man to meet - to the heart.

    • Based: ?

  • Satsonic

    • A BLISS-RIDE through the Modern, the Ancient, the Electric, and the Vedic. From the heart of India and the streets of New York City...

    • Based: USA

  • Ranga Pae

    • A World Fusion Blend of Japanese, East Indian, & Indonesian instruments with jazz and pop music.

    • Based: USA

  • Exsentrix

    • Amalgamation of two worlds: a new era of Bhangra Pop.

    • Based: Vancouver, Canada

  • Badmarsh and Shri

  • Krishna - The Fusion Band

    • Combination of all the three styles of music known in India ie. Hindustani, Carnatic and Western

    • Based: Bangalore, India

  • Sandhya Sanjana

    • Sandhya Sanjana is a female Indian vocalist who integrates Indian classical vocals with jazz and world music.

    • Based: Amsterdam/London

  • Time Travil Homepage: Music = Love

    • Indobeat ensemble, fusing the musical styles of Indian Classical, Jazz/Funk, Qawwali, Afro-Cuban/Brazillian, and Techno/Trance.

    • Hindustani Jazz Improvisation.

    • Based: NY/Boston/Kolkata

  • IndoFunk

    • Indofunk blends Indian classical and hip-hop music with straight-up American funk and dance beats to create a new take on funky music.

    • Based: NY, USA

  • Bikram Singh

    • Bhangra Pop/Fusion.

    • Based: NY, USA

  • Vani - Raga Rock

    • Raga Rock is a genre of music which is a mixture of Indian and American influences. This description may sound like the usual round of fusion, but it is not. Most of what is called fusion today is heavily influenced by modern jazz. Although we are not maligning modern jazz, it does tend to be obscure and inaccessible. The resulting fusion is often even more difficult to relate to.  
      Raga Rock is a very accessible genre which traces its roots back to the 1960s. Artists such as the "Beatles" and the "Incredible String Band" all produced some fine raga rock. A classic example is Norwegian Wood by the "Beatles".

    • Based: Houston, Texas.

  • Bluefield Arts

    • Inspired by the music of the Middle East, Ireland, India and Pakistan.

  • Tapan Group

    • Mainly Classical music but also involved in Fusion.

    • Based: Spain

  • Nadaka

    • Contemporary Indian and World Music; an indigenised guitar.

    • Based: Auroville, India

  • The Brown Indian Band

Indian Rock Bands

  • - Join the Bandwagon!

    • With up-to-date info on gigs, the most comprehensive site on Indian Rock scene!  

  • Parkirama

    • Since 8 years and over 200 live commercial concerts.

    • Their song "but it rained" has been selected for the "Official ICC Cricket World Cup" Music Album.

    • Saw them perform at IIMB culfest on Jan 19, 2003.

    • Based: New Delhi

  • The Offical Indus Creed Home Page

  • Euphoria - The Official Band Site

    • The need to name genres of music probably got them the classification HINDROCK. They  happened to become a premium HINDROCK band.

    • Saw them perform at IIMB culfest, 2002.

    • Based: New Delhi

  • Home Page of Cusp

    • Formed in November 1996 in Bombay India with the intention of making original music derived from varied  influences.

  • :::: Moksha's Official Site ::::

    • Formed in a coffee shop in November, 1995, Moksha was the only Asian band to be featured on an Iron Maiden tribute album, which was released by a UK based recording company called Energie Records.

    • :::: Moksha's Older Site? ::::

  • Welcome to the Antaragni Web

    • Evolving a unique blend of Indian Classical, Folk and Western styles of music, in a short span of 2 odd years ‘Antaragni’, a 3-member band, has carved a niche for itself in the Bangalore-Mysore music scene.

    • Saw them at Vasantahabba 2002.

  • Krosswindz

    • ..the fusion, the meeting, the head-on collision of the Sirocco with the Loo, the mistral with the typhoon and the tempest and the gentle sea breeze and all its sensual overtones permeating through....

    • Another Krosswindz site 

    • Some of their mp3

    • Based: Kolkata.

  • Goldspot

    • They have blended Brit-rock with American rock to come up with music approximately in between Jeff Buckley and U2.  The group has crafted dulcet melodies into a fevered soundscape that fuses lush arrangements characteristic of the Brit-rock movement with the sense of urgency found in contemporary American rock..  

    • Based: USA.

  • Eclipse

    • Started by Clarence High School Students

    • Based: Bangalore

  • Clockwork Orange

    • A group of four.  Female lead vocals.

    • Started: 2001

    • Based: Bangalore

  • Vikshepa

    • Started by engineering buddies

    • Based: South India

  • The Music Magazine -- India's first and finest music e-zine


    • Less focused than  Seems to focus on teeny boppers.

  • Hypnos Reviews

    • Reviews of albums, demos, singles, or any sort of release and live shows. Also, interviews and columns.

    • Run by Toto, out of Bangalore

Indian Classical Music/Dance

Hindi Radio

Source : Anurag Jain

Posted by manish at April 1, 2005 08:51 PM