How to renew or reissue your Indian Passport?

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Recently I went through the whole process of reissuing my passport as it was about to expire. I just thought of documenting the whole process so that it could benefit others. The steps listed here may or may not be of help to you as every passport reissue case is different. Do note that renewal and reissue of passport are two different things. Passport is generally reissued. Renewal only happens in special cases where a short validity passport was issued which now has to be renewed for a full 10 year term.

Some points to note before you read further:

  • I got my passport reissued in April 2013, chances are the process may change in few months.
  • I got my passport reissued at Mumbai. Passport authorities at other locations may or may not adhere to the process followed at Mumbai.
  • I had to change my address and add spouse name in the passport. For other changes, more documents/verifications may be required.
  • My case was of passport reissue. For fresh passport, the documents required and your experience dealing with Passport authorities may vary.
  • I applied under “Normal” application process. Tatkal applications may require more scrutiny and checks.

With above disclaimer, below are the steps that I followed to get my passport reissued in 10 days under normal application system.

  1. To begin, Since the entire process of application entry is now online, you have to create an account on Passport India website. You can create upto 3 applications from one account, so no need to create multiple accounts for family members in case you are applying for passport for the family members. If you have more than three applications, then you will have to create multiple accounts on passport website.
  2. As soon as you create your account, you will receive an email from Passport Website asking you to click on a link to activate your account. Simply click on the link and follow the process to activate your account. Once you activate your account, you will receive a welcome email from passport website.
  3. Visit the document advisor links on the home page to check the documents required for your application. The advisor opens a wizard and asks you questions related to your application to advise you the documents required. Fresh passport documents and Reissue passport documents are different and these links will advise you better about the documents required.
  4. Login into your passport website account and create an application for fresh/reissue of passport (depending on your case). You can either choose to fill the form online or download a PDF file to be filled offline. In case you choose the later, once you fill up the PDF, you have to generate an XML upload file. Login back into the passport account and upload the XML file to submit the application. If you have a broadband Internet connection, it is always recommended to choose the online option rather than the PDF option.
  5. While filling up the application form, make sure the details such as your Given Names, Surname, Father/Mother/Spouse name matches exactly as on your old passport (or in case of a fresh passport, as on your proof of identity/address documents). In case you are married, it is mandatory to add your spouse name in the application. Failure to do so would amount to concealment of information and could result in penalty and criminal prosecution. Similarly if your old passport contained spouse name and reissue application does not, necessary documents must be attached (divorce/death certificate).
  6. While giving references in the application, make sure to choose references who live in the same society/neighborhood as you. Although the passport website says you can give reference of anyone from the city, it doesn’t work at least in a big city such as Mumbai. The police will insist on references of the neighbors only.
  7. Make sure to mention the correct police station in the application as an error here will delay your police verification. Passport authorities will not be able to guide you on filling up such details.
  8. Once the application form is filled, you can click submit and the system will generate an application reference number. Once the application is submitted, no further changes are allowed in the application. In case you wish to make changes in an already submitted application, you have two choices. You can either create a new application or mention the changes to the Passport officer during the appointment.
  9. After submission of the application form, you will need to create an appointment to visit the nearest Passport Seva Kendra (PSK). Appointments are required only for applications under “Normal” process. Tatkal applicants can simply walk into the PSK with a submitted application form. Update: Appointment are required for both Normal and Tatkal applications. Partially filled application forms which have not yet been submitted are not entertained at the PSK. So make sure you submit the form before visiting the PSK if you are applying under tatkal.
  10. You can follow the steps mentioned in the article “How to get passport appointment online” in order to get an appointment with nearest PSK.
  11. Once you get the appointment, print the appointment receipt (which has a barcode) and carry the documents suggested by Document Advisor. The documents must be carried in original along with 2 photocopies. The photocopies should be self attested (i.e. the applicant should sign each copy).
  12. You do not have to carry the application form or any photographs. Photographs and biometric details are captured at the PSK.
  13. Do note that unless you are a minor, senior citizen, illiterate or physically challenged, no one is allowed to accompany you to the PSK.
  14. Visit the PSK at the reporting time mentioned in your appointment. Do not panic if you reach late, most PSKs are sympathetic towards late comers and will most likely allow you inside. However, do note, that PSK security reserves the right to refuse entry if you report after your appointment time. Update: If you reach even 5 minutes late, the appointment is automatically canceled by the system. PSK will not be able to do anything in such cases. You will have to reschedule your appointment via the online system. So make sure to reach before time and take your token number.
  15. Mobile phones are allowed inside PSK. However cameras and other electronic gadgets are not. Its best to just carry the documents and your cell phone since PSKs do not have a locker facility.


Once at the PSK,

  1. You will be cleared by the PSK security who will scrutinize your appointment letter and let you in.
  2. Once inside the PSK, you will have to stand in a queue to receive a token number. Ideally this should not take more than 5-10 minutes. However since most people are late, chances are that there is already a backlog and expect to stand in the queue for 30-45 minutes before you reach the token counter.
  3. Once at the token counter, the person will ask for your appointment receipt and all the original documents. He/She will take one copy of the documents and if everything is in order, will put them in a file and give the file number to the same. The originals are returned back to you.
  4. Once this is complete, you will just have to wait back until your name is called out and a token is issued to you. This can take anywhere from 5 to 60 minutes. Once you receive the token, you are allowed inside the application processing zone. You have to present your token at the security who will verify it before letting you in.
  5. Inside the processing zone, you will see three different type of counters viz A, B and C.
  6. Counters of type A are operated by TCS employees and are generally very professional and quick in their work.
  7. There are large LCD screens placed at various locations inside the processing zone that show the token number status. As soon as your token is called, visit the specific A counter.
  8. At counter A all your original documents will be scanned and uploaded in the system. You will also have the opportunity to verify your application details and confirm the same before they are submitted. Your photograph and biometric details (fingerprints) will be captured. Also you will have to pay the necessary application fees in cash at counter A. Once this is complete, you will receive your passport file and token number back. This usually takes 7-10 minutes.
  9. You will again have to wait until your token is called at one of the B counters. Here, a passport officer (Government servant) will verify your original documents, stamp your passport (in case of reissue) as canceled and stamp your document photocopies as verified. This usually takes 5-7 minutes. However it can take as long as 15-20 minutes as well. Once this step is complete, you will receive your token and file back from the counter B officer.
  10. You will have to now wait for your turn at Counter C. At counter C a senior passport officer will verify all your documents again. He/She may ask you few questions. If he/she is satisfied with the application process, he/she will grant you a passport and generate a receipt. The passport file will be kept with the officer at counter C. He/She will also tell you whether your passport application has been accepted under tatkal or not (if you applied under tatkal). Whether police verification is required or not. If police verification is required, whether it will happen before passport issue or after. All this usually takes 7-10 minutes.
  11. Once you finish counter C, you have to submit your token at the exit counter and get a passport application receipt which contains the passport file number. You can track your passport status online with the help of the passport file number.


While I am not an expert about what documents are required as every passport application case is unique. However, here are some recommendations that have worked in my case.

  1. Submit as many documents as possible. While the document advisor on the website will suggest you to submit one of the documents as address proof, it is recommended to submit as many documents as you have for identity/address proof.
  2. Aadhar card which is more than one year old is accepted as a proof of address and identity. However make sure that the name and address matches exactly as on your passport application.
  3. Ration cards are also accepted as proof of address. However you should submit one more address proof if ration card is your primary address proof.
  4. Bank statements from any PSU scheduled commercial bank (which includes private sector banks such as ICICI, HDFC, Kotak, Yes Bank) as well as photo/non-photo passbooks issued by public sector banks are accepted as proof of address. For list of approved banks click here.
  5. Bank statements should be printed on bank’s stationary, stamped and signed on every page. Make sure the signatory mentions his/her name, designation and employee number and places the bank’s round stamp on every page.
  6. Bank statements generated from netbanking are not accepted by Passport authorities.
  7. Utility bills are accepted as a proof of address provided they are in the name of the applicant and two bills are produced, one which is 12 months old and another which is current month.
  8. E-Bills from utility service providers are not accepted by passport authorities.

Feel free to share your feedback or ask any questions that you may have related to passport application. Due to limited time I may not be able to reply to all question. I would recommend that you read through all the comments since many common questions have already been asked and answered.

734 comments on “How to renew or reissue your Indian Passport?

  1. Do we need to upload documents online for reissue of passport?

    • Uploading the documents is optional. The uploaded documents cannot be accessed by passport office at this time.

      • Dear Manish,
        Great service rendered by you. My case is as follows:
        1.I am a Sr Citizen
        2.My Passport expires in July ’15.
        3.I need to apply for reissue of PP.
        4.I am applying online.
        5..As I shifted to a new address. As such,new address proof is required.
        Document Options for Proof of address: Spouse PP copy.All other docs,including Aadhar have some spelling errors etc.

        I plan to mention Spouse PP copy as address proof,,where address printed is present one where we live and it has my present PP name,(under family particulars)
        However,in Family Particulars of my old PP, Spouse name is differently spelt from her current PP name.
        Can I go ahead and mention Spouse PP copy as new address proof(though her PP name and her name in my present PP differ)?
        Request a clarification please

        • Continued; Another query. While applying online,I need to fill Spouse name.As the appn has to be filled exactly as present PP, I checked for my Spouse name and it is different from her present PP,as already informed above.
          Should I enter the name of Spouse as per my old PP OR In my application,Can I enter her name as per her present PP.
          Pl clarify.

  2. Is Aadhar card compulsory for filing passport form online

    • Aadhar card is not mandatory for applying for a fresh or reissue of your passport.

  3. Excellent guide. Appreciate the help !!!

  4. […] lot of visitors to my passport application article have been asking me about the police verification process. Below are the steps that I took […]

    • I have submitted my aplication under normal application could you please tell me what i need to do next? it says Pending for physical police verification at your respective Thana under SP Office, District Gurgaon

      • Its means that your police verification is yet to be done. If already done with your police verification process need not worry. After your police verification your application is forward to your respective SP office (supritendent Of police) to check whether you carry any criminal record this process usual takes 1-1.5 months. Once the verification process is completed at the SP Office the application is forward back to passport office for printing and stuff
        Once the application is forward from SP office your application status changes quickly. You can expect ur passport within 2-5 days after that

        • How much we need to give to police for verification

          • There is no fee for police verification.

  5. Hi,

    I have only a ration card as the address of proof. At the most I can only produce the Aadhar card receipt. Will this be enough?


    • Dear Siddharth,

      Aadhar card receipt won’t be enough. I would recommend that you wait until you get your Aadhar card. Otherwise if you have a bank account, last 1 year bank statement can be submitted along with ration card. You can even submit postpaid mobile bill as well.

  6. I got renewed my passport but in the new passport my name is changed from PILLAI SREEDHARAN SREEKUMAR to SREEDHARAN PILLAI SREEKUMAR. Also the same changes has been made incase of father’ name, mother’s name etc. To whom I have to approach for rectifying the changes

    • You will have to apply for reissue of passport and pay the fees again. It is unlikely that the error happened at the Passport office since the entire process is automated and data is directly picked up from the application form filled by the applicant.

      • I got a new passport re-issued March this year in Delhi. They made a mistake with my Fathers name. when i pointed it out to be corrected in my new passport, I was told that it’s my fault! I said really? Would I mispell my own fathers name?? Then they said if it is my fault then ‘nothing’ can be done about it, but if it is their fault then they will change it in the new passport. This was at the PSK front desk, which is very professional and clean. Then they sent me behind their office to the sarkari passport office(in the same building) and that’s where I got to see the real face of it. Old, dingy and dirty from another decade, I’m not exaggerating when I say this, they made me run from one room to another, at least 7-8 before I was finally directed to this room where a guy checked my application form when I had applied for my old passport. He checked it and saw that ‘they’, not I had made a mistake with my Father’s name. Then, after all the running around, I went back to the PSK front desk and they said I have to get a letter issued that it was their fault! So I had to run back again and get it done and go back to the PSk in the front of the same building. Finally, I could enter for my appointment! It’s quite another story how long it takes once one is inside!!!

  7. Hi Manish,
    I had my sirname changed recently.I have to change the same in my passport along with my current address.But unfortunately i have to travel Singapore for my company’s assignment in 2 months.So should i go for a reissue of passport now or shall i use my old passport(having my old sirname) for time being till i return from Singapore (as time is less for reissue and it may take more tha 2 months for the reissue).Please suggest whether old passport would create any problem for me while travelling.Or it is valid with proofs such as Gazette notification and Affadavit.

    • I don’t think old passport will create any problems. Since travel date is very near you may travel on old passport. Otherwise you can try and apply in tatkal. You generally get the new passport in 2-3 days. Please consult an expert on the matter for the most accurate legal advice.

  8. Hi
    If I apply for reissue of passport and Have visa of a country valid for next 5 years , what happens to such visa? Are those still valid and can i travel on it/

    • Yes those visas are valid. Just carry both passports (old+new) when traveling.

  9. Hi Manish,

    I got married in dec 2012 and the first form field is of applicants details wherein my name is supposed to be mentioned, would that be my maiden name of name given after marriage. for e,g. would it be xyz my dads name and surname or xyz my husbands name and surname.

    Also what is non-ecr and can’t we mention family members name under reference?

    • Hi.. I’m applying for a reissue of passport which is expiring in October 2017. I have the same question as Pooja’s. I recently got married and want to change my surname. So what should I fill up under Applicant Details section? The passport authority representatives whom I spoke to on the phone asked me to fill up the surname field with the name I want to change to i.e my husband’s surname. Is this information correct? Can anyone please help. Thanks


  11. Thanks! for this wonderfully explained article.
    I have a question regarding address proof.
    Can I produce SBI savings bank account passbook as my address proof instead of one year statement.

    • Hi Siva

      Yes you can produce your SBI passbook instead of bank statement. Just make sure it has transactions for last 12 months.

  12. Sir, i got my passport in Feb,2011 from Regional Passport Office,New Delhi. I wish to travel to europe now in september. while applying for visa, it was discovered that in my address instead of 56B, it is written 568 and my father’s name is misspelled(instead of Chandra it is Cnandra). what should i do?

    • Hi, mostly likely you will have to apply for reissue of passport. Since you got your passport in Feb 2011 you should have brought the error to the notice of RPO right then. Please check with the RPO if they can expedite the passport reissue and willing to waive the reissue fees (both seem unlikely in my opinion but you can make a try)

      • Thanks

  13. Hello Manish,
    Thanks for all the info you shared on your blog passport application. Actually I recently changed my name Anu to Ana…. In process of trying to make affidavit and all. I was carrying my id (pan card & voter id and passport in my purse. but it got stolen from car.
    Now what i am wondering when applying for passport with new name (will they directly issue based on affidavit and old passport scan copy and FIR) or will have make passport with old name (in lieu of lost passport) then the change to new one. I was to join a job outside country n now I am stuck for passport n visa as well.

    let me know if you have any clue in such a case.


    • Hi Anu,

      Sorry to hear about your situation. You will have to apply for a passport reissue with dual reasons selected in the application: Lost/Stolen passport and name change. Documents for both reasons will have to be attached. There will be additional penalty that will have to be paid because of stolen passport. Also you will have to apply under normal scheme since tatkal scheme is not allowed in case of lost/stolen passports.

    • Hi Anu

      Same have happened with me.
      Have you got your passport on time and got your visa…how much time it took for you to get new passport in lieu of lost passport.



  14. Hello Manish , my dad and mom applied for fresh passport but birth date of both has been entered wrong and they got appointment for it, so for rectification of that should they again have to reissue their passport and have to pay 1500/- and in that application form they asking previous passport no. Mandatory. They just got their application reference number.So what to enter in that passport number column.

    • Hi Poonam.

      Your parents can get the date of birth (or any other details) changed in the form at the PSK. Make sure to mention it when collecting the token and at Counter A. The officials will make the changes before processing the application. No need to submit another application.

  15. So directly in passport office, they will make the changes and they have to carry the required proof for what changes been made.As any affidavit/ annexures required to attach with it? do in proof they have to show their marriage certificate?

    • Poonam,

      You can get changes in the application form done at the Counter A. Just make sure to inform the person about the changes. No special documents are required for making changes, you will have to show the same set of documents irrespective of whether application data is required to be changed or not. Do make sure that data on application form and documents match. For the correct list of documents please use the document advisor tool on passport website.

      • Thanks for your guidance it helped us a lot.

      • Hey manish ,one more thing to ask now for married couple is marriage certificate mandatory?

        • Hi Poonam, Proof of marriage is required. If marriage certificate is not available then a joint affidavit can be filed. If you use the document advisor tool on passport website you will get accurate list of documents required for processing of the application.

  16. Do we need to carry ration ccard in case of renewal if the address is not changed.

    • Dear Rahul

      It’s best to take as many documents as you can even if the address is same. It will help passport officer process your application faster.

  17. Dear Manish,
    Great news to share with you. My passport was brought in by an unknown person who found it. As address was there, they could drop in. Though other id not found nor any cash..
    So in current scenario, I only have to re-issue passport for reason of change of name and signature…but i tried selecting it in www. it says cannot be done in tatkal.

    • Dear Anu,

      Good to know that you found your passport back. Each situation is different so I can’t advise you about your tatkal application. However for name change you should be able to apply for the tatkal passport. Best to confirm with RPO once since they are the final authority on this matter.

  18. thanks for your time and reply…

  19. Hey Manish,

    Thanks for detailed info. I have applied for passport reissue due to surname change after marriage. I also have to change address. Now my first query is – do i need address proof with new surname? or maiden name will do? From listed documents as AP, i can show only bank statement, but it has maiden name and not the changed surname. will it work?
    I have changed my surname on PAN card, so my IT return for current year has my new surname. Thats the only thing i have with new surname and current address. But i doubt if it will work as valid AP.

    My second query is appro. how long will it take to get passport if my application will need police verification? I applied under normal case.

    Third query is about reference as you mentioned one should have given reference from same area. I have gave references of my colleague and a friend. But they live in different area of Mumbai. I already took appointment, what should I do now?

    Thanks in advance.

    • Hi Sapna,

      Since you have already taken the appointment for passport, the most difficult step is over! If you have a marriage certificate issued by BMC (Registrar of Marriage, Local ward), then the certificate itself acts as a proof of name change, marriage and address. Since you have already changed your name on your PAN card you should visit your bank with the updated PAN card and get your name changed on the bank account. It usually takes 2-3 days for the update to happen after which you can request your bank to generate 1 year statement in your new name and address. If your husband’s passport has your name endorsed then it will act as an address proof as well. These three documents should be enough to convince the passport officer to grant you a new passport. Unless you have received an Income Tax Assessment order (u/s 143 of Income Tax Act), the return acknowledgement (ITR V) will not be accepted as a valid address proof.

      Since you are applying for a reissue of passport (and assuming your current passport is still valid and has a clear police report), you will be granted a passport under post police verification. In such cases you should receive your passport in 7-10 working days in Mumbai. Sometimes it may take a little longer. When you visit the PSK you can ask about the passport timeline at Counter C. Show the passport officer all the documents that you have (Aadhar, Voter ID, PAN etc even if its in the old name) which will convince him/her to grant you a passport under post-verification. Remember the officer will never ask any documents from you and will process the application based on the documents presented before him/her. The police verification may or may not happen and will take 2-3 months to complete (sometimes even more). Police takes post verification cases under normal scheme as their last priority so don’t be surprised if they don’t bother you for months.

      For references, when you visit the PSK, tell the person at the token counter that you want to change the references. The person will note it on your application file. At the counter A, do inform the person again and he/she will make the changes for you in the computer. You will be able to see and verify the changes before application is finalised and submitted. Make sure to enter the correct police station in the application otherwise the verification may get delayed.

      Good luck.

  20. Thanks Manish for prompt reply. I really appreciate your patience. So basically I will need address proof with new surname. Then it’s a big problem for me. I have only one bank account which is my salary account. To change my surname in bank, I have to change my surname in my company database also. I am not very keen on changing my surname in company.
    Is there any work around for this?

    • Hi Sapna,

      You can try with address proof in old name. Your marriage certificate will act as an address proof. There is however a possibility that PSK may ask for address proof with new name. If you have an Aadhar card in new address you can get the name changed on it based on your marriage certificate and then produce this to passport authorities. Do keep us posted about your application status and whether you managed to get your passport.

    • Hi Sapna,
      I have applied for re-issuing of my passport. I wanted to change my surname and residential address after marriage. Have you got your passport? How long did it take? My status says Police verification report under review in RPO. Any idea that how long does it take from this step? Waiting for your reply.

  21. I want to apply for my son’s passport who Is of 1.8 years now. I have got my passport which has the permanent address of Shimoga (Karnataka) but from past 10 years I am leaving in Bangalore. As our final plans are to settle down in Shimoga, I want my son’s passport in Shimoga’s address. My wife got her passport before marriage and she has Bangalore address in it. Wanted to know what document can I produce as a proof for my son’s passport.

    Secondly my wife has got the aadhar card having Shimoga address. We now want spouse name to be added in her passport and address also needs to be changed. Would Aadhar card be enough for address proof? I believe marriage certificate can be of help for adding spouse name.

    • Dear Mr. Gupta,
      You can apply for a passport for your son and reissue passport for your wife with permanent address of Shimoga and present address of Bangalore. You will have to submit address proof for both addresses. Since you have been living in Bangalore for 10+ years, police verification will happen at Bangalore only. Aadhar card will act as an address proof. Make sure to submit the marriage certificate as well for your wife’s application. It is best to use the document advisor tool on passport website for an accurate list of documents. Irrespective of what the tool suggests, you should carry every document that establishes your identity and address proof.

  22. where to submit the reissue passport application form?Is it necessary to submit the form PSK only?Thanks in advance.

    • Dear Tirumal,
      Once you submit the application online you will receive an ARN number. Make sure to take an appointment online to submit the documents to the nearest PSK.

  23. Dear Manish,

    Greetings to you. Thanks for your great guidance. I have few queries regarding my passport renewal.

    1. My passport expires next year august. However, i have travel plans elsewhere where i need to get visa stamped for 2 years in my passport. So i am renewing my passport this august (within 1 year of my passport expiry date) and got appointment. However, i have to appear fro visa of that overseas travel soon. I would like to know how many days it will take for “Normal” renewal of passport. I have been advised to choose “Normal’ than “Takkal” to avoid more scrutiny. I have been told that it will take only 3 to 5 days for your passport to reach after interview. Is it true? Is it possible. (I will be very happy if i get within a week).

    2. Do we need get bank statement and bank attestation in photocopy of (last one year transaction) of bank pass book. Or just a photocopy with bank attestation is sufficient?.

    3. Is there any procedure separately i should do for ECNR status (deletion) when i apply for passport renewal.

    Your reply at the earliest is greatly appreciated.



    • Dear Sham,

      You can renew (reissue) your passport if it is expiring within the next 12 months, not before. So please check your expiry date before taking appointment online. However since you also want the ECR stamp deletion, it is a valid reason for passport reissue without checking the expiry based eligibility.

      Since you need your passport urgently, it is advisable to go for Tatkal. Normal issue may take time, mine took 10 days (post verification). 3-5 days is ambitious estimate for a normal passport application. Usually it takes 3 days for tatkal application.

      Tatkal application does require more scrutiny. However since you already have a passport and reissuing it to update ECR and validity only, the scrutiny will not be extensive. I would recommend that you carry as many identity and address documents as possible. I know cases where tatkal passport was reissued on Aadhar card. No other documents were asked or scrutinised. Do remember you cannot change an application from normal to tatkal or vice versa at the PSK.

      No attestation is required on any photocopies. Only self attestation is required. Original bank passbook is sufficient along with self attested photocopies. If you don’t have a bank passbook, you can get last one year bank statement from the bank. Netbanking statements do not work. It must be printed on bank stationary with stamp and signature of authorised officer.

      No separate process is required for ECR stamp deletion. In the application do mention the reason of reissue as ECR stamp deletion. Attach copy of your graduation certificate (or any other valid document) with your application.

      Hope that helps. Good luck.

  24. Hi Manish-

    Thanks for the great article. Wanted some details with address proof.

    I recently shifted to my new flat and staying there for the last 3 months. My passport is expiring on February 2014. I have a upcoming US travel in mid of September 2013.

    Now my questions, if you can please suggest-

    I can give 3 months electricity bill as an address proof for new house, is that sufficient?, and company letter
    For my old address how much duration address proof will they require? I have a SBI passbook with last two years transaction on that, is that sufficient for old address proof?
    Lastly in case I decide to reissue after am back from US Nov, does US government entertain visitors whose passport expires within next 6 months.

    Any suggestions, much appreciated. Thanks in advance.

    • Hi Joy


      Electricity Bill in your name is a valid address proof. However do have additional documents (such as property registration document, bank statement, Aadhar card, voter card) to strengthen your case. Letter from only public sector companies is accepted by Passport office.

      For old address bank statement will work. But do produce some additional documents if possible. In total, passport officer wants to see address proof for all places where you have stayed in past 12 months. This does not include any short term trips for business or pleasure where you stayed temporarily in a hotel or with friends/relatives.

      If you already have a valid visa for US, then you can travel to US provided on the day of entry you have more than 6 months validity left in the passport. Anything less and you will mostly likely be denied boarding (or entry). Do get this confirmed by US consulate since every situation is unique.

      • Thanks Manish I have the property papers for new address and a gas connection book for old address. although the address is changed in gas book, but it still reflects the old address. I think that should work. .

        • Hi Joy, Those will certainly help. Ration card, voter ID, Aadhar card will strengthen your case even further. If you have them, attach them as well.

  25. Hi Manish,
    I applied for passport in 2004. I got it by post. I was not available at residence when police came, hence adverse report. I applied for ECNR, with PPF for new address in December 2006. I got ECNR from PP office directly by hand when I requested the PRO showing my visa, travel ticket etc. Police verification came after I left for KSA. Again adverse report. I am working in Saudiarabia since January 2007. I applied for renewal of my passport in Jeddah. I was issued PP of 1year validity. Upon enquiry I was told that police verification is adverse. Now what is the forward path for me to get the passport renewed? Please reply.

    • Dear Srinivasarao

      Sorry to hear about your situation. My guess is that since your police reports are adverse you will have to get your passport reissued from India and complete the police verification process. However it is best to check with the Indian mission at Jeddah and take their advice.

  26. hello manish,
    I have changed my surname from abhilash singh to abhilash chauhan which is on my expired passport now i want to change it and want to renew my passport on tatkal it possible? REPLY

    • Hi Abhilash
      It is possible to change your surname again and apply for a passport reissue under tatkal. Just make sure you have the required documents. Use the document adviser tool on passport website to know the list of documents required for your specific case.

      • thanks for the help but my agent is denying that it is not possible to change your surname under tatkal what should i do?

        • Dear Abhilash
          Apologies. Change is surname is considered a major change (unless it is due to marriage) and hence tatkal applications are not accepted for such changes.

  27. Hi Manish,

    Is e-aadhar card acceptable as address of proof for applying passport?
    Because i only have e-aadhar card now as proof of adress…Please suggest me..


    • Dear Prasanna,
      e-Aadhar card is not accepted as a valid proof of identity or address. You will have to produce some other document such as bank statements, utility bills, ration card, voter ID card etc.

  28. Hi Manish – I managed to get the online appointment but my references got swapped. Now my new flat references show up under my old address. To change this do I need to pay fees again for new application or passport officials at one of the counter will do the changes. Thanks for all your help, much appreciated.

    • Dear Joy,
      Congratulations on getting the appointment. You can get the reference details amended at counter A. Make sure to inform the person at token counter to make a note on your file and the person at counter A to make the required changes. No need to pay the fees again. Good luck.

      • Thanks a lot Manish. I was bit scared and thought I may need to redo the process and pay the fees again. With appointments coming after payments and the fact that application becomes non editable, I guess these issues may come often.

  29. Hi Manish,I have one query. My passport gets expired in 2017. I got married recently a year back, and may travel with my husband abroad. I have not changed my name, nor has he endorsed my name is his passport. Can you please let me know if it is necessary for me to change my surname in my passport now? Or should my husband have my name as spouse name in his passport? Please do let me know if this is mandatory. We have our marriage registration certificate, but then our passports have our own respective surnames. Kindly let me know if its fine or a procedure to get this done. We may travel in a months time to the Gulf.

    • Hi Rasika,
      Greetings! If you are traveling for a short durations (few weeks), there is no need to get the details updated. If the travel is for extended period of time, it is advisable (though not mandatory) to get the details updated in the passport (you will get a new passport with amended details). Since you already have a marriage certificate, it is proof enough for applying for any dependent visas. Do check with the embassy about such requirements for extended stay. In most countries it is not mandatory to including spouse name in your passport so long as you possess other documentary evidence for marriage (such as a marriage registration certificate).

      • Thanks Manish. This helps. My husband may get a job in the gulf which is why i was worried about the name change scene. Since we have the marriage certificate, I guess that solves my problems!

  30. Sir,i had applied for the passport last 03 yrs before and received the same at that time but it had my father’s name misspelt with one letter missing .what should i do ? Shall i apply for reissue of passport? and what docs will be required?and while applying for reissue the option for doc selection is given which to be chosen for name change when misspelt?

    • Hi Rohit,
      Greetings! It is best to highlight the matter to the Regional Passport office since 3 years back the process was not totally online and data entry errors in the passport were common. Based on the RPO advice your reissue fees may be waived. If not, you can simply apply for reissue of passport. Name change should not be selected as a reason because you are not changing your name. Just make sure to enter your father’s name correctly in the form.

  31. I had already applied for renewal of my passport through Tatkaal. However, since my passport was a short validity one, I was asked to produce verification certificate (Annexure F) for Tatkaal. I have already wasted 2 weeks running behind busy bigshot officials to get the this with no result. I think I am wasting my time as I have to travel abroad in 1-2 months time. I am fed up with this and want to apply for normal renewal. Is it possible to reapply for normal after all this? I read that it now takes upto 15 days for reissue in normal route. Is it really true? Is it 15 days from submission of application? Also, I read that e-aadhaar card is now accepted as proof of address. I wonder if this is really applicable in real scenario. Any information will be greatly appreciated

    • I think that you can’t apply through normal mode after you opted to apply for a Tatkaal passport. Do try re-scheduling it in normal mode if the online system permits that.
      They prefer a bank statement for address proof…They accepted an e-aadhar, colour-printed version of mine…but NOT as address proof mind you…I think that could work…but you never know…they might not accept it…since thats your only available document, you should give it a try…

  32. Sir,
    The address inmy passport is of my native place which is different from my present address I would like to take passport for my childwho is a minor , in the present address.what should I do sir and what all documents to be provided.I have already applied for my kid s passport by giving the present address as permanent address

  33. Dear sir,
    I have applied for re-issue of passport as my address is changed and already paid the fee online. I am a handicap person (by legs) and cannot visit the PSK for appointment…
    Via the feedback link I have requested them to “please help me by collecting the documents and surrender my old passport at my home by sending some officer OR I can also send my self attested documents and old passport by post to the Appointment office.”

    I applied for it on 15th August and raised my request/complaint on same day My appointment date earlier was 6th Sept 2013 but they said resolution date of my problem is 9th Sept
    but today on 5th Sept I cancelled my appointment as they didnt reply my email …. (I know I can schedule my appt two more times)
    I remember last time when I applied for fresh passport in 2007, my Father did all the formalities on behalf of me, I didnt visit their premises, stayed in car only ….

    Is there anything else should I do? Also I’ve emailed to many officers regarding it …. but no one has replied me yet…… Plz suggest…

    • Dear Anupam,
      Greetings! It is best to contact the Passport helpline via phone. I am not sure how quick they will be over email. Do let us know if they respond and collect documents from your residence.

  34. Your post has been very helpful to me. I recently went to the Passport Office in Mumbai to get mine renewed. But I had to get my graduation certificates to qualify for ECNR. The A counter starts at 9:00 am but the B and C counters start after 10:15 am. So be ready to wait. I think those who were in S, T, W lines had their applications processed faster as for those who were in N lines it took forever. There is a small canteen at the back. You cannot carry any food inside. And it would be wise to carry a phone.

  35. hey manish , in my present passport my name is MOHAMMAD ABDUL MAJID and in my certificates from 10th to MBA my name is MD ABDUL MAJID is it creates any problem.
    i dont have ECNR stamp in my passport so when i asked they told to apply for reissue of passport how much time it takes for re issuing of passport, whether i have to write my name as md abdul majid or mohammad abdul majid in the application form as my old p.p have my name as mohammad abdul majid

    • Dear Majid,
      It is best to use only one name in all your documents. Since all your certificates carry a name which is slightly different from the name in your passport you should apply for a passport reissue with your certificate name. You can choose the name change, ECNR and any other option as reason for passport reissue. You will need to get an affidavit for name change as well as get it published in the govt gazette and two local newspapers. The process of name change can take between 3-8 weeks to complete. Passport reissue can take between 3-30 days depending on whether you apply in tatkal or normal process and how many documents you submit with your application. In case of a name change, tatkal passport is usually denied so its best to apply under normal scheme if you don’t need the passport urgently.

  36. Hi,

    I am rohit. basically i am from Gujarat and last 2 and half years i am staying in Pune. my passport expire in this month end.
    I want to renewal it. my query is…

    1) Form where should i apply apply for passport renwal ? ( if pune why not guarat as i have all proper documents).
    If pune, I have not enough document to prove that i am staying in pune. only comapny can provide address proof on letter pad. except this i dont have any other proof for address proof .

    Please help me in this matter.
    Thanks a lot

    • Dear Rohit,
      Greetings! You can apply for a passport from either Pune or Gujrat. However police verification will happen only in Pune since you are staying in Pune for 12+ months. You will need documentary proof for both Pune and Gujrat irrespective of the city from which you apply.

  37. Hi manish, I need to apply for reissue of my parents passport in India Delhi under tatkaal scheme. They did register online and have added the xml file as well. You have mentioned that tatkaal applicants can just walk in without any appointment. is that true? Also I have added 2 cases separately for my father and my mother. Can I add them under 1 single login id instead of 2 login ids which i have used?

    • Dear Amit,
      Greetings! Tatkal applicants can walk-in to PSK without appointment. However make sure that their form is submitted online and an ARN number is generated. It is not mandatory to create both applications under one login, so long as both forms are submitted and ARN number generated.

  38. Hi Manish,

    i have one query. i got my passport through Tatkaal in two days. Post verification the report has been issued adverse. The report says i do not stay at the mentioned address. All my documents are of that address. I stay currently at Mulund. I am getting married in November and have to go for my honeymoon in November itself. If the report is adverse will they ask my passport back and if yes what is the process of reissuing the passport again. what is the time frame needed to get the passport back.

    Thanks and Regards,

    Purva Shinde

    • Dear Purva,
      Greetings! During police verification what did you mention? If you mentioned that you stay in Mulund (which is not what is mentioned in the documents or passport), then police is bound to submit an adverse report. It is recommended that you contact the Regional Passport Office immediately and request a re-verification. In case your current residence is different from the one mentioned in your application, update the same and submit necessary documents for the same. Whether your passport is revoked or not and whether a penalty is imposed will depend on the circumstances of your case. In case you provided false information in your application, your may have to pay a penalty of Rs 5000/- and get your police verification done again. It is not advisable to travel under this passport until you get further clarifications from the Regional Passport Office.

  39. Hi, for passport reissue, 1 year bank statement from ICICI bank will be accepted by passport office as address proof?

    Electricity bill from oct 2012 till Sep 2013 will considered 1 year address proof?

    Can i furnish Property registration document which i have xerox copy to passport office as supporting document since original is with bank?

    I have taken the appointment in Sep 26 2013. Can i postpotpone the appointment to nOct 2013 end?

    • Dear Saha,
      Yes, Yes, No, Yes

      • dear manish
        i have lost my passport and now i have to go to china by 4 of July how can i get a speedy passport now since i have time constrain.
        kindly help

        • Hi Rajesh,
          Greetings! Sorry to hear about your passport loss. I hope you registered a police report immediately as soon as you realized that the passport is lost. Unfortunately, tatkal scheme is not available for lost/damaged passports. So you should apply under normal scheme and go through the process of police verification. However, once your police verification is completed, you can visit RPO and convert your application to tatkal by paying the tatkal charges. Hope that helps.

  40. How long it takes for receive new passport ?. Mine is about to expire in March 29th 2014. Applied online for reissue . No change in passport needed. No police verification needed. Applied online for regular (not takkal) Jumbo size. All fees paid online. Appointment on 25th oct 2013.

  41. how to prepone the appointment ?.Is it possible. Also i am under the impression that police verification is not needed because there is going to be no change in the new passport. Is it true ?

    • hello, sorry my questions are coming in bits and pieces . My passport validity is for only 9 years 5 months only. Is it a mistake.? it’s getting expired in March 2014 and I need to travel to Thailand next month first week and their rule is 6 months passport validity on arrival date. Do you have any info that can help me. Thanks in advance

  42. Hi manish,

    I don’t have any other proof of address than my electricity bill and that as well is on my father’s name. Will it work? I’ve booked an appointment already 🙁

    • Dear Dimpy,
      Unfortunately the utility bill in your father’s name will not be considered valid for your application. You can attach the ration card, voter ID, bank statement, post paid mobile phone bill, Aadhar card etc as address proof.

  43. Wow!! So if all the 4 members of my family need a reissued passport as we shifted to a new address a year back and we would like to show new address on
    our passport, you mean all 4 names should be there on the same utility bill? Don’t you think that’s weird? Are you sure?

    • Hi Dimpy,
      Every adult passport application is reviewed on its own merits. Utility bills are only one of the many documents that are considered valid address proof. If the old passport has not expired/expiring, it doesn’t make sense to get it reissued just for address change. I would recommend that you get a ration card of the family made. Also Aadhar and voter ID cards can be made on the basis of Ration card. Your bank address can be updated based on ration card. With the new set of documents, your passport application will be processed swiftly. You can call the PSK helpline and check with them about your query as well. Let us know what they advice.

  44. Hi Manish,

    Its great to see your prompt responses to all questions above 🙂 I just have one query. I have got an appointment for reissue of my passport that expires in Jan 2014. It has been scheduled for 4th Nov 2013. The only reason for reissue is that is it expiring. No other change required. How long will it take after the appointment? I am planning to travel to Europe in Jan 2014. Look forward to your help 🙂

    • Dear Priya,
      Greetings! If you applied under tatkal, then it usually takes 1-3 days. For normal application, you should receive the passport in 10-15 days. Do carry your ID and address documents with photocopies even if the document advisor tool says you need nothing except old passport. PSK is scanning the documents for records and will insist on seeing the originals. Have a safe trip!

      • thanks! its under normal process..I’ll take copies of my aadhar card,passport copy,pan card,drivers license, anything else required?

        • Hi Priya,
          Aadhar card and PAN card should be more than enough. You can also take utility bills in your name (12 months old and current) and the other documents you mentioned and present them at counter B and C. This may help you to get the passport reissued with no police verification. Otherwise the passport officer may put your file for post police verification which means you will have to go through the police verification process after you receive your passport.

          • utility bills are in my mothers name… hope that is OK..also I’ve heard it takes around 45 days after appt…is that possible?

          • Hi Priya,
            Utility bills in mother’s name will not be accepted by the PSK. If you have postpaid mobile phone in your name, you can submit its bill copy as an address proof. There is no way to know how much time will it take for you to receive your passport. Usually it should not take more than 10-15 days for a reissue, but it can take longer as well. Best to submit as many documents as possible so that reissue happens with no police verification.

  45. Hi Manish deserve a big pat for this wonderful service you are rendering Thanks …My sons passport are expiring Nov 2014 but would like to apply right on time ie one year before expiry ie Nov 2013 (for a travel /visa during may 2014)…My query can I Upload the form in Sept itself and seek appointment for November 2013 … seek appointment 45 days in advance …I guess the normal appointment itself might be 30 days from the day you seek the appointment …pl advice

    • Dear Andrew,
      Greetings! You can create an account on passport website in September itself and fill up the application form. Once you submit the form, an ARN number is generated. The next step is to take an appointment. However with the recent changes (online payment), the appointment date is allotted automatically. It is usually 2 to 30 days from date of appointment booking. I would recommend that you try taking the appointment from mid-Oct. If you get a date too early, you can always re-schedule the appointment twice. The other option could be to apply under tatkal scheme and simply walkin of any date of your liking for document and biometric submission.

  46. Hi Manish. Does one have to submit ones old passports to have a new one reissued? I got a new one reissued in March this year. I need my previous passport for some details and I can’t find that and the one prior to it!! So I’m wondering if I submitted both of them and didn’t get them back along with my new passport or did I leave them in the PSK?? because I always keep it in the same place!

    • I had applied for Tatkaal service.

    • Hi Myra,
      Greetings! Old passports are stamped as canceled and returned to the passport holder at the time of reissue. You don’t have to submit it at PSK.

      • :o( where on earth could they be?! sniff. thank you for your quick reply.

  47. Hi Manish/ds, So i went to the police stattion and the officer told me that he has still not forwarded my passport file to cbi branch because of some internet issues, i am surprised that my fille has been lying at the local oshiwara police station for a month now with all valid documents of my residance and id proofs for absoulutely no valid reason!!!! and then he was like he will give me some outward number on monday that is the 30th sep… i am confused why this is happening shud i bribe him? or shud i file an rti??? This iis so frusstrating i need my passport asap as my i20 forms are pending in the uni s that i have applied abroad. Thanks

    • Dear Rachel,
      Sorry to hear about your situation. It’s pointless to reason with the system. I would advice that you visit the police station once more and explain to the police officer about your future studies and passport requirement to meet university deadlines. I guess he already knows it and probably delaying the verification on purpose. You can tip him if you choose to and request that your case be processed urgently. Do remember though that bribing is an offence. If you decide to file an RTI, it will be few weeks before you get a reply but it’s an option worth exploring.

  48. Hi Manish. Great Job !! A very Big THANK YOU for all the help 🙂
    I have one question. I applied passport in Tatkal for ECNR stamp and adding spouse name. The passport officer put a stamp saying “Extended by the issue of a fresh booklet” . What does this mean and do I get new passport with new passport number or my old(existing) passport number.

  49. Hi Manish. Thanks for the detailed information :). Need your urgent help.

    I have my passport valid till 2020. We have bought a new house and would be shifting only after mid-october. I would be applying for F-1(student) visa in Oct-Nov. For visa interview i would need to show the property papers as an asset. But by that time i would be at my new house and my old house’s papers would be on the buyer’s name. And on my passport, there would be old house address.
    -So i would need to change my address on the passport right ? as only the new house papers would be on my father/mother’s name.
    -So what docs can i give in such a situation ? as i dont have last 12 months or rather even 1 month electricity/gas/etc any bill. Also all these are on my father/mother;s name.
    – I can have my own bank statement from ICICI or SVC bank but they would bear the old address
    – Also ration card/aadhar card/etc. all docs bear old address as i have not yet moved and would be moving only after mid-oct.
    – if i apply for address change after moving … will it come within 15 days ?
    I dont have a postpaid connection.
    On my name i only have: driving licence,pan card,passport,bank statment,ration card.
    What can i do in this situation ? 🙁
    bcoz by the time of visa interview:
    – my passport will bear old address
    – but my old house share certificate n all would have been transferred on the buyer’s name.
    – i would be in new house with nothing but the papers of the new house as a proof.
    Can i go for visa interview with my old address on it ?

    i am very worried as i have to also schedule my visa interview asap.

    Please help and respond asap.

    • Dear Bhavik,
      Greetings! I don’t think old address on the passport matters so much. I wouldn’t advice reissuing the passport just to update the address. I have applied for visas when my permanent address was different from the one mentioned in the passport. Property sale deed document is a proof enough that your parents own the property. It need not be updated in the passport. Even if the address is updated in the passport, it doesn’t mean that you own the asset. Only a clear sale deed and/or share certificate is a proof of asset ownership. My recommendation would be to apply for the student visa on the old passport, however mention the new address in the visa form and other documents and attach relevant proofs for the same. Property papers is just one of the many documents that visa officer sees to determine whether to grant you a visa or not. They will want to know how will you fund your education and whether you have enough assets that can be liquidated to meet the needs. It is best to consult a qualified visa expert on such matters. Good luck.

  50. Awesome!

    Thanks a lot Sir..

  51. Hi sir, I got my passport recently, but I noticed that my brother name was entered along with my mother name in mother name column in, what should i do now.?I have to apply for reissue?sir, I just wanna to remove my brother name…I also noticed dat at time of application filling up process, it was remained same. 🙁

    • Hi Prashanth,
      You can visit the regional passport office and explain the issue. They will verify the passport entry with the one on your online application. In case of any discrepancy, the same will be rectified and a new passport issued. However if the application data and passport entry matches, then you will have to apply for a passport reissue in order to correct the mistake.

  52. Hi sir..Thank you very much for your valuable reply.Actually, i went to R.P.O, the person, who gives token to enter into it..was refused me and says this is only for enquiry, no corrections in passport are entertained here and go to psk, apply for corrections.I felt very bad. Watever, thank you i got some idea for further proceedings.

  53. Hi Manish..
    Need your expertise on my case, My passport will expire in June-2015. I have plan to attend US Visa interview early next year.As my passport expires by Mid of 2015, i believe Visa if issued will be only till passport expiry date, which will be a problem.

    So is there any way i can change my passport expiry date before 1 Year of expiry?
    If I take up reissue of passport option with change in address and adding spouse name, will they give a new passport with additional 10 years validity from the applying date ?
    Please let me know. Thanks

    • Hi Sarath,
      Greetings! US visas are issued for full term of the visa irrespective of the number of years left on the passport. The general rule is that the passport should be valid for at least 6 months at the time of application as well as at the time of entry into the US. So you need not renew your passport for this reason. In 2015 you can get your passport reissued and will have to carry both your old and new passport since valid US visa will be on the old passport.

      You can however get your passport reissued now for reasons of address change and spouse name addition.

  54. hello manish ji… myself deven shah from mumbai.. my paasport has expired on may 2013 & now i have given for renewel of paasport to a agent who is known to me… he has submited on line application on 30 /9/2013 on monday evening by 18 :00 & on next day he payed online fee of rupees 1500/- so now how long will it take to get my paasport ??? my agent says after online payment it takes 48 hours to activete & then you get an appointment as available online… but i have to go to germany on 15th of this month for my business work to attend a exhibition so pls suggest me what should i do ?

    • Dear Deven
      You should apply under tatkal scheme online and simply walk in to the nearest PSK for reissue of passport without taking appointment. You will get your passport within 2-3 days. Then visit the nearest police station and submit a letter saying you will be out of country for few weeks, take an acknowledgment. This will help in case police verification happens when you are out of country. It is impossible to get your appointment as well as passport within 15 days under normal scheme. I am assuming you have to apply for a visa as well which will take few more days.

      • Manish ji my agent have already submited under tatkal scheme

        • Hi Deven,
          In that case you can walkin without appointment as well. You will get passport in 2-3 days if all documents are in place. Good luck.

  55. hi manish i want to change my particulars in passport due to marriage. i have bank statement as address proof,as well as marriage certificate. will it do to reissue the passport.secondly how can we cancel the appointment and reschedule it

    • Dear Trushna,
      Marriage certificate and bank statement should be enough to update the address. For name change, I would recommend getting your PAN card updated first and then present the marriage certificate and new PAN to the bank to get your name change done. With the updated PAN and bank statement along with marriage certificate, the passport update should not be a problem.

  56. Hi Manish!!
    Thanks for having this amazing blog going. I just came through it and had a few queries for which I couldn’t get a clarification and I am worried about. I have to get my address changed and also renew my passport which will expire on 27th April 2014.

    I am going for my honeymoon to Maldives on 30th November and have my appointment on 4th November in normal process.

    Now if the electricity bill is in the name of my father and I have the ration card which proves my relationship, do the documents combined work as address proof. Same is the case with the telephone bill. Also I have the property registration documents in my name so I will carry that also.

    So I can carry the following documents:
    1. Electricity Bill(Fathers Name) with Ration Card & Property Registration certificate(My Name)
    2. Telephone Bill(Fathers Name) with Ration Card & Property Registration certificate(My name)

    Since, the time gap between the journey & my passport appointment is close I want to avoid the police verification by carrying as many documents as possible as you have suggested. I am also carrying 1 year ICICI Bank statement, Aadhar Card, Driving License. Just want your opinion on how early can I get my passport in my hands.

    • Dear Rohit,
      Greetings! Utility bills in father’s name will not be accepted at PSK. However since you already have Aadhar card, ration card and bank statement, it should be good enough. I would recommend that you either apply under tatkal or postpone the reissue until after you are back in India. 2-3 weeks time for a passport reissue under normal process is cutting it too close.

      • Thanks Manish for your suggestions.
        Just one more query, can I visit the PSK on 4th(My normal appointment date) and pay for the tatkal fees and have the normal appointment converted to Tatkal or will I have to go for it separately.

        • Dear Rohit,
          Unfortunately a normal application cannot be converted into tatkal or vice versa at the PSK. You should fill a new application form under tatkal and simply walk in without appointment to your nearest PSK.

  57. Dear Manish, I got my passport in 2010. I recently noticed that there is a space included in between my fathers’ name i.e.., well with my surname also
    Like his name is VARADARAJU, but it is printed as VARADA RAJU.
    A space has been inserted in between.
    I recently noticed with filling in forms for US VISA which i need to appear before this month end
    Kindly let me know should i re issue my passport with correcting this mistake or can i go along with it.

    The second question i have is , if i am to apply for re issuance, can i go through tatkal process but i have only driving licence and ration card as address proof.
    I have a regional bank account corresponding to the address but it is not a nationalised one.
    I have a pan card but yet to fill in my IT return statement.

    Please do give ur advise on this

    • Dear Prithivi,
      Greetings! The only way to correct the name issue is to apply for a reissue of passport with the correction. Since the passport was issued in 2010, I am not sure if the RPO will entertain any request to reprint passport due to printing mistake.

      Since you want to apply for a US visa by month end, I would recommend that you apply for passport reissue under tatkal scheme. Bank statement from a scheduled commercial bank should be fine. You can verify with your bank whether it is classified as a scheduled commercial bank by RBI. PAN card should be good enough ID proof. It is best to carry some additional address proofs such as ration card, Aadhar card, utility bills in your name so that your tatkal application is approved.

      • thanks mannish
        have a query further in regard
        my bank is listed as a scheduled commercial bank in the private sector – Tamilnad Mercantile Bank
        and i have only the driving licence, ration card and pan card [but pan card doesnt hold any address in it]
        i dont have voters id, aadhar or any utility bills
        is it enough to apply in tatkal

        And also is that space put in between my fathers’ name is a big concern while applying for US VISA [the spelling of the names are all correct]

        Awaiting on ur suggestion on this

        • Dear Prithivi,
          Greetings! The space in the name is not of any significant consequence to the US consulate. Just make sure you fill up the name in US visa form exactly as it is mentioned in the passport. if the space doesn’t matter to you much, then I would recommend that you apply for the visa using existing passport.

          If the address on the old and new passport will be the same, then bank statement and ration card might just be enough. You can take your chances and at counter B specifically ask the passport officer if application will be approved for tatkal. If there is any problem, you can back out of the process temporarily (before they stamp the passport as canceled) and come back within 1 year of the appointment date to continue the reissue process.

  58. Dear Manish,

    Thanks for the info. My passport has expired in April 2013. I am presently posted at kolkata and living in a rented flat. My hometown is at Lucknow where my parents are staying. Can I reissue my passport with lucknow’s address. Some agents said that when police comes for verification and if you are not present in the house they give adverse report. Is it ok if my parents present in lucknow verify in police verification. Agents also said that in police verification they need my signature on some papers they bring.

    One more query – in my old passport my signatures are different. Now I am using different signature in all banks, PAN, etc. So how to change my signatures in new passport.

    Also what are the documents do I need to show if I want my spouse name to be included in passport.


    • Dear Divyanshu,
      Greetings! Since you currently stay in Kolkata, you should apply from Kolkata rather than Lucknow. In the present address you should mention your Kolkata address while in permanent address you can mention the Lucknow address. Police verification is done only on the addresses where you have stayed in past 12 months. So if you are staying in Kolkata address for more than 12 months, then verification will be done at Kolkata only. If you apply from Lucknow and do not mention Kolkata address, then police verification at Lucknow will anyways reveal this fact. Passport office will then impound your passport and levy a penalty of minimum Rs. 5000/- and you will have to go through the entire application process again. As for signature, so long as your signature in PAN, bank statement etc is consistent you can use the same signature for your new passport. You can submit the same documents for signature change that you may have submitted during PAN/Bank records updation. To include your spouse name in the passport, you will need a valid marriage certificate. If you do not have the marriage certificate, you can submit an affidavit as well (format available on passport website).

  59. Thanks Manish, But I am using my current signature before opening bank accounts, PAN etc so didn’t submit any form for change. Although the old signature is very much similar but I doubt still. Can I apply for a fresh passport instead of reissue? Also, I have a marriage certificate, do i still need an affidavit for change of wife’s surname in passport. One more query – how does the police verify that I am not in Lucknow. what if my parents say I am out of station. I think they dont give any prior notice before coming to house. Actually I dont want a temporary address to be in my passport, thats the issue. At one place you have said ” Also there is no way to choose the appointment slot and the same is allotted automatically by the system.” Sohas this feature come into effect or yet to come. Please help. Regards

    • Hi Divyanshu,
      So long as the signature on passport application matches that on PAN card, it should be fine. Marriage certificate is enough to get your wife’s surname updated and included in your passport as well as in her passport. However if she changes her complete name, then you will have to follow the legal name change process by getting the new name published in govt gazette and two local newspapers. Police verification requires that you are present physically at the time of verification. They will inquire about your work place etc. It is not only difficult but also an offence to give false information to a police officer. They will also check with your references. Appointment slot is now given automatically by the system. You can no longer choose the same.

  60. Hi Manish
    My passport damaged in rain. I applied online application and ARN got generated and scheduled appointment. I do not have address proof documents for the address I mentioned in online. I didn’t attend interview for this ARN
    I created a new form with another address for which I have address proofs( old house) . Now if I attend interview, will the other ARN form be caught?

  61. Hi Manish
    I applied for damaged passport reissue , paid money ,ARN generated and scheduled appointment. But I didn’t attend the interview as i don’t have proper address proofs. So i created a new form and scheduled appointment with new ARN with another address ( cousins address in which my name is in ration card, Bsnl internet bill). Now if i go for interview with the new ARN, is there any chance passport officers can find my another ARN with another address? Since the passport number is common in both the ARN applications.
    I am panicking, pls tell.

    • Hi Riyas,
      Greetings! Passport office is only concerned with the ARN that you physically submit at the PSK. They don’t look at how many other forms that you may have created. Those forms are deleted within 90 days of not being used.

      • Hi Manish, Even those ARNs that are paid, if not used for 90 days, will be deleted??

  62. dear manish,

    its been good to see u r helping people with ur knowledge.
    my issue is that in my wife passport which was made in may-2013 in tatkal and duly received by us.
    that now i have got email from department that the name of father/mother differs from documet furnished.
    that they want us to meet enquiry officer with desired documents.

    please suggest what to do and what documents to submitt



  63. Hi Manish, My passport expired 4 years back…now I would like to get my passport reissued. However I have a problem, my middle name mentioned in the earlier passport i.e. my fathers name is incorrect. I mean it is mentioned Kumar as against Kumaran “an” is missing. Further, now all my id / adress proof’s are with Name & Surname. Here, may be I can continue the same ( current name )by issuing affidavit or name change in newspaper. But how can I correct my father’s name in Passport. All current id’s are with Correct name of my father. Please advice.

  64. Hi Manish, what if we are unable to go to the PSK on the scheduled date? Can we reschedule and get another date or do we have to pay 1500/- once again. Please clarify. Also do the police authorities call us before visiting our home or they come up any day. Bcoz one may be out for work, etc. What happens if they come and find the door locked. Will they come again? Please help.


    • Divyanshu,
      You can reschedule 2 times in an year. After that pay the fees Rs.1500 again. You expect our police to call you before coming, its will be a dream forever.
      They may call you in case they feel lazy to come to your place and instead they will ask you to come to police station along with documents(originals also) and letters from two references mentioned in passport application form.
      Normally police will come to yo place and inquire about you with neighbhors if you are not present and then may call you to be present at house next day or come to police station next day. This is what I saw happened with few friends and read on internet from other’s exp. It may slightly vary case to case.

  65. I’ve ration card, driving licence and a bank account( activated in may 2013) in my present address. Is it enough for address proof ??

    • Its is not, wait till you complete an year of bank account. Ration card and DL are useless for passport.

  66. I am goin for Re-issue of passport on tatkal due to ECR stamp.but while filling the form i am mentioning current address which is different from passport local address.
    As i am staying at rented accommodation from last 6 months.with owner light bill
    also i am working in Public limited company.
    request you to kindly suggest which address proof should i give

    • Dear Amit,
      You should reissue your passport for ECR only if you really have to travel to certain countries on work visa. Travel on tourist, business or other visas does not require a ECR. In case you have to reissue your passport to remove the ECR stamp, you will have to choose address change reason along with ECR since your present address is different from the one mentioned in passport. A registered rent agreement should be good for address proof. Since you are staying at the present address for 6 months only, police verification will also be done at the previous address where you stayed in the last 12 month along with your permanent address. A letter from a public limited government company (PSU) will be accepted as an address proof as well.

  67. HI Manish,
    My passport is damaged . I want to reissue the new one. My old passport has valid US visa in it. So did i get back my old passport after renewing new one and for tatkal scheme how do i apply for interview .. is it the same procedue as normal or somthing different ??

    thanks is advance . i suppose to travel next month ..

    • Dear Rohit,
      If your passport is damaged but the biodata pages are intact and the name, photo, passport number are clearly visible, then you should be able to apply under tatkal mode. If the passport is damaged beyond recognition then tatkal process they be denied. There is additional fees for reissue of a damaged passport. Damaged passport is canceled and returned to you at the PSK itself. As for the US visa, you will have to check with US embassy whether they will honour a visa on a damaged passport.

  68. Hi Manis, Can you please help for above….JFYI never travelled on my old passport

  69. Hi Manish….Sorry I meant the following query :
    Hi Manish, My passport expired 4 years back…now I would like to get my passport reissued. However I have a problem, my middle name mentioned in the earlier passport i.e. my fathers name is incorrect. I mean it is mentioned Kumar as against Kumaran “an” is missing. Further, now all my id / adress proof’s are with Name & Surname. Here, may be I can continue the same ( current name )by issuing affidavit or name change in newspaper. But how can I correct my father’s name in Passport. All current id’s are with Correct name of my father. Please advice.

    • Hi Biju,
      I would recommend that you simply apply for a reissue of passport based on the correct father’s name since it was an error in the old passport. However, I would recommend that you confirm with PSK helpline once.

  70. Hi Manish, plz help me. my mom and dad are applying for passport, but my mom is not having her DOB proof in original, but she is having the same in photocopy. Will that work? And whats the procedure of renew of the passport it its around 15-20 years old? plz reply asap.

    • Hi Shruti,
      Your mother can produce her X/XII/Graduation certificate for date of birth proof if her birth certificate is missing. She can also produce an affidavit for the date of birth along with PAN/Aadhar card which mentions her date of birth. Passport reissue process is the same whether the passport expires today or 20 years back. Do mention the old passport details in the reissue application form.

      • thanks alot for your reply….it was a great help…

  71. Hi Manish, X class mark sheet and the school transfer certificate do show the date of birth only, they do not have provision for the place of birth. Also I do not have any other document to certify my place of birth. Birth place name is coming in the X certificate under hometown of guardian column & native place column. There no place of birth column as such. Is place of birth certificate or proof required for the passport application? If yes, can you suggest what should I do? Am born before 1989.
    Also, for address proof please advise if passbook xerox of all the pages duly signed & stamped on all the pages is workable or I have to procure bank statement only for submission in passport office.Please advise.

    • Hi Mita,
      School leaving certificate generally does mention date and place of birth. In case you do not have a birth certificate, you can get an affidavit made since police will insist on it (they don’t care about passport office rules). Bank passbook photocopy should be enough (even without sign/stamp). Just carry the original passbook as well. However in order to clear police verification, you will need more documents, most important being property documents and ration card. Property documents can be in the name of your husband. Also since you are married, you will need to add your spouse name in the passport and provide marriage certificate copy. In case you don’t have a marriage certificate, a joint affidavit can be produced.

  72. Hello, I wanted to apply for the renewal of my passport under the tatkaal scheme due to exhaustion of pages. My passport was within its validity. But when I reached The Chhattisgarh PSK,on the 3rd October, they categorised my passport under damaged and refused to accept my application under the tatkaal scheme. I have just read on the GoI website that –

    In case your passport has not been damaged beyond recognition, i.e. passport number is legible, name is legible and photo is intact, then you can apply for reissue of passport under the Tatkaal scheme.

    I have been travelling on that passport for the past 7 years & have never faced any problem. It is not damaged beyond identification. My police verification under normal seva was completed on the 19th of October, but I am still waiting for my passport. I have already cancelled 2 trips & now I am due to travel to England in the next 10 days to meet my husband after 2 months, and have still not received my passport. How can I redress this grievance with the passport section? Is there someone I can write to? PLEASE, PLEASE do help.

    • Hi Priyanka,
      Since your passport was damaged, tatkal facility is at the discretion of the passport officer. You can check the status of your application on the passport website. It will show clearly whether the police verification report was received or not. Once police report is submitted, the passport is usually dispatched in 2-3 weeks. In case police report is not yet submitted, you may have to follow up with local police station.

  73. Thanks Manish. My police verification was favorably completed & dispatched on the 19th of October & I have been waiting for the update on the website for the past 3 weeks, as you had mentioned. Unfortunately alot is contingent to what the local officer decides at the nick of time. Thanks again for your response. You are being immensely helpful to alot of people. Good Luck!

  74. Thanks a lot Manish. I read in passport instructions that only illiterate & semi illiterate can go for Affidavit as per Annexure ‘ A’. So, I guess in passport office I can submit my ssc certificate wherein only date of birth is mentioned & for police verification I can get an Affidavit made stating the place of birth, but it won’t be as per Annexure ‘A’ because it’s only for illiterate applicants. Could you please advise is there any other format or will a lawyer help me out. Also, I had called the passport customer support, wherein they confirmed that place of birth is not required, still all decisions lies in the hands of passport officer.

  75. Hi Manish, I got married 2 years back and haven’t added my spouse name in my passport due to official reasons n now we have a daughter(1monthold) whom I need to issue a passport on urgent basis.
    Can I retain my earlier surname and only add my spouse name in the passport, if yes what would be the required docs, I also need to change my address.
    Since we both need to reissue our passports can we reissue and apply for a new passport for our daughter at the same time?
    As I have my visas in the old passport can I carry both while travelling and how long will this process take n if you can please let me know what will be the docs required in this process.

    • Hi Aira,
      You can get your passport reissued without changing your name. Your husband can also get his passport reissued and get your name included. A marriage certificate should be enough for inclusion of spouse name. In case you do not have a marriage certificate, then you can produce a joint affidavit (format available on passport website). For change of address, you can use document advisor tool on passport website to see list of acceptable address proofs. These include Aadhar card, bank statements, ration card, utility bills etc. Your husband’s passport can act as address proof as well provided your name is included in your husband’s passport and the address mentioned on his passport is the one that you want on yours. For your daughter’s passport, either of the parent can submit their passport along with the child’s birth certificate. Usually the valid visas on old passport remain valid even after passport reissue. All you have to do is carry both the old and new passport. However these rules change from country to country. Hence it is best to check with the relevant embassy.

  76. hi Manish,

    I had my appointment on 4th Nov and I received my passport on 9th nov…which was fast! but I have a post police verification. how long does that process take? any idea?

    • Hi Priyam
      Congratulations on your new passport. Police will contact you within 1-3 weeks of you receiving your passport. In case they don’t, it’s best to visit the local police station and check.

  77. can i go abroad with my spouse if in my passport his surname is misspelled like santosh tiwari instead of santosh tiwary then what should i do??? plz help me

    • Hi Tanu,
      Best to get your passport reissued if the error happened at your end. In case it’s PSK fault you will get the corrected passport free of cost. Whether to travel or not will really depend on the country of visit, purpose and duration. If it’s a short tourist trip to some south Asian destination, it may not matter so much. However best to check with the embassy of the country.

  78. Thanks… yes; its my mistake at the time of filling form, it means i have to apply for reissuing and pay for it; but it is made in the month of October???

  79. Thanks… Manish!!! yes; its my mistake at the time of filling form, it means i have to apply for reissuing and pay for it; but it is made in the month of October???

    • Hi Tanu,
      Yes you have to apply for reissue of passport. The old passport will be canceled and a new passport with new number will be issued at its place. You can check with PSK call centre once though. Let us know if they tell you any other solution.

  80. Manish,
    Article is great, explains in detail all steps. Thanks a lot. I have seen 2-3 passport issuances recently. Its now my turn to get my passport reissued which expired in 2008(Address change+spouse name).

    1. Passport expired 5 years back. When will I get back old passport? A friend said in PSK?

    2. Can we apply through DPC or Post office for reissue of expired passport? If yes can you help me find one for MYSORE. Being such big city yet has no DPC(checked at passportindia website) I do not want to travel to Bangalore (150+150) a tedious one and also I am not in hurry to get passport.

    3. Which doc is needed for including spouse(wife’s) name(I don’t have Marriage Certificate)
    So is this only for woman applicants?

    4. I will submit SBI bank statement for last one year. You mentioned that on every page Employee name+Designation+ID no required. Will they agree for this? Any exp?

    5. I do not have SSC certificate at present, I read its not required for reissue, still did they you ask for it?

    I want to finish everything in one trip to Bangalore PSK. So please advise me extra precautions I need to take. Lastly I am more confidant of you than passport CC.


    • Hi Sreenivas,
      Glad to know that you found the article great.
      1. Your old passport is returned at the PSK after stamping it as canceled.
      2. You will have to check with PSK call centre or RPO directly about the DPC or Post office facility.
      3. Annexure D is good in lieu of marriage certificate for you as well.
      4. Photocopy of passbook is fine. Just carry the original along.
      5. You will need graduation or other certificate to qualify for ECNR. SSC certificate is not required.

      Make sure to carry at least 2-3 different address proofs and not simply rely on bank statement. Use the document advisor tool on the passport website. If you don’t have a birth certificate, best to get an affidavit made or have original school/college leaving certificate as the police will insist for it during police verification.

      • Thanks Manish,
        Few more queries here.

        ECNR is already there in OLD passport, still do I need to carry graduation certificate?

        For address proof I will carry Adhar card + SBI passbook.
        VoterId is with spelling mistakes though in Kannada written correct.
        “Srinivas” instead of Sreenivas, and Father’s name “Ramanayya” instead of “Ramanaiah”. Do you think they consider voter ID.

        Which Affidavit, the one on passport website says its for illeterate/semi literate!
        So police insists for that, then I must have it ready.


  81. Thanks, Manish for the great article and your advises. It has helped me a lot! Few more queries here. I am applying for Re-Issue of my Passport (valid until Feb. 2014 & issued from Chicago) as well as Re-Issue of my wife’s Passport (Change in personal Particulars due to marriage which is valid until March 2017 & Issued from Mumbai. My Passport has ECNR stamped while wifey’s Passport does not bear Non-ECR stamp. As for references, we can provide 2 neighbors references in same society. As for AP, I only have 1 year Bank Statement (Joint Holders) in current residential address. We both have Aadhar Card (on Office address), Postpaid Mobile bills (on office address), Valid DL on old residential addresses, Marriage Certificate issued by Registrar of Marriages. and individual Masters degrees (Mine is from USA/Her’s is from Mumbai). No Ration card, No Voters ID (in current residential address). No IT returns filed in last one year. 1) Please inform if 1 year Bank Statement (Joint Holders) in current residential address is sufficient for AP? 2) Also, please inform whether individual ID proof is mandatory or not? If so, out of the documents mentioned above, what can serve as ID proof? 3) Since my current passport is issued from Chicago and old passport is issued from Mumbai, do i require PCC before applying for Re-Issue of my passport? If so, how do i go about getting PCC? Await your prompt response in the matter! Many Thanks!

    • Hi Devang,
      Greetings! One year bank statement should be good enough for passport office. However the police will insist on ration card, Aadhar card or other such documents. Do you not have property papers or rent agreement in your name? Any utility/landline phone bill?

  82. Awaiting your prompt response, Manish!

  83. Thanks for your prompt reply, Manish! I do have Aadhar Card but the address on it is my office address. The Bank statement/Passport application will bear current residential address. I also have Postpaid Mobile bills which is again on office name and address. However, the postpaid mobile bills also bear my name in addition.Besides, I also have a PAN card. We are residing on rental premises with parents. The rental agreement is on my fathers name. The landline bills are again on our office name and address. So, would my Aadhar Card and Postpaid Mobile bills bearing office address suffice for police records? Please inform ASAP. Many Thanks!

    • Hi Devang,
      While I am not an expert in this matter I feel you will need more documentary proof for your residential address. Bank passbook, PAN card will be accepted. Do you have a ration card? Even if the ration card is in your father’s name and has your name in family section, it should be fine. While you may submit your Aadhar card and other documents bearing office details, I am not sure how much weight they add to your application.

      • Hi Manish, I do not have a ration card. Please inform if Society Letter confirming stay at current residence for last 1 year along with Post-Paid Mobile bills, Aadhar Card and Landline phone bill bearing office details suffice as documentary proof for my residential address and identity. Will these be accepted by Police and add weight to my application for Police records?

        If yes, please also inform whether i should upload all of the above mentioned documents along with self-attested Birth Certificate while applying online for Passport Re-issue?

        Please inform ASAP. Accordingly, I can prepare documentation for Re-issue of Passport. Many Thanks!

  84. Awaiting your prompt reply, Manish!

  85. Sir, I have a query regarding filling up my name in the passport form. My name is VARUN S.S (initials are expanded as follows Subramanian (Grandfather’s name) and Sekar (Father’s name). Now, how should i fill up the given name and surname text box. The resources provided across the web is confusing. I wish, you could answer this clearly. Thank you.,

  86. Dear Manish,

    Really appreciate the valuable service you are doing here.

    I applied for reissue of passport for ECNR and address change through normal scheme.

    I got my passport in one week under post-verification.

    Can I travel abroad with the passport?


  87. Hope you have got my reply, Manish! Please reply ASAP. Awaiting your prompt reply! Many Thanks!

  88. Hi Manish. First of all I must mention that this is a very insightful forum for all passport related queries. I had to change my surname and residential address in my passport. I had got an appointment on 7th November 2013. My police verification happened on 14th November. Since 22nd November, The status shows:
    Police Verification Report for your passport application is under review at Regional Passport Office. After Police Verification Report is found clear, passport will be dispatched. You would receive an sms/e-mail once the passport is dispatched.
    I need my passport urgently as I have urgent foreign travel plans. How long is it going to take to get the passport. I have applied in Delhi and it is not under the Tatkaal scheme.
    Is it possible to make the process faster by any means from my end.
    Waiting fr your reply.

    • Hi Arundhuti,
      Greetings! Passport issued under pre verification can take between 30-90 days. Since your police verification is already completed in record time and already under review at RPO, there are good chances that the passport will be approved soon. Once approved, it goes for printing, verification and finally dispatched. This process can take 1-3 weeks depending on the number of applications at the RPO. I would recommend that you contact the RPO and explain the urgency and see if they are willing to expedite the process since police verification is already completed.

      • Hi Manish,

        Can you tell me how long does it take to get a passport reissued. My friend’s passport is getting expired in January 2015. She stays in Delhi but has gone to mumbai for a short term project.
        Can she apply for the passport from Mumbai, but her permanent residential address is that of Delhi and it has been only 15 days that she has gone to Mumbai.


        • Hi Arundhuti,
          Passport reissue timeline changes from case to case. Under tatkal, reissue takes 2-3 days while in normal scheme it can take few weeks to few months. If your friend has permanently moved to Mumbai, then she can apply for reissue of her passport from Mumbai. Temporary stay does not count. For example, one cannot apply for passport reissue from Goa while on a one a month long vacation to that state. Similarly if her stay in Mumbai is temporary in nature, then she should consider applying from the city where she is permanently based out of. Police verification is conducted on all permanent addresses that one stays in past 1 year. This does no include temporary stays for business or pleasure. I.e, Hotel, Guest house stays while on a business or personal trip do not count unless they are of permanent nature (relocation).

          • Dear Manish,

            Thanks for you prompt reply.When does the police verification happen in case of tatkal passport re issuance?


          • Hi Arundhuti,
            Under tatkal scheme Police verification happens after you receive your passport. Usually with 1-3 weeks of receiving your passport.

  89. Hi Manish, I do not have a ration card. Please inform if Society Letter confirming stay at current residence for last 1 year along with Post-Paid Mobile bills, Aadhar Card and Landline phone bill bearing office details suffice as documentary proof for my residential address and identity. Will these be accepted by Police and add weight to my application for Police records? If yes, please also inform whether i should upload all of the above mentioned documents along with self-attested Birth Certificate while applying online for Passport Re-issue? Please inform IMMEDIATELY. Accordingly, I can prepare documentation for Re-issue of Passport. I had also posted reminders for your reply on on Nov. 18th and 25th. However, I have not heard back from you as yet. Many Thanks!

  90. I applied for reissue of passport to remove ECR stamp and addition of spouse name under tatkaal scheme. The passport was issue to me. 3 months later i got a mail stating there was an objection to my passport application related to status.
    Now i will have to re-apply for passport with new address.
    2 questions –
    1)can i apply under tatkaal scheme? the passport officer said that the psk will not accept it under tatkaal now that it has an objection.
    2) If i apply under normal category, how long will it take before the passport is reisued? will the police verification happen before or after the passport issue.

    This query is for delhi psk

  91. Bravo and thank u Manish for such a detailed and step by step guidance for reissue of passport.Very much needed guide for all the applicants.

  92. Hi Mani-sh i applied for passport verification done for the first time but i was not available at residence due to which they mentioned as not clear so i visited the regional passport office they told as it will come for re verification but they still dint how can we know weather the file got transfer d for re- verification to commissioner office …kindly be needful thanks

  93. Hi Manish, I have a passport which does not expire for two more years (valid until July 2015). So I am aware I am in no hurry to apply for a renewal. However, unfortunately due to some damage on one of the pages, I took advice of a friend and stuck that page with the next one using glue. It looks all fine and normal, one would notice it only if they see the page numbers (two numbers skipped). The page had an expired visitor visa to Malaysia. Now, I will be applying for visas (to UK and Malaysia) in a couple of months and I am worried if the sticking of pages was a mistake. Will they notice that? Even if they did, will it be a problem? Or should I apply for a new passport under damaged passport situation? Pls advise. Thanks in advance.

    • Hi Raji,
      Since you have stuck two pages together with glue, most probably it will be considered as a damaged passport. Most countries will not stick a visa on a damaged passport. However you will have to check with the respective country embassies. I would recommend that you apply for reissue of passport for damage. However first check with RPO as well.

  94. Hi Manish.. I hold an Indian passport and I presently reside in the US.. I have come to India to meet my parents yesterday and I already have a ticket for jan. 27 2014 to fly back. However my passport expires on 8 june 2014. so when I fly to the US, it wud be less than 6 months for my passport to expire.. In such a case can i travel back or is it mandatory for me to renew my passport.. if mandatory, how much time will it take for me to get my passport back ..

    • Hi Shilpa,
      Best to check with US consulate if they will allow you to board a flight and seek entry in the USA. If they do, you can get your passport renewed in the US. If they don’t, then you may have to extend your trip and get the passport reissued in India. Do remember as soon as you submit the passport for reissue, the old one is immediately canceled and returned back. The visas on old passport remain valid but the passport itself becomes invalid. You will not be able to travel until your new passport arrives.

  95. Hi Manish…. could you please inform what documents & affidavits are needed for Re-issue of passport under Tatkaal quota.

    • Hi Naveen
      You can use the document advisor tool on passport website to get a list of documents required in your case. The tool asks for your reissue details and generates a list of documents based on your input.

  96. hi Manish
    I have a passport which expires on 8th of Aug 2014.
    Can i can apply for a renewal now or do i have to wait till some particular time for this?
    Also I have my wife’s name on my passport, do i need to reproduce the docs for the same as I cant locate my marriage certificate?
    Will only Aadhar card suffice as proof along with the old passport ( there is an address change)
    Do you suggest Tatkal or normal route in mumbai? I dont mind paying a bit extra to avoid the hassle etc

    • Hi Ash,
      You can use the document advisor tool to get a list of documents required. You can go for reissue 1 year before passport expiry. So I guess you are eligible. Unless you need passport urgently, no need to apply in tatkal. You will most likely be issued passport in post police verification so expect to get your passport in 7-15 days. Aadhar car is a valid address proof. However I would recommend that you submit few more documents and keep them ready for police verification as well. For some reason police prefer ration card and voter ID card more than bank statements/Aadhar card. This doesn’t mean they ll reject such documents.

  97. HI Manish,

    Thanks for this useful information. I have applied for passport of my son who is 5 months old and submitted his application online. I have got an appointment date of 15th Jan 2014 at PSK. After how many days I can expect his passport to reach at my home address? Also will there be a police enquiry for him done?


  98. Hello manishji can u please tell me whether an appointment is a must for passport renewal or only application will do??…….my passport has a validity of four months still left but as I hear I don’t hv to go in person

  99. Manishji my passport will Expire after three months. I would like to know if I hv to appear in person at d passport office for renewal or can it be done online and post???

  100. Hello Manish….I would like to apply for re-issue of passport from Mumbai (due to change in name and address after marriage)….please advice (i) whether PAN card (with new name- as identity proof), Bank statement for one year of bank of India (with new address – as address proof) along with marriage certificate are sufficient….. (ii) how many days are required for application under normal procedure….. (iii) if passport is received, can I apply for visa before getting post-police verification….kindly help for above matter at earliest….

    • Hi Priya,
      Those documents are sufficient. You can also attach a copy of your husband’s passport if the address on it is the one you are residing. Reissue can take anywhere between 10-30 days under normal procedure post police verification. You can apply for visa before police verification. However make sure to complete the verification before you leave the country (on long term visa) or inform the police station about short visits. This will make sure that an adverse report is not submitted in your absence.

  101. Hi!! Manish….my husband’s passport got expired in 2012 and now he needs passport urgently. I registered on the website for reissue on tatkaal. his passport was issued in Chennai and now we have shifted to Pune. so i have to provide address proof, in his expired pp his middle name is ‘prosad’ whereas in bank a/c statement its ‘prasad’, adhaar card middle name is prosad but its not yet 1 yr since he got adhaar card. I am bit worried about it. other id proofs either the middle name is PRASAD or its only the initial of the middle name i.e ‘P’…hope you will guide me as you always do
    Thanks & regards

    • Hi Arpita,
      If you want to apply with the middle name as “prosad” then old passport along with Aadhar card will be sufficient under normal application process. For tatkal additional documents may be required/demanded by the passport officer. If the correct name is “Prasad” then it’s best to get it corrected on all documents as it will create unnecessary problems in future. For eg: what is his name in office records? Is he traveling for office work? If yes, then his documents from office will be required for visa application. Any mismatch in the name will likely result in visa rejection. Do note that change in name may result in tatkal application being converted to normal. However since it’s a very minor change, it may be allowed under tatkal. It’s best to check with regional passport office once.

  102. Hi Manish,
    Thanks for such a helful post. I hv changed my name after marriage, and have appoint next werk to update my name in my passport. My pan card is still in my old name,hv applied for name change in pan card but its under prwcess. Currently only mySBI account has my new name updated. My hubbys passport has my new name added. Will sbi statement n hubbys passport enough for address proof? Though thrs no adress change cz my passport has same addres but still I wanna carry all the docs.
    Also will they ask for any ID proof in my name ? Will by sbi bank pasbook be enough for my id proof? Please help.

    • Hi Rima,
      Greetings! Assuming that only the surname has changed and not complete name and that you do have a marriage certificate, the above documents should be fine. Take your old pan card along with marriage certificate as well. SBI account statement is not an ID proof. It will only work as an address proof. My recommendation is to wait for the new PAN card and then go for passport reissue. However old PAN card along with marriage certificate should be fine as well.

  103. Thanks Manish for sucha prompt reply… ACtually I dont have marriage certificate I will be taking anexure D. Will SBI Passbook not a ID proof? I mean its not a govt issues ID card but wont it be accepted as ID proff if needed?

    • Hi Rima,
      Annexure D should be fine. Bank passbook is a valid address proof. I don’t think it is considered a valid ID proof. But you can call up the passport helpline and check.

      • thanks Manish for all your help:)
        I have reschedule my appointment, will now go in feb by that time I will get my PAN card updated with my new name.

  104. Hie manish few questions

    I want to add my name in my wife’s passport according to websitr I need a attested copy of my marriage certificate this attestation is very general wat kind of attestation it needs could you you please tell me I mean from any police station or political party offices attestation will do ?

    Also how many days it takes to add the spouse name and reissue a new passport ?

    Just to let you know I am too from mumbai.

    • Hi Satyendra
      Marriage certificate comes attested by the issuing authority. No further attestation is required. Just take the original along with a photo copy. You will have to self attest the photocopy.

  105. Hi Manish,

    I wanted to apply for re-issue of passport (Going to Expire in Jan 2015),
    I am staying in rented home in Pune from last 4 years, I have only gas connection as address proof.

    Whereas from my permanent address is in Nagpur but I have all bills and also adhar card from permanent address

    Which is easier and faster way to apply from permanent address or from present address?

    Thanks in advance.

    • Hi Pradip,
      You should apply from Pune. The police verification is conducted only for the address where you have been staying for past 12 months. You can mention Nagpur as permanent address in the form and Pune as the present address. Latest Gas bill is a valid address proof. You can also submit registered rent agreement. I would recommend that you update the address in one of your active bank accounts to Pune and submit the same as well. With 3 address proofs, you should be fine.

  106. Hi Manish
    I am applying passport for my parents, do I need to redo it after 1 year? Which one is better option Normal or tatkaal? Since I want them to have it as soon as possible so they can go for US Visa. Thanks in advance..

    • Hi Keerthi,
      Passports are generally issued for 10 years, so you don’t have to reapply after 1 year. Whether to go for normal or tatkal will really depend on how urgently your parents need the passport and what kind of supporting documents do they have. For a fresh passport, it is difficult to meet the requirements of a tatkal passport but if your parents can satisfy the requirements, they will receive the passports within 2-3 days of application. Their police verification will be done few weeks after receiving the passport. In case they leave the country before police verification, make sure to inform the local police station in writing and take an acknowledgement. For normal passport application, it may take between 1-3 months for the entire process to complete and to receive the passport. If your parents already have passports and want to get it reissued, then the process will take less time (usually 10-15 days in normal application and 1 day in tatkal). To know the list of documents required, check the Document advisor tool on the passport website.

  107. Thanks for prompt reply Manish. This is the first time my parents are filing for passport and I checked document tool for tatkaal and normal both but they didn’t mention anything about marriage certificate in that list. Actually I read your blog and Qs and Ans and there I came to know about producing marriage certificate. Do my parents need to do the same or that is a different case and my mom is a goverment employee does it make any differnence?

    • Hi Keerthi,
      It’s is recommended to have a marriage certificate or annexure D made before applying for the passport. If your parents have other documentary proof of marriage, that may be accepted by the PSK. Best to check with the passport call centre once. Your mother may require an NOC from the government if she is an active government employee. Also tatkal application may be little easier for her if she can get the identity certificate made.

  108. Hey Manish,
    Thanks for all your support, I really appreciate it. I tired calling PSK several times to check for document but its always busy, is voter id mandatory to show? My parents have changed their resident and dn’t have voter id or any ration card to prove new addres, so I am planning to produce passbook of running bank account( coz its easier to open an account), Birth certificate, Matriculation Pass Certificate and additional NOC for my mom but advocate told my father” this is not enough” and they have to have voter id. Can you please clear my confusion? since I have no idea about new rules of indian passport, I just know the information they have on web site. I dnt want theirs visa to get rejected.


  109. I meant ” I dnt want theirs passport to get rejected. Thanks, Keerthi

  110. Hi Manish,

    I want to get my given name changed in the passport ,currently it is Krishna raj.but I want to get it done as raj Krishna.

    All my supporting documents have the name as raj sharma k.

    I have applied for,tatkal booking.
    Can you please tell me if I need to get an affidavit dome for this or sslc mark sheet ,pan card etc will do.

  111. Hi Manish, my daughter’s passport which was issued for 5 years is expiring in may.Can you please suggest the procedure for reissue in case of a minor( both parents having a valid passport)..We are currently based in Goa but would want to apply for reissue from Delhi centre as Delhi being our permanent address…was wondering if my father could submit the documents on our behalf and and then we could appear for the interview with our daughter. We are also planning a US trip in june for which she would need a US visitor visa.So wanting to get her new passport before applying for her US visa. Please advice!
    Thanks n regards,

  112. Hello Manish,

    Iam applying for my wife reissue of passport. i have got the appointment time also.

    According to document advisor in the website – voter id alone is enough for address proof. Is that alone is enough or i need another adddress proof along with this

    Bcoz in all other ids i dont have the ward(election ward) name in the adddress.

    will it be a problem.


  113. Hello Manish sir, This is a great service from you and appreciate your effort to make our self gather valuable suggestions and advice.

    My passport already expired on 19.12.2009. I found my passport missing only on 28.12.2013. Unfortunately no photocopy of the passport available. Also I never traveled with that passport.

    But with I have found the details of the passport in an old diary and with the help sending email to RPO. I went to local police station and requested them to file a complaint of my lost passport.

    But they simply told that they will not take the complaint. Then I went online at and registered my complaint and printed the acknowledgement.

    I want to know, whether this online acknowledgment is enough to produce at PSK while applying for fresh or re-issue of passport. And if not what should be the next step.

    Your kind advice is needed in this regard at the earliest sir.

    Thanks & Regards,


  114. Hi Manish, Recently a week ago i applied for a passport and while filling details in the application form i did one mistake that my present and permanent address has been interchanged and the form is already submitted , payment is also done , got the appointment as well. I got to know this mistake once i viewed the submitted form. But now i want to change the details in the application form so i am confused what to do as the application form is already submitted and payment is done. Is there any way to change the details of the form even after payment Manish ?

    • Hi Deepika,
      I think you can make the changes at the PSK. Just inform the person at the counter where token is issued. The actual changes are done at Counter A. They did allow me to make some changes in phone number and reference addresses. Confirm with the customer support once.

  115. Hello Manish, thanks for this detailed guide. I had applied for a passport at Pilani Rajasthan in 2004. It is getting expired in the next 6 months and am now working in Bangalore. Can I apply for a re-issue of the passport in Bangalore without changing my address?
    I would like to apply for an address change to my address in Bangalore but I unfortunately do not have address proof for the past 1 year. I have a valid address proof for the last 4-5 months from September 2013 but prior to that, I have only a notarized rental agreement for address proof.
    Would help if you share your thoughts/comments

  116. Hi,
    thanks for very useful post.
    My current passport (in my maiden name) expires 2 years from now.
    I have changed name post marriage so need to get a new passport with new Name/address/signature and with addition of Spouse name.
    If i seek re-issue of passport,
    1) Can I do that online just like Fresh passport?
    2) What will be validity of the new passport? Will that be 10 years or only for 2 years (expiry date same as currnet passport expiry date)?

  117. In the case of my wife there are no utilities bill in her name and there is also change of residential address.can I get any guidance pls

  118. Hi Manish, i have a question, i am renewing my passport. I got married and my marriage certificate mentions my new name(husband’s surname is added to my surname). I dont want to change my name , just add my spouse name in the passport. Is it feasible or do i need to change my name to the one mentioned in the certificate. Thanks kalpna

    • Change of name is optional. If you don’t want to change your name, then just mention your maiden name in the application. You will however have to enter your spouse name and attach marriage certificate as proof.

      • Thank you for your help. i appreciate it.

  119. I applied for renew my passport i finished all d procedure @psk n got d receipt written dat police verification is not esq.for issuance of ur passport in how many days i get my passport after dat

  120. Hi, I have a passport that has expired 15 years back and have to renew now. Is it required to give a address proof of the ration card, since the address proof is different from the ration card and the currently residing. Also for renewal, is that the police enquiry available?

  121. Hello Manish, Greetings of the day!

    My query relates to re-issue of my passport which got expired in Dec’2013. My Passport carries the Permanent address which is from Warangal, A.P. My present & temporary address is in Chennai (I keep moving between cities due to work so I’ll be in Chennai only till June’2014)
    I’m filling the re-issue application form online & wanted to know what should I include under ‘Present Address’ section? My only concern is that I want the same Permanent address (Warangal address as on the expired passport) to be printed on the re-issued Passport, so what should I fill here ?

    Thanks & Regards, Srinivas Racherla

  122. How many days on average does it take to renew the passport (normal one) ?

  123. Hello Manish! I have only my Driving License as an address proof. Is this accepted ? I am trying to get my passport renewed as it is expired and want this new address to be mentioned in it which is currently in my Driving license too. Kindly advise.


  124. Hi Mr.Manish,
    Extremely helpful blog. Appreciate your efforts. I have a query regarding the renewal of passport. my daughter’s passport has expired on 26th Jan 2014 and a trip has been scheduled to US. It was late for us to identify the expiry date. However if we apply online for a tatkal passport, can we expect it early if police verification had been done for the previous passport? Also what documents should we keep ready for the appointment.
    Please advice. thanks

  125. Hi Manish,
    This would be a quick one for you probably…
    My passport expired in Jan 14. I have my appointment date in Feb14 for reissue of the passport . I got married recently and now while filling up the re-issue form I had given my wife’s name. Now, do I also need the marriage certificate along with other mandatory documents for the reissue of the passport?
    Is there a way I can get through without showing the marriage certificate as we have not applied for it yet.

  126. Hi
    I have a 20 year validity passport that now must be reissued. Passport was issued from Indian Embassy Kathmandu. Now I live in Delhi. Will re issue be complicated ? Should I apply under Tatkal ? Thanks . Rajiv

  127. Hello Manish,

    First of all congratulations to you that you are doing a great job helping distressed people like me:) I am one of the victims of the bullshit passport system of the so-called External affairs ministry of India. I had applied for my son’s re-issue of passport (minor) in November under normal category. Then within 3-weeks my husband was asked to apply for German visa due to business reasons. Since he was to travel 2-3 months earlier than us we decided to apply visa for family together. For this we had to keep postponing our appointment of passport. On the third attempt I could not find a cancel option and by mistake pressed the book appointment button. It looks like the whole external affairs ministry has frozen my application on that appointment which is for 13 march 2014. i am supposed to travel on march 1 to Germany. before that i ahve to supply my son’s new passport to Germany embassy as they are not willing to stamp on old passport as it expires in May 2014. Now I want to apply in tatkaal category. i am willing to apply fresh and let the normal fees be wasted. i called up all the available numbers, call centres and agents I could. I ran from PSK to passport office and best answer was to create a new login id and password and apply fresh. But anywhere I apply, my tatkall application does not allow me to book an appointment saying an ‘active appointment already exists. first cancel that appointment’. But wierd thing is that nowhere in the entire system is there a system to cancel that appointment or even delete that profile. Passport office people say that even they cannot help as nothing is in their hands. best is I can write to Joint Secretary of ministry. I think if I go to 13 march appointment, it will be faster than the complaint file moving in the ministry. But I wnat to try for an earlier appointment so that i can travel on March 1. If before that I do not give my son’s passport to the embassy, my approvals will become invalid and I will have to reapply for visa which will become a pain again and delay my travel by 2-3 months. I am in such a peirl that getitng a passport here that too renewal has beocme a nightmare. Is there anyway you can help. I tried to create 3 different user ids and passwords but it is not allowing me to apply in tatkal again. Any suggestions?? Even the helpdesk people do not know that how many ever ids you create you can apply only once for a particular passport.

    • Hi Abha,

      Sorry to hear about your situation. It is best to try and create a different ID using a different email address and try to fill a tatkal application. If the system allows to at least fill a tatkal application and generate an ARN you can take this and simply walk into the PSK without appointment. The last I knew, there was a different queue for walkin applicants under tatkal. It may take longer than usual but it still saves you the hassle of appointment. Now if the system doesn’t allow you to create another application because another one is already pending in the system then you will have to get it cancelled. If it’s not possible online then call the PSK and try to get it canceled. If that’s not possible you could try to reschedule this appointment (upto twice is possible after which the application is locked). The final option could be to wait until March 13. But do remember it could take months after the appointment to receive your passport under normal route.

  128. Also I wanted to add, that I enquired at the help desk at PSK and they say that you cannot walk-in for tatkaal application.

  129. Hi Manish…Very informative article.

    My passport is due to expire in 40 days. It is too late to apply for renewal now?


    • Hi Santu, it is not late. You can apply for a reissue upto 2 years post expiry of your current passport.

  130. Hi Manish, I need to get the passports of my parents as well as mine reissued as our passports are due for to expire in December. We are based at Indore and the PSK is at Bhopal. Is there any way to ensure that we get our appointments on the same day. Also, My passport doesn’t have spouse name as I was not married when it was issued. Is it compulsory to get it added, If yes, what process is to be done for that?

    • Hi Kamesh. I know no way to make sure three appointments can be given for the same day. The passport website doesn’t have a family appointment section. Unfortunately you may get three different dates. If you apply under tatkal you may walk in to the PSK without appointment. However more paperwork is required to process tatkal application and it costs more. If you are married, it is compulsory to get your spouse name added in the passport. Not doing so would amount to suppression of information and could lead to penalty. A marriage certificate should be enough for the same.

      • Dear manish thanks for your info. U r doing a great service. I want to know that in case of walk in for senior citizens can we deposit the fees in cash at the PSK or do we need to get it deposited through bank challan? Also after lots of efforts, I am unable to contact Bhopal PSK. Is there any other way of knowing what is their time schedule for walk in for senior citizens?

  131. Thank you all for your stories. It has helped me know what to expect. Let me also narrate my experience with the Pune Passport Seva Kendra Office, so that others are also benefitted the way I was.

    This applies for a Tatkal Application (majorly) and at Pune Kendra. other areas may differ in process and the Normal mode will definitely differ from this.

    Mine is a Reissue case and with address change. I had applied in Nov 2013 for an Appointment and got the earliest date for Jan 2014 (system allotted). Unfortunately, I could not make it in on that date, and rescheduled my appt to Feb2014. In the meanwhile, i got an offer to go abroad from my employer on a short notice and had to try and get my passport through the Tatkal mode.

    PSK Visit 1: Got an updated list of documents from Pune PSK. No use of calling IVRS or their website. Came to know that they will accept only Annexure F (Verification Certificate) and nothing else will do (3 of 16 docs as given in website is not accepted).

    PSK Visit 2: With great difficulty, managed to get a VC myself – nobody is ready to issue as they can be personally prosecuted if the person does anything wrong. And the people who can issue a VC are at the topmost level, so having contacts does help. Had spoken to few agents, they said they can arrange for a VC for 22-23K – I was shocked and decided to arrange for VC myself through known people and managed to get one.

    PSK Visit 3: Walked in at 8am with ARN and VC and all other documents. Came to know that they have stopped accepting Walk-ins for Tatkal and walkins are allowed only for handicapped, illiterate, senior citizens etc categories and not for others. This is another anomaly as compared to their website. And the best part is the person on Day 1 conveniently “forgot” (when confronted) to tell me this “small update”. Now, it is compulsory for Tatkal Applicants to take “Prior Appointment” and then come to PSK.

    Hurdle Begins: Appointments for Tatkal open at 12noon “onwards”. This is the biggest joke the system plays on us. I tried on Wed, Thu, Fri, Sat and finally (by fluke) got an appointment on Sunday for Tuesday (appts are given 2 days in advance).

    PSK Visit 4: Went with all documents, ARN, Tatkal Appointment, VC, Annexure I, old Passport etc. Finally got an ENTRY into PSK which otherwise they will never allow because i had the Appt. Stood in line, got the token, my documents were verified, put in a file and told to go in without a token (tatkal doesnt need a token it seems). Waited for them to call out my name. Called out my name in 15-20mins and said get another VC. I asked to meet the APO and was allowed inside. There was a big line and spent 45mins in queue. The person coolly mentioned, change the VC and get it because of a frivolous reason. I tried reasoning with him, but to no avail. I then requested him to atleast hold my tatkal appt and that i will get the document changed. he was not ready for it at all. he said you have to reschedule the appt and come back again. This was where the next set of problems began. Immediately logged in and checked for Tatkal appt – didnt get online.

    Since then, have been trying Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri, Sat, Sun, Mon for Tatkal appt. All it says is – before 12noon – All appts for the ______day are full. Please try at 12 noon. Sharp at 12noon, the system goes down, and says “Unable to process your request. Please try again later”. This goes on till 12:08 and then the previous error “All 100 appts for the _______day are given out. pls try on the next avbl date_________.” I have wasted so many days and lots of time in this. I also spoke to agents, who charge 7k for a Tatkal Appointment alone but takes no guarantee that it will go through. But after having gone through so much myself, I wanted to take the appointment myself without any bribing anywhere. I didnt want to give up and Im happy I didnt.

    Now, the situation is such that I have all the documents ready for a Tatkal Passport, but because of lack of appt, i cannot submit and get a tatkal appt. In the meanwhile, i have lost out on the international opportunity due to this. My point is, there is definitely an IT inside hand in this, as the server automatically goes down and gives the error sharp at 12:00:00 seconds onwards till 12:09. This cannot happen due to over load of requests on the server. Which means all this computerisation and all is literally waste, as now you can apply for a passport only in the normal mode peacefully yourself. For tatkal, you are at their mercy; and they are merciless.

    FYI: those looking to go to US, please ensure you have a first name and last name mentioned in your passport specifically. Indian passports generally have the name printed as First Name_Last Name under the Given Name column, which is not accepted for US visa. They shall issue it as . FNU stands for First Name unknown and the entire name shall be printed under the last name and US visa issuance is not possible for FNU cases. they will ask you to change it in your passport and then apply again. Just a heads up before the problem arises.

    I still have my normal appointment active for this week, and shall apply with the documents. It will take 45-50 days in all (official quote) and will include police verification. Else, in tatkal, you have to apply for PCC (Police Clearance Certificate) before travel as actual Police Verification takes place Post Issuance of Passport. The bad part is, the details for it is not clear as to when is it required and when not required.

    Wish you All the Best in your quest for a Passport


    • “The bad part is, the details for it is not clear as to when is it required and when not required”
      This is the state of World’s biggest democracy where majority illiterate people elect absurd people. The same thing happened to my mother as well. She went with 3 docs in place of VC they rejected. Why in the hell they mention OR on the website I do not get Simply say VC ONLY right! Also this tatkal works only for big people with money/power as she could not get VC after trying for a month, nobody issues VC. There should be law binding eligible officer to compulsorily issue VC, which is not the case right now. Pre/Post Police verification depends on PSK official who gives you rcpt at last counter so their mercy again we are at.

  132. Update: As of Sept 2013, all Tatkal walkins are cancelled and we need appointment for Tatkal also. It comes up in a Google search.

  133. Hi Manish,

    Thanks a lot for assisting all of us. Appreciate it.

    I have applied for a re issue of my passport , my appointment date is on March 14 2014.

    As address proof’s I have the following docs –

    1) State bank of India statement for 1 year (01 jan 2013 to 27 jan 2014 ) with current address(pune)

    ** statement is upto 27 jan 2014 would it be fine as my appointment is in march

    ** Secondly SBI branch is in Bangalore while I stay in Pune – would that cause a trouble ?

    2) I have ITR V + U/S intimation 143 (1) for assessment year 2012-2013, while I have only ITR V for 2013-2014 .I don’t have the U/S intimation 143 (1)

    Need your view on this.


    • Hi Prithivi,
      State bank of India statement is fine, Bangalore branch shouldn’t be a problem. However if you can get a statement of Feb included that would be better. Latest Assessment order would be preferred. Apart from these proofs, do carry additional address proofs such as ration card, Aadhar card etc esp if you are applying under tatkal. Police may also require you to submit these documents to complete the verification.

  134. Hi manish,i want to apply passport for my daughter who is two months husband is NRI,i got sworn affidavit ready by Indian high commison,birth certificate is ready,but the problem is both of our passports i.e mine and my husbands passport does not contain spouse name in the it acceptable can i apply for passport for the baby?

  135. hello sir. I am in a very tense situation right now. I m a final year student and it has been 9 months since i applied for my passport. my parmanent residence is at thane but due to education purposes i have been living at kandiwali(Mumbai) since three years. my police verification was done at thane and here at kandiwali as well. bt when i go to the passport office(thane) for enquiry, they tell me that the documents are not uploaded by police. i approched the local police station bt they said reports had been sent by them long ago. now i have been asked to visit the passport seva kendra worli. Help me what m i supposed to do?

    • Hi Neelam, file an RTI with both the local police and RPO to know the exact status of your police report. Chances are that as soon as you file an RTI the police will upload the report.

      • thank you very much sir.

  136. My name in 10 marksheet & address proof it is mentioned as C. CHANDRASEKHAR



  138. hello,
    thank you for a very detailed and informative email. may i request you for advice on the following : My daughter has got married in mumbai in may 2013 and has also been working in mumbai for last 2/3 years, her husband has his passport with mumbai address which is rented and they plan to move out shortly. Her passport which is expiring in a couple of months was issued from Gurgaon ( my address) . her pan card address on letter, driving lic, pvt bank account all have gurgaon address, no aadhar or voting card. My papers are all gurgaon address. can / should she apply with Gurgaon address ( as then there will be no change on her reissue application) except that she will be including her husbands name in the application whose address is for mumbai in his passport ????/ Thank you for your advice , regards

    • She should apply from Mumbai and mention the addresses where she has been staying for past 12 months. Her application with Gurgaon address may not stand police scrutiny since she is married to a Mumbai resident and employed in this city. Concealing this information could make her liable for a penalty under the Act.

  139. My name in 10 marksheet & address proof it is mentioned as C. CHANDRASEKHAR WHETHER I CAN FILL C. CHANDRASEKHAR OR I HAVE TO EXPAND INITIAL ‘C’

  140. my name mentioned in school certificate as c laxmi & pan as chakravartula laxmi . What should i fill in form , whether it is mandatory to expand c as chakravartula

  141. Hi Manish,

    I have got an appointment at PSK and wanted to know what documents we need to carry. As far as I know through the document advisor:
    1) Birth Proof – X th Certificate (HAVE IT)
    2) Address proof – Public Sector Bank passbook with transaction records for last one year (HAVE IT)
    3) Non ECR Proof – Xth Certificate (do we need to take XII th as well)(HAVE IT)

    Do we also need to carry our XIIth, graduation and post graduation certificate? I am married so do I need to carry Marriage certificate? Any photographs required (website says no photograph)?

    Look forward to your response.


  142. Hi Manish,
    Do I have to definitely upload supporting documents onliine or can I just take them in person on the day of my appointment

    • Hi Ishwarya, last I checked, uploading of documents was optional.

  143. my passport is going to expire may 2015….

    1)can i apply for it now or it can be done only a year before i.e. after may 2014….
    2)can i ask for any PSK or i need to go to same PSK as my address is of at pune…i am not changing my address..can i submit docs to PSK at pune for further process….

    your reply ll be very much appreciated..thanks..

    • Hi Mitesh,
      You can apply for a reissue upto 1 year before expiry. Your present address has to be mentioned in the application. Verification is done at all places where you have stayed in past 12 months from application date. You should apply from Pune as it will easier to manage since you are located in that city.

  144. I applied for passport renewal 2 months back but Online status says still under verification at the RPO. Do you know what time does not actually take for passport renewal under normal process.

    • Hi Rachit, there is no timeline for verification. You should file an RTI with RPO to know the status and expedite your passport application.

  145. Hi, Manish
    I have a query and require your help. Hope you will oblige. My parents had applied for passport in the year 2011 under the TATKAL scheme and for some reason or the other their proofs did not suffice for them to get a passport at that time. So, my parents have lately built their residence and ID proofs in these 2 years and hence would now want to apply again. Should we apply under the same ARN number for which we sought an appointment in 2011, Also, i checked recently in the website and the ARN numbers for which they sought appointment in 2011 does not pull up any records. Please help. Appreciate the same.

    • Hi Sugandha,
      Application and the fees are valid for one year only. You may mention the details about the old application in the new form. If in doubt, you can always contact the RPO and take their advice as well. I think old application is now irrelevant and can be ignored.

  146. Hi manish.Thank you for ur efforts to jot down the entire process for PP re-issue which is really helpful.I have to apply for re-issue of my passport as my PP is expiring in Nov’14 and passport pages are exhausting as well.I stay in Pune since 2007, while my passport was issued from Thane in 2004 during which i was residing in navi-mumbai.I got married in dec ’11.I have got my wife’s passport issued at Pune address last year bearing my name in it.I have planned to submit my old PP,my spouse’s passport,my SBI bank passbook,and my e-aadhaar card, marraige certificate(to include my spouse’s name in my passport) and my engineering degree certificate (supporting doc. for ECNR,my existing PP already have an ECNR).
    Kindly solve my doubts (which may b silly) mentioned below:-
    1)Will my spouse’s PP be accepted as my address proof (as my exisiting PP has navi-mumbai address)?
    2)Is e-aadhaar accepted at PSK (as i have not received my aadhaar card yet) as address proof?(issuance date 31.08.2013)
    3)Should submit bank statements also,or submitting passbook will suffice?
    4)The address mentioned in my spouse’s passport and my bank passbook is exactly same.While my aadhaar has certain additional words mentioning nearby landmarks.what address should i mention while re-issuing my PP?
    5)Do i require to submit degree certificate again to get an ECNR stamp,even if my existing passport already have an ECNR stamp?
    6)Are these dox sufficient ?

    • Hi Amit,
      Spouse passport along with marriage certificate is accepted as address proof. E-Aadhar is not accepted as a valid document. Bank passbook copy should be fine, however recently there was some article in the paper which mentioned that only select bank passbooks will be accepted. Attach your degree certificate copy again. If they don’t need it, they will remove it. Mention the address exactly as in the spouse passport/bank statement. These documents should be sufficient at passport office, however police will insist on ration card, birth certificate and utility bills. So keep those documents handy.

  147. Manish,I appreciate ur prompt reply.
    Bank passbook is of SBI. I do have my Birth certificate,which i will keep handy, as u mentioned.
    My/spouse’s name is not there in Ration card and utility bills(BSNL/MSEDCL) are on my Mom’s name.Will these bills be of any help in my case?
    Apart from above dox ,will my PAN card/LMV driving license be useful?

    • SBI passbook should be fine. Utility bills may be required only during police verification. It doesn’t matter if they are in your mother’s name. PAN/driver’s license is not necessary.

  148. Hi Manish

    As per the list of documents on the website, Aadhaar card is valid for address proof only if it is at least a year old or supplemented by another address proof. I don’t have any of the other acceptable address proofs. My bank account is in Axis Bank (they need a nationalized bank’s statements). My company is not a public limited company. I don’t have any bills in my name. The only glimmer of hope I have is the Income Tax Assessment Order, but I’m not sure what that means. The person at the counter told me that a couple of years’ ITR-V’s attested by an Income Tax officer will do, but I’m not sure if that’ll work.

    Please advise.

  149. Hi Manish,My passport is going to expire in October. Based on that I had applied for re-issue of passport. When I tried to upload the form under tatkal scheme, it was not allowing me to do so. Finally I had submitted under Normal scheme & enquired the reason for not allowing under tatkal scheme. That time I came to know that if Citizenship is by descend, it will not allow you to apply under tatkal.I don’t know what is the logic behind this, since my current passport that is going to expire has been issued from India 10 years back. Only for the reason that I had born outside India, and being in India for the past 30 years, I am not able to apply under tatkal scheme. Being said that, my appointment is on 19th March. When I enquired if they can change it to tatkal on the appointment day, they told to come on that day & meet the APO. I will have to travel anytime for project assignment from my company. Under normal scheme, how many days will it take to reissue a passport? I have address change, spouse change to be included. Is there any way that this can be converted to tatkal? Will there be a police verification for reissue? I am totally clueless & confused on whether to appear for the appointment on 19th march. If I appear, they will cancel my existing passport & when the new passport will come,I do not know. Can you please advice?

    • Hi Meera,
      Sorry to hear about your situation. Apologies this reply is coming in late but hope it helps others in similar situation. Government has certain guidelines under which tatkal passports are issued. Unfortunately that excludes certain cases including the one that to you mentioned. It does seem illogical especially given the fact that you already hold a passport for 10 years and lived in the country for 30. But at times it’s difficult to reason with the officials. Your best bet is to visit the PSK and check with them if they will convert your application to tatkal. If not, then my advice will be to undertake the travel on old passport (if it’s possible) come back and apply under normal category. You will most likely be issued passport under post verification and can expect the passport to be delivered in 10-45 days depending on the availability of passport booklets with the passport office.

      • Hi Manish, Thanks for your reply although it came a bit late. I appeared at the PSK on 19th March for re-issue. I enquired whether they can convert this to tatkal. They told me that I have to tell at the C counter for converting to tatkal. So I was hoping that it will get converted to tatkal. At the C counter, the lady after verifying told that it cannot be converted to tatkal, because police verification data is not available for the previous passport. I tried to tell her,that this was taken 10 years ago & it was not computerized at that time. She told it was not possible for her to convert it to tatkal as pre PV is required. I told her I need to travel very soon. Then I asked her what else can be done. Then she told me to speed up the PV & appear at the RPO within 14 days & you can convert to tatkal. Then she cancelled my passport & gave it back & with a heavy heart I had to come out without knowing what to do next. I have no hopes of getting this converted to tatkal & truly its been a nightmare for me. I have gone through various blogs & have found out only a few have got passports hassle free. Manish, do you think that going by the way that the GO has told is worth? Can we approach the police now for verification? Will the RPO convert it to tatkal? Any documents needed for that? Please advice. I do not know what to do.

        • Hi Meera,
          Check the file status on passport website. As soon as the status shows that application hs been sent for PV, immediately contact the CID office and take the police form print. They will give it to you in a sealed envelope. Take this to your local police station and submit all the documents. And follow up as soon as the report is sent back to CID office. Usually this entire process takes over a month. But the way I suggested, it can be completed in a week. Do inform every officer that you have an emergency and need to convert the application to tatkal. You can then visit RPO and get your application converted to tatkal by paying additional fees. Hope that helps.

          • Hi meera ,
            I went through the same process. I had applied for passport re issuance in normal quota. But then i had to travel so i scrap that application and applied again in tatkal(as i was informed its not allowed to convert it into tatkal). I paid the fee again, took appointment and got the passport in two days(27 feb 2014). Have also submitted the documents in police station for verification. I think this is the way to get the passport in tatkal and i hope it would be helpful to you.

  150. Hi manish, i have got my appointment booked (for reissue of my PP) on 11 April under normal scheme.Is there any way for me to switch over to Tatkal scheme now.????

    • Hi Amit, you will have to submit a new application under tatkal and pay the fees again. You can check with PSK helpline if they will adjust the money already paid.

  151. Approximately, How many days will it take for my new PP to reach home, in case i continue with my process under normal scheme???

    • Hi Amit, it depends on police verification. It can take between 45-90 days. I know of a case which took close to 1 year because police wouldn’t do the verification.

  152. Hi Manish, i have to change surname and address of passport after marriage what all procedure to follow to do it? how many days it will take to come back?

    • Hi Poonam, you can use the document advisor tool on passport website to get a list of documents required for reissue. You have to submit the form online, take appointment and submit the documents at PSK to kick start the process. If you have any specific doubts feel free to ask.

  153. kunalgolani :

    Even i faced a similar situation , but i had an SBI account in bangalore with bangalore address on it. I have changed it to pune address first, took one year’s statement and then gave it a s a proof – it worked. See if u have a nationalized bank else where in india.u can change to current address and get it done.\

    As u said ITR-V with US intimation 143(1) is valid however a seal and signature is expected – u can contact the RPO for help/enquiry and explanin that u r e-filing ..Hope it helps


    • Thanks for replying, Prithvi!

      I have an SBI account in another city, yes. When I moved to Bangalore, I’d tried to get it transferred here, but didn’t succeed. Can you tell me about the process for address change for SBI?

  154. You need not transfer it – it might create trouble as people there told me that u can get account statement only in your parent branch . I havent transferred it.I just updated my address in SBI and took a statement.

    U need to go the SBI , 1 address proof is reqd – rent agreement / Bonafide from Your company for address etc would be accepted.However, check with people there as this changes from branch to branch. If u can change the address with available docs , u can take that statement and its done.

  155. My passport and my daughter;s passport expired on 21st march. What are the documents required to be submitted for renewal?

  156. Sir, I have a doubt. I am renewing the passport for my mother. In her old passport, the SPOUSE name Was entered as ‘STEPHENSON’, but in the other documents like voters I.d, ration card, driving licence the spouse name is given as ‘STEPHENSON VETHARAJ’. Will that be a problem? Thanks.

  157. Sir,
    I made a Passport in the year 1982 & its expiry date was may be 2002 {iam not sure}
    this PP was lost 15 years ago during the process of changing rented homes & or totally damaged & lost in flood like situations during rainy season,when rain water enters into the homes frequently.
    Iam not having any photocopy or any of its proof & in this period i have moved into my own house. i haven’t renewed it & traveled abroad.
    Now my question is that i want to make a PP, can i go for a new or for a reissue.
    If in case of reissue i don’t have its proof neither PP number nor its photocopy.
    So what can i do please guide me, as i want to go to Dubai in the month of Sep-2014.

    • Hi Abdulla, sorry to hear about your situation. Did you use your old passport to travel outside the country? If yes then it is advisable to report loss of passport to regional passport office and nearest police station. RPO maintains a record of all passports issued and they should be able to tell you the passport number and other details. You will have to apply for reissue under lost/damaged passport category and pay a 3000/- additional penalty for misplacing government property. Only after a thorough police investigation a new passport will be issued. I will advice you to visit the RPO immediately and take their advice. The entire process can take months to complete. Do note that since old passport was lost, you are not eligible to apply under tatkal.

      • Dear Manish sir,
        As i mentioned in my first request to you that i have not used this Passport to travel abroad.
        And iam not having its number also.

        • Hi Abdulla,
          I would recommend that you get in touch with the RPO to get details about your old passport. Once you get the passport number, file a report with local police about lost passport and then apply for reissue under lost/stolen category.

          • Dear Manish Sir,
            As i wanted to make my wife’s new Passport
            ,as she is a Std 5th passed in Urdu medium in a village {at that time in 70’s, now it is Taluka} in Karnataka,she is not having any academic certificates.
            Now she has Aadhaar card,Pan card,,Having joint account in Central Bank of India from last one year or so,No marriage certificate,staying in our own flat from last 22 years.
            I just want to know what shall i mention in her education qualification column ,if i mentioned illiterate then what problem will arise in future especially while traveling to USA where my son is staying
            & what other certificates are required for submitting her PP application.
            Plz reply

  158. Hello Manish: My case is extremely complicated and mind boggling to say the least. My passport was set to expire in July 2012 so back then my sister from abroad was down in Chennai and as mine and my parents passports were about to expire she filled in the online application and got appointments too. I had told her I don’t want to do it now as mine is a bit complicated but in the online form I filled it out as separated ..whereas in the old passport I was still unmarried. My parents and everybody said its just an easy thing and just go with a ration card and they will take ur photos and not much hassle and ur done. But i knew there was a big problem. And as i predicted i gave the form and the person in the counter said …the section where references are mentioned is wrong..and its supposed to be someone or any two people like neighbors…and also said i had to submit an Annexure K or something which should be attested by a High court judge..So with that i came back home dissapointed..i tried going through a lawyer and one guy said he would do it for 20,000..and with that i dropped all plans to get a passport. Also want to get a passport for my son which i cant get too as that is complicated too. Some Annexures and affidavits have to be submitted too as I am a single parent and my son is in my custody. The only silver lining in this is ..we have started divorce proceedings and the ball has started rolling. My ex-wife has started the thing up. My sister and family who live in Sweden want to take my son along with them to Sri Lanka for a holiday when they come on their month long trip to India this summer. I would really like some help how to go about old details too are missing when i went for my appointment for the reissue of passport back in 2012 September or so.

    So let me explain once more point by point:

    1. I am separated and my son is in my custody.
    2. When I had my old passport i wasnt married back then but when i filled the online application in 2012 July i mentioned it there as separated which was the truth.
    3. Its only now divorce papers have been filed by my how long that will take no one knows yet.
    4. I want to apply for a passport at least for my do i go about it.
    5. How do i go about getting a reissue?

    Will write later too


    Sushil Jaob

    • Your case is not a complicated one as you are thinking. Its nothing when compared to stolen passport case. Just apply for the passport along with affidavit stating that you are seperated. Do not exactly remember affidavit no may be E. Catch a lawyer and get affidavit in just max 300-400Rs. Once you have your passport your son’s passport can be done(assuming he is minor).

      Mr Manish has more expertise, so watch out for his detailed reply.

  159. Manish !!! Hats Off to you 🙂

  160. Hi Manish,

    I am Ajay from Mumbai. I had applied for reissue of my passport and was called for an interview last week at RPO.I had applied under the Normal scheme and it says police verification required pre-issue of passpost. I am born in 1977 and I am at my current address since 2005. How many days does it take for police verification to take place after you submit the application and do the police call you at your mobile number or do you have to walk-in to the local police station for police verification?

    • Hi Ajay
      Greetings! Unfortunately there is no specific timeline for police verification. You can track your file number on the Mumbai police website. Generally for Pre-verification cases in normal reissue cases can take 3-6 weeks. Police may or may not call you on your mobile. They may directly visit your residence for verification or may call you at police station. It varies from one police station to another. If you don’t hear from the police in 2 weeks time, it’s best to check with your local police station personally.

      • Hi Manish,
        Greetings and thanks for your reply. Could you also describe the police verification process? Also when should I begin tracking my file number on the Mumbai police website? I had submitted my passport application at RPO on 7th April, 2014 and my previous passport (old passport) was obtained when I was visiting the US.

        • Hi Ajay, You can read about the police verification process at The link to Mumbai police website is mentioned in the article. Hope that helps!

          • Hi Manish,

            Another quick question. In case if one does not get their passport by Normal application process in 4 weeks or 1 month, then what needs to be done next? Can they apply for a Tatkaal passport by converting the Normal application process to Tatkaal process?

          • Hi Ajay,
            You can follow up with RPO and Police to check the status and to know the reason for the delay. You cannot convert the application to tatkal or re-apply again once your application is submitted at the PSK.

  161. The information shared is very useful and clear many a doubt. Thanks for the detailed step by step information.

  162. Thank you so much for all the details. This makes the whole process which seems so complicated, so much easier and understandable. Once again thank you


    • Yes, you can renew. You will be issued a new passport and old passport will be stamped canceled and returned to you.

  164. Good & detail explanation ..thanks

  165. Hello Manish,
    I have booked my appointment for next month (May 2014) for re-issue due to expiry in Apr 2014, (1) as an address proof i have E’city Bill which is in my father’s name. I have PAN / Voter ID / License / ICICI Bank Stmnt. for last 1+ year. Would this be sufficient ? (2) And as a Dt. of birth, will they accept any passing certificate statement (say 10th / 12th standrd.). (3) Is old passport not taken as a base of proof for anything? I read your replies saying more the docs., better the case, thanks.

  166. HI Manish…

    I am back on your blog. You were indeed a great help last year for me, but now I am here to understand the requirement for application for reissue of passport of my son who is 12 years old. I have a lot of queries. They are listed below:

    I want to apply under Tatkal scheme. There is no change in existing person particular; appearance also is same, just that the validity is due to expire.

    I am confused whether Verification certificate is required for minor passport reissue (VC which is requirement for adult passport under Tatkal scheme). While the call centre executive have told that VC and police verification is not required for minors reissue/renewal, I have my own doubts and but some people are insisting for VC, please clear my confusion.While the rest of the formalities (Annexures C, G, H, I) is in process, Annexure F (VC) is a major concern for me (difficult to obtain)

    How much time will it take under normal scheme (if I forgo the tatkal option)

    Since I may have to travel abroad for work and I have to get visa stamped for my son too, I am a very concerned mother.

    I would really appreciate your help for the same

    • Hi Shireen,
      Greetings! Police verification is not required for a minor passport (tatkal or normal) provided you submit at least one parent’s passport (preferably both) with spouse name endorsed. No VC is required as well. Use the document advisor tool on passport website to get list of documents. If you apply under tatkal, you will receive the passport in 2-3 days.

      • HI Manish….Thanks for the response…I shall get back to you with details of how things went further….

      • HI Manish,

        I went to passport office today to submit my son passport renewal application.

        I am a single parent applying for renewal of my son passport. I too hold a valid indian passport.

        To my dismay, I was denied the Tatkal scheme for him.

        Also I was told that I have to take prior appointment for him. He shall not be given this right of “Walkin application submission”. The reason being that this is a single parent application.

        I can’t understand that how can a single parent application deprive my son of his right to submit normally through “walkin submission ” like other children.

        To make things difficult for me there are no appointment bookings till 20th June.

        Can you please tell that is it ok to deprive a child this right of his by passport office.

        Please respond.

        Thanks and Regards

        • Hi Shireen,
          Sorry to hear about your situation. Tatkal applicants are required to take appointment. If you apply under normal scheme, you can walk-in to the PSK if the applicant is a minor, senior citizen or physically handicapped. Generally tatkal window opens for next few days at a time. How do you know that all tatkal bookings are finished until June 20? I would recommend that you take an appointment online at the appointment opening time for your PSK.

          • I tired in Tatkal initially, but they refused for my son’s case….

            then I tried under appointment under normal scheme,….

            that appointment( under normal scheme) is unavailable till 23 june 2014 now……

            so both ways I am held back….

            but still my son is a minor….why is he denied “walkin application submission”……..

            I am still trying everyday for appointment under normal (as I am straight forwardly denied Tatkal scheme)…..

            I can’t understand this system……

          • Hi Shireen, you should speak to RPO to understand why tatkal scheme has been denied for your son. May be the documents are not complete. Walk in is not allowed for tatkal minor applicants. Only under normal application route you can go for walkin. You don’t have to wait until 23 June as walkin is allowed for normal scheme, just fill up another application under normal scheme and walkin to nearest PSK with all documents.

          • Hi Manish,

            I went to the RPO…..and spoke to him my entire case…

            he was surprised as to why was I stopped there and he said that I can very well apply and submit application as walkin……without prior appointment….

            he immediately called up at PSK……..and asked them why did it all happen to me…..

            he asked them to complete all single parent formalities and get the application submitted…..and after that trust me he told me that I can go and submit anytime…

            I went the same day to PSK and …..vow!…..what a change…..Alhamdolillah…submitted my child application and came back…..

            we need officers like RPO LKO….really God bless him….and God bless you too for helping me….



  167. Hi Manish,

    Greetings. This is Ajay Chopra again and just a quick question.If the police does not come at my residence for verification, then what next? Do I need to go to the police station by myself and do I need to bribe the police officer in-charge of the passport applications so that they send a constable quickly to my home address?



    • Hi Ajay, you can check with the local police station if your file has come to the police station. The police will advice further course of action. To bribe or not to is your personal choice.

      • Hi Manish,

        Thanks again.The police verification is complete at my local police station. What is the next step? Will I get my passport in 2 weeks time now that police verification has been completed?

        • Usually it takes 2-3 weeks for police to forward the report back to Special Branch office who in turn will take 1-2 weeks to update the passport system. Once this is done, RPO will initiate printing and dispatched of passport which usually takes another 7-15 days based on how busy the RPO is.

  168. HI MANISH, thanks for good forum , can i apply reissue passport and pcc at same time , let me tell you my passport will be expire next 3rd march , 2015 so i have pan card , voter card , adhar card , bank statement and forigner spouse neme indrosement in the passport ,relationship certificate from Indian embassy and marriage certificate from temple …..what are the documents needed for this procedure …i,m egarly waiting for
    ur reply

    • Hi Bishu,
      Greetings! I am not sure if you can apply for Passport and PCC at the same time. Best to check with PSK helpline. For accurate document list, you can check the document advisor tool on passport website.

  169. Hello Manishji,

    I have booked my appointment for May 2014 for re-issue due to expiry in Apr 2014,
    I would be ggreatful if you could guide on below points, so that if needed i can postpon appointment date –

    (1) As an address proof i have E’city Bill which is in my father’s name,+ 2w License, ICICI Bank Stmnt. for last 1+ year and expired passport. I hope this would be sufficient ?
    (2) And as a Dt. of birth, will they accept any passing certificate statement (say 10th / 12th standrd. / Degree).
    (3) Why old passport not taken as a base of proof for anything – ID + Address proof?
    I have read your replies saying more the docs. better the case, please me know your comments, thanks.

    • Hi Sushant,
      Greetings! I would recommend using the passport website document advisor tool for accurate list of documents required for your specific case. All documents should be in your name. Your father can file an affidavit stating you are stating with your father and give this to you along with electricity bill. Only PSU bank statements are accepted as address proof. Date of birth proof will depend on your date of birth. Post 1989 birth certificate is compulsory. Expired or canceled documents including a passport cannot be submitted for ID or address proof.

  170. Hi Manish,

    Please take this on an urgent basis.

    My fiance’s passport will expire in mid-June.
    He had applied for renewal and hearing is on 8th May.

    Lately, he came to know about the following:

    1. He needs to give his temporary address’s proof (be it electricity bill, gas connection,etc).
    But he can’t submit any of these as he had been staying in a PG, wherein all the bills are under his owner’s name.
    He has registered copy of rent agreement, but as per what was told by helpdesk, this is not acceptable.

    2. He has private bank accounts (SBBJ and HDFC) but they need PSU’s for the last 12 month transactions

    3. His cell phone bill has company’s adrress on it, so even this is not acceptable

    Could you please suggest a workaround or how we should go about this issue as we have planned our vacation after marriage to Mauritius in the last week of June.

    Your response on this would be appreciated.

    • Hi Akansha,
      Greetings and Congratulations!
      Rent agreement (registered) along with owner’s utility bill is accepted as address proof. The owner’s name on the bill and rent agreement should match. If the rules have changed recently then I am unaware. SBBJ is a state bank affiliate and is accepted as address proof. Check the bank list on passport website. I would recommend that your fiancé carry 1 year bank statement as well. He can also get an affidavit made stating his personal details along with address and duration of stay. Make sure to apply for reissue before marriage since later he will have to include your name and attach a marriage certificate as well. Since you have a very tight deadline, I would recommend applying under tatkal.

      • Thanks a lot for your kind response, Manish.

        Just a small query, is it possible to cancel this request and re-apply through Tatkal.

        Thanks in advance.

        • Yes, it is possible. You loose the application fees though.

  171. Hi Manish, my old passport is expiring on 4th July, 2014. Today I got online appointment for passport renewal. I have below query –

    My old passport doesn’t have wife’s name as I was a bachelor then. Now I’m married since 9 months. In my online application for renewal, I have mentioned my wife’s full name before marriage. I ran Document Advisor and it didn’t suggest any document to prove the marraige. I need to know if I should be carrying any document for the same ? Note that I don’t have a marriage certificate as of now. Any guidence would be appreciated. Thanks.

    • Hi Omprakash,
      Greetings! You should mention your spouse name in the passport application exactly as she would like to call herself in her new documents. If she is only changing her surname (taking your surname) then you can submit marriage certificate (or joint affidavit if you don’t have a marriage certificate) as a proof with your application. However if she is changing her complete name (first name, last name), she will have to go through the entire process of getting the name changed legally (through affidavits, gazette and newspaper announcement). If you have entered her old name in the application, you can get the same corrected at the PSK when you collect your token. Just inform the person about the mistake and they will make the changes.

      If you choose the reason for passport reissue correctly (addition of spouse name due to marriage), you will see that marriage certificate is listed as a required document. I think you must have selected “passport about to expire” option only and not “change in personal details”.

      • Thanks a lot for your quick guidelines. This is really helpful. One more query – Is it recommended to have her old name in the passport or change the surname ? (Changing complete name is out of question here)

        • Its a personal choice. If she is changing her surname (taking your surname), then it is recommended that you add the new name in your passport. It is always recommended that all documents be consistent when it comes to basic details such as name, date of birth, etc.

  172. Hi Manish,
    i am having appointment tomorrow for renewing my passport. my passport expired on feb 2014. while filling the online application form we will enter the references detail (Name & Address). my query is whether we need to carry supporting original documents for the references also?

    • Hi,
      Greetings! No documents of the references are required at PSK. Its needed during police verification.

  173. i have changed my ration card address and bank account address to my current address just before 1 week, but i have my appointment for passport in next week
    will these address proofs will be accepted?
    i have gas connection bill at my fathers name,will it be sufficient as address proof?

    • Hi Ramya,
      Greetings! One year bank statement of a PSU bank approved by passport authorities is accepted as an address proof. Ration card along with bank statement should be fine. It doesn’t matter when you changed the address on he documents. What matters is since when are you staying at the current address. If more than an year then it’s not a problem. Gas bill in father’s name is not needed at PSK. However you may require it during police verification.

  174. oh thanks a lot

  175. Thanks again for your prompt response.:)

  176. Hi Manish ; I think its important that we know that all passports with 20 years validity will have to be reissued before November 2015. Or else we shall not be able to travel abroad after that date.I recently reissued my passport even though it was scheduled to expire in 2024.

    • Hi Ujwal,
      Thanks for letting all of us know. Will add it as a note in the article.

  177. Manish – Thanks for helping out people.Great Job buddy!

    My problem: Passport has Surname and Given name has both first name and surname. Now, I want to bifurcate my name such that surname from the given name column moves to the appropriate Surname section.

    For ex:


    Surname – ….
    Given name – Gian Prakash

    After name bifurcation:

    Surname – Prakash
    Given name – Gian

    Someone on the edulix mentioned the below process:

    1. Fill in the passport reissue form. Give the reason as ‘Name Bifurcation’
    2. Schedule the appointment in tatkal. A passport under tatkal will cost you 3500
    3. Go to the PSK. Just tell them you want to split your name. No one will ask any questions whatsoever.
    4. You will be out of the PSK with your cancelled passport in 30 mins.

    Do you agree with the above procedure or have some other procedure to share?

    One more thing, if I’m issued a new passport, will I have a new passport number generated? The problem is I have my documents issued from a foreign univ for higher studies under old passport number. So, if re-issuing a passport implies a new passport number, I’ll drop this process as if now.

    Please help.


    • Hi Gian,
      Was this mistake made by the RPO during passport printing or did you fill up your name in “Given Name” column only leaving the surname blank? If it was the RPO, then they may be reissue the passport without any fees. However if it was your mistake, then passport reissue fees will apply. You will need to take all your documents (to be on the safer side) when applying for a reissue. You will receive a new passport with a new number and it will mention your current passport details on the last page. You will still have your current passport with you but canceled. You can check with your university if they will have any issues with the new passport (usually they are fine).


  178. is it essential to have a bank passbook in the current address for a year.
    i have my passbook for more than 3 year but not in the current address is that matters i have changed the current address in the passbook just before 1 wk is that k.
    even in my ration card we changed our address just before 1 wk.
    will these be enough for passport address proof.

    • Hi Ramya
      You will need 1 year bank statement in the current address. If the new passbook does not have last 1 year transaction then it won’t work. Ration card is accepted as an address proof if accompanied with another address proof. These two documents should be sufficient at PSK. However Police may insist on more documents.

      • after i change my address in bank passbook will they give the transaction statement in the new address .
        will the pan card with cover will be accepted as address proof.i dont have any other prroof for the current address what do i do?

        • will the internet bill with landline connection changed at my name will be accepted as address proof.

          • Hi, one year bank statement in the new passbook with new address should be fine. PAN card does not work for address proof. Nor does the PAN letter. Landline bill in your name will work as an address proof provided you can submit one year old bill and current month bill (both in your name).

  179. Hi ,

    I want to apply for my son’s passport who Is of 1 month old now. I have my passport which has the permanent address of Chennai. As our final plans are to settle down in kanchipuram, I want my son’s passport in kanchipuram address. My wife got her passport before marriage and she has kanchipuram address in it. Wanted to know what document can I produce as a proof for spouse name addition in my wife passport with same address in tatkal scheme.

    my wife have aadhar card, ration card, driving licence & marriage certificate in kanchipuram address. She don’t have a Voter id original but she has the voter id no and both slip. Is this document enough for applying in tatkal scheme?

    • Hi Shankar,
      Greetings! Unless you plan to move to Kanchipuram in the next few months, it doesn’t make sense to get a passport issued from Kanchipuram. Minor passports are valid only for 5 years and have to be reissued. It is best to get the passport issued from the place where you have been staying for past 1 year. In order for the minor to be issued the passport, one parent (ideally both parents) should submit their passport copies which has spouse name endorsed. The minor will be issued a passport without police verification. The address on the minor’s passport will be that of either of the parents. Your wife can get her passport reissued at Kanchipuram address provided she is staying at that address for last 1 year. Even if you produce all the documents with that address (which probably is her address before marriage), she won’t be issued a new passport unless her parents submit an affidavit that she has been staying with them after marriage. However the police may not accept the affidavit and may insist on your documents with Kanchipuram address. Hence the file may get stuck at Police level or they may submit adverse report. Hence it is best to get her passport reissued with Chennai address since your passport will work as address proof along with marriage certificate. Once you both have passports with spouse name endorsed, the child’s passport will be delivered in 2-3 days without any police verification.

  180. can i get any rental agreement from the house owner as that am staying at this address and something like that

    • we were staying at this house for more than 1 and half year but we changed our address in all our document just before 1 week thats the we can get the rent agreement from the house owner and it should be attested by someone else ah??? please help me tell me some way??? to get my passport i need it for joining at my office on date of joining.

      • Hi Ramya, As mentioned earlier, bank statement for last 1 year with new address details should be good enough. If the rental agreement is registered and in your name, then the same can also be submitted along with a copy of owner’s utility bill (Electricity Bill). You cannot get a back dated rental agreement registered now. Rental agreements are registered at the Registration office and no further attestation is required on these agreements.

        • i have changed my bank account address so now can i get the 1 year bank statement in the new address and give it as a proof. sorry for asking again and again am still not understood about that statement and passbook.
          in the passbook we cannot get the last 1 year transaction in new address.
          but for 1 yr statement we can get it in the new address right.

          • Hi Ramya. One year bank statement from the list of approved banks will be enough. So if you change your address tomorrow and get one year statement with new address, PSK will accept it. However the police will ask for other proofs during police verification. Such as letter from society, rent agreement etc.

  181. Hi Manish,
    I thank you for your article.
    I need your help on address proof for re-issue of my passport.

    For the old address proof I have Income tax assesment order for the assessment year 2013-14 with the ntimation U/S 143(1).Does this work?

    I recently moved to my current address in the month of Feb-2014.For the current address proof, I have Andhra bank passbook but it is a joint account with my wife and the account is 6 months old.Also I recently added my name as JOINT ACCOUNT and changed the address to current address which is one week old.The bank officials said they will issue new passbook with new address and my name as joint account holder in 2 days.Does this hold good for current address proof WITH JOINT ACCOUNT?

    Also I have rental agreement for current address and marriage certificate to include my spouse name.I also have pan card and no other address proofs for current address.

    Appreciate the early reply

    • Hi Harish,
      Income Tax assessment orders which are physically signed my the Assessing Officer and sent via post to your address will work as an address proof. The Assessment orders sent electronically or by CPC Bangalore without any physical signatures may not work. Best to confirm with passport helpline once. For address proof, you will have to submit address proof documents for all the addresses where you have been staying for past 12 months. Bank statements in joint name should work. You will need bank statements for last 1 year, best to get bank statement instead of a new passbook since new passbook will not contain old bank transaction entries. Registered rent agreement along with owner’s utility bill can also be submitted as an additional address proof. For the complete list of documents, I would recommend that you check the document advisor tool on the passport website.

  182. I want to reissue my passport under normal scheme.
    The address field in the online as well as pdf are accepting only 42 characters
    In my address proof, i have landmark details also but in passport form i am not able to fill it due to character limit.
    Will it be acceptable to passport authority while verification?
    Please guide me.

    • Hi Gautam,
      Greetings! I think it should be fine if you skip the landmark details.

      • Thanks Manish.
        One more query:-
        Spouse name is mandatory.Do i need to show any proof in this regard during verification?

        • Hi Gautam,
          If you are married, then spouse name is mandatory. Marriage registration certificate should be good enough. If you don’t have one, then a joint affidavit works as well. Format is available via document advisor tool on the passport website.

          • Thanks Manish.
            I have marriage certificate but now my wife’s surname has been changed.
            The PAN card & Voter ID card of wife contains new surname.
            So what should i fill in the spouse name:- older one or the newer one.

          • if i fill the wife’s new surname then what all documents/affidavits are required to be submitted during verification.

      • Hi Manish,
        I have similar issue with address field being too small and I could not enter my complete address in there, whatever address I entered is not the complete one and I have submitted the application form online with that incomplete address itself. I have my appointment just 3 days from now. Is it possible to add more details to the address when I visit the PSK. Please reply to my query. Thanks.. Kuldeep

  183. thank u soo much manish…..

  184. HI MANISH,

    • Hi Fatima, greetings! I am not an expert on these matters but I guess you will have to go through the process of name change from without middle name to with middle name and then apply for passport reissue with your degree certificate and name change documents.

  185. Hi Manish,

    Its Ajay again. I tried contacting the CID office here in Mumbai via phone but they say that the computer is down. Does this mean that my passport status will not be updated in the passport system? Also on further questioning the person at the CD office told me that it takes them 8-10 days to send the passport to the RPO for printing. He also told me that for further inquiry I should visit the CID -passport branch personally.

    I am not sure what he meant by that.I contacted my local police station and they told me that my papers were sent to CID on 6th of May 2014 and it should have been updated by today the 16th of May 2014.So pls help

    • Hi Ajay,
      Greetings! Not sure what help you require. I think both CID and local police have given you information about the application. CID usually does not entertain request on phone and ask applicants to visit personally to know the status. I would recommend that you wait for a few weeks and if your application status does not change on the website then get in touch with CID office by paying them a visit.

  186. Hi Manish,

    I need to re-newal my passport, but i need to get within a week.

    Please guide me the there any takkal options are available in this case.

  187. I really have a different scenario. I am in my H1B. Currently in US for 6 months. I have to come to india for my marriage and I will be staying for just 3 weeks. But my passport expires in another 2 months. So if I want to come back to US again i need minimum 6 months validity in my passport. So I need to apply for passport renewal in indian PSK(Madurai) in tatkal. While filling the online form it is asking for current address. Can I use my US address or my india permanent address? If I use my US address as current address will there be any difference in Police verification?


    • Hi Kumar,
      Congratulations for your marriage!
      Your passport issue is little complicated and I do not have the expertise to advice you. However, if it is possible, get the passport reissued in US itself before coming back rather than getting it reissued from India.

  188. Manish. Thanks a ton. This is terrific public service. Best wishes. Rajesh Pant

    • What is the difference between reissue and renewal? A passport will be expiring witin 3 months
      also if the passport pages are full is it for renew or reissue a different case

      • Hi Sheroo,
        Most passports in India get reissued. Renewal of passports happen very rarely (where the validity of existing passport is extended without changing the passport number). It is usually done for short validity passports. For expiring passports or exhaustion of pages, you have to apply for reissue only.

  189. Hi Manish,
    I am going for re-issue of my Son’s passport (exp date – 11/08/2014) in Karnataka next week. In his passport, mother’s name is mentioned as VIJAYALAXMI PRAVEEN FOUDAR. I need to get it changed to VIJAYALAXMI KADAKOL which is her original name before marriage as it is entered in my passport while i got reissued in 2010.
    My father applied fo rmy son’s passport while i was in UK. So not sure why there is discrepancy.
    So can I apply in tatkal for both reissue of passport and change in name ? I tried to check in passport site but it is showing that i can apply only through normal process.

    Please advice.

    • Hi Praveen,
      You can get your son’s passport reissued and make the correction in mother’s name. For proof you can submit both parents’ passport copies (make sure spouse names are endorsed in both the parents’ passports). You can apply under tatkal and get the passport without police verification. Do check with PSK helpline once though.

  190. Hi Manish,

    Thanks for all your information you are a god sent . I had a doubt i would be applying for Australian visa. They require a police clearance certificate, my problem is that the adress of my current passport and my present adress is different will this be a problem. Does police clearance certificate mandates your passport address. I cannot go for a reissue of passport cause of less time and the tatkal process not being valid for me cause i am citizen by descent.

    • this forum is of no use…. just go call that embassy or consulate and clear your doubt…. no one replied my question either,,,

      • That kind negative comment is not warranted, I benefited. I would have had to travel for 2nd trip to Bangalore PSK from Mysore(150KM+Pain) but for Manish blog I got all docs in place which even passport website was vague.

        Ans to Ur Q: PCC does not mandate the same address mentioned in Passport but you will need address proof for the current address to get PCC.

    • Hi Aseem,
      I don’t know much about PCC but as Sreenivas mentions below address on Passport and PCC can be different. Hope that helps.

  191. Hi Manish,

    Is it necessary to renew the passport from same PSK or city? Can i do it from another city?


    • Hi Mukesh,
      You should renew the passport from the PSK/City in which you currently reside. It need not be the same city from which you got your passport originally issued.

  192. Hi Manish,

    Thanks for running such a nice blog. You are real gen who is serving this country.
    My major queries are resolved by just reading all above comments. One is remaining.

    To apply my wfie passport re-issue to add spouse name, which address should be given as permanent address. It should be my permanent address or her parental address that is also same as address mentioned in her current passport. I am not staying at my permanent address.

    Please advise. Thanks a ton for this wonderful blog. You should get hired by Ministry.

    • Hi Ankit,
      Greetings! Thanks for your kind words. It is recommended that you apply for your wife’s passport reissue only after getting her name added in your passport. It makes her application process relatively hassle free.

      Coming to your query, her current address should be the one she is presently staying at (your current address) and permanent address should be mentioned as your permanent address. Your passport copy (spouse name included) and marriage certificate are proof enough for this.

      • Hi Manish,

        Thanks for the reply. I somehow not wanted to go through re-issue of my passport as my visa is in process and once we go through re-issue process, they cancel passport and then God only know when will you get new one so that option is ruled out.
        For my baby, I want to endorse my name in wife passport so that kid passport would be issued w/o police verification. Only problem is what should be permanent address for wife. If I use my permanent address as wife permanent address, will my passport copy work as my current passport address is my permanent address.

        Needless to say, many thanks.

        • Hi Ankit,
          Your passport along with marriage certificate should be good enough. As I mentioned earlier, if your passport has her name endorsed, then it makes things relatively hassle free. If your wife uses her old permanent address then there will be problems in passport reissue as well as police verification. She may have to file an affidavit that she is staying with her parents after marriage.

  193. Hi Manish,

    It is really nice to read your blog as you have captured a lot of information in small scope. I have two questions, as I find my case is similar like you (Re issue of passport and addition of spouse name)

    (1) I want to add my spouse name in my passport but her surname needs to be changed following marriage, while addition. My wife already has an existing passport earlier name. Is it possible to change spouse’s surname while adding it? or it will be considered as name changed and then addition? for an example existing passport contains : “name oldsurname” , is it possible to add “name newsurname”?

    (2) You have mentioned that, passport authorities don’t accept e-bills as a proof of address, I usually receive the bills in emails, so can’t we print out the hard copies and submit? how will they make difference?

    Thanks in advance,

    • Hi Bhaskar,
      Greetings! Thanks for your positive feedback. Regarding your query
      1) Changing or adding of surname after marriage is possible. You so can add your wife’s name in your passport and provide marriage certificate only. No other documents are required in her new name. Both the following examples are OK: “old firstname new surname” and “old firstname old surname new surname”. However if she wants to change her first name as well, then she will have to go through the official name change process before you can include her name in your passport.
      2) E-bills are not accepted by passport authorities the last time I checked. You may check with PSK helpline about the latest rules. It may seem illogical but then its futile to reason with the system.

      • Thanks a lot Manish, really appreciated for suggestion! Have a good day.


  194. hie manish,

    i have to renew my passport issued in 2004 and expired in 2013, which had no spouse name in it.. i got married in 2008 and got separated within a year, there have been no divorce proceedings till now.

    i do not want to lie or suppress information. so should i fill ‘separated’ and not fill my spouse’s name and try to get Annexure K. i don’t want my spouse name in my passport.. so what options do i have, kindly guide…

    thanks n best regards

    • Hi Danny,
      If your current legal status is married then you have to report your spouse name in Annexure K. You can choose to not include the spouse name as per undertaking in Annexure K. However, if you are not granted a divorce, then you should apply for reissue of passport and get the spouse name added.

  195. Hello Manish,

    I plan to apply for address change, spouse name endorsement and surname change after marriage on my current valid passport under tatkal. My situation and queries regarding the same:

    1. I have been staying in India since Dec 2013. Prior to that, I was working in US for a year and a half (H1B). I have an account in SBI on which I have changed address to the current one. But since I was in US, I do not have many transactions for the past year (hardly 2-3). Will the SBI passbook/account statement suffice as an address proof? I do not have any other document listed on the website that can be produced as proof of address.
    2. Will I need to produce original proof of address for my stay in US as well? I have online bank statements and a lease agreement in my husband’s name. Also have a marriage certificate. Will that suffice?
    3. Will I need Annexure F – Authority letter? (even though it is not necessary as per the website for my case)
    4. I have a 2-month old baby. Will they allow me to take the baby inside PSK?


    • Hi Manish,

      Your help and expertise will be really appreciated. Please guide me for the above, as it would be very hard for me to re-visit PSK if they say that the documentation is not enough since I have a 2-month old baby.
      Unfortunately, the passport call center was not of much help.
      Thanks in advance!


      • Dear Amruta
        Greetings! Couldn’t reply to your earlier since your passport reissue case is complicated. I am not really an expert to give you a perfect advice but here are my suggestions based on whatever information you have shared.

        1. Bank statement from SBI is a valid proof of address. However it is recommended that it contains at least one transaction every month to convince the officer that its an active bank account statement. You may choose to attach the bank statement in any case. But there are possibilities that it may not be accepted since there are only 2-3 transactions in the account in the past 1 year. For address proof, you can also submit copy of spouse passport along with marriage certificate.
        2. I am not completely sure about this, but it is better to carry documents that you listed. Also carry any other documents that are in your name. Eg utility bills, etc.
        3. No need since its a reissue of passport.
        4. They should although it is best to confirm with PSK helpline once.

        Remember to carry as many documents as possible (original+photocopy) in order to avoid multiple trips to the PSK.

        • Hello Manish,

          Thanks for your guidance. I just want to narrate my experience at the Pune PSK in short.. in case it might be helpful to someone.
          I have applied for re-issue in tatkal (originally, but it got converted to normal processing) for change in surname after marriage, address change and addition of spouse name on Aug 20, 2014.

          1. Since my earlier passport was lost and I got a fresh one made through an agent in tatkal (after filing an FIR for the lost one) back in 2010, I was not aware that I needed to go for police verification even after receiving the passport. This time when I applied for a re-issue, my tatkal application was rejected and got converted to normal processing since the police report data was missing for the past one in their system.
          2. My SBI bank statement had hardly 4-5 transactions for the past year, but it was accepted without any hassle (could vary for PSKs). It was the only document that I carried for address proof.
          3. As I had originally applied for tatkaal, the passport officer asked me for a verification letter when I mentioned that I had resided outside India before Dec 2013 for a year. So if someone has a similar case, it would be best to carry a verification letter in case their residence within a year’s time falls outside India for some period.
          4. I have a 4-month old baby and I needed someone to accompany me in passport office (hubby resides outside india). When I called the helpline they plainly refused to allow anyone accept parents to take a child inside PSK. But when I actually went to the office, they allowed one person inside to take care of the baby while I did my passport formalities.
          5. I had applied for my re-issue and baby’s fresh passport together. But baby’s application was not accepted. I was told that unless my passport gets printed with spouse name, they cannot process baby’s passport.

          – Amruta

  196. Hi Manish,

    I have a query that me and my husband living in Singapore and got the marriage certificate here only. My concern is , his passport will be expire in Feb 2015 so we need to go for renewal of his passport, in that case will the marriage certificate be valid as the passport number will get change after renewal or we need to reapply for marriage certificate after getting new passport.

    Many Thanks.

    • Hi Aarti,
      If you got married in Singapore then the Singaporean marriage certificate should be fine. If you got married in India you will need a marriage certificate issued from India. Otherwise you can produce the annexure in absence of marriage certificate. I would recommend that you check with indian embassy in Singapore.

  197. HI MANISH


    • Hi Sonali, you should choose the reissue option.

  198. my passport Expiry date is 22/07/2014 how can I renew passport please help me…

  199. Hello Manish,
    I wanted to know how long does it take to renew or re-issue passport. I am 17 now, will turn 18 in January next year. What are the differences in applying as a minor? My passport expires in January and i am traveling to the U.S in about 1 month tickets for which are booked. Since my passport expires in 6 months time, will this affect immigration in U.S? I may or may not stay in the U.S for more than two months. And i’m confused as to whether i should choose re-issue or renew option? How long does police verification take? Should i opt for the Tatkal option, how is that option different? Could you please help me out with these queries?

    • Hi samara. Your passport should be valid for at least 6 months at the time of arrival in the US irrespective of your stay period. I would recommend that you apply for a passport reissue and get a passport with 10 years validity. Best to apply under tatkal since you are traveling next month. You can read more about the process on passport website. Do check the FAQs it answers all your queries.

  200. hi mr. manish
    i want to add my spouse name on my passport. can i take appointment in tatkal service for it & from where should i attest my marriage certificate’s photo copy?

    • Hi Komal,
      Yes you can take tatkal appointment and copy of marriage certificate has to be self attested. Carry the original with you to PSK.

  201. Hi Manish, I have my passport issued in Bangalore but now stay in Mumbai. I am applying for a reissual of my passport & would like 3 things to be done:
    1) Get my passport reissued in Mumbai – Is this possible?
    2) Get my passport address changed to Mumbai. The only docs I have showing a Mumbai address proof are my bank statements (ICICI, which is not listed in the approved bank list as address proof for passports & my postpaid vodafone e-bills – which I think you mentioned is again not accepted).
    3) Get my spouse name include (wouldn’t be changing my surname) – I have no marriage certificate but was told the Annexure D from the passport website is an alternative to a marriage certificate. Is that true?

    • Hi Rachna,
      Please check the document advisor tool for a list of documents required for passport reissue. Since you are living in Mumbai for past 3 years you should get your passport reissued in Mumbai. ICICI bank statement is no longer accepted. Is your name endorsed in your husband’s passport. If yes, then his passport can act as an address proof along with your marriage certificate or Annexure D. It is always recommended that you get your marriage certificate made because that’s the proof of marriage which is accepted by most organisations including banks, embassies (for visas). Endorsement of spouse name on passport is not a sufficient proof of marriage in most cases. But for passport you can produce Annexure D in lieu of marriage certificate. You can choose to keep your maiden name and not take your husband’s surname. Just fill the form accordingly. However if you plan to change your surname in future then it is recommended to do it now. Apart from spouse passport, utility bills, voter ID card, Aadhar card, IT Assesment order, Ration card etc, also work as valid address proof. You will have to arrange these for police verification anyways. Good thing is that for police verification they accept ration card etc of your husband as well. But passport authorities need these documents in your name.

  202. Or do you advice the best option would be to get a marriage certificate first, considering I do not have too many documents to provide.

  203. Thanks a lot Manish! that helps!

  204. sir what is non ecr category and my mom is gradute but while shifting town she lost her degrees so are the degrees imp in reissue of passport and the passport is expired from 2 years

    • Hi Vinayak,
      Your mother requires a non ECR endorsement on her passport she will have to submit documents for non-ECR endorsement. Complete list of documents can be obtained from passport website. Graduation certificate is just one of the documents. For details about ECR you can check passport website FAQ section.

  205. I have uploaded my passport re-issue application online and ARN created. Now it is not moving forward from Schedule appointment page even after filling PSK choice & verification characters. Even after clicking on NEXT it is not moving to SBI Payment menu. What to do to book appointment & make payment in this case ? Previously 2 times it moved to payment menu after booking schedule but payment attempts were failed due to internet banking password problems.

  206. i wanted to renew my passport .. its expiry is on *th of october 2014 and i will be turning 18 on 28th of september 2014 .. so what do u suggest .. how should i go about with the renewal process. And also its important because i was planning a trip to singapore in the end of october . Thank you

  207. If i am applying for address change & there are still 2 years of validity remaining, will the new passport be valid for only remaining two years or it will be valid for 10 years from the date of issue?

    • Hi Mangesh,
      It will be valid for 10 years from date of reissue.

  208. My passport expired on 31st October, 2013. May I get it renewed in July, 2014? Steps required

    • Hi,
      You can get the passport reissued upto 3 years after expiry. The steps mentioned in the above article will help.

  209. I have a peculiar situaton. My passport is due to expire in December 2014. My husband and me have shifted to a new residence in the same city. I do not have any proof of address for the new address in my name as all the documents are in my spouse’s name. unfortunately his address on the passport is for a different city as he was living in that city when he got his passport re-issued. So I can’t use that. My aadhar card too is a different city and address, so can’t use this.. So i am pretty much hitting a wall on every option.Any ideas on what I can submit as address proof? Would a bank statement be acceptable if the address shown there is the new one?
    HELP pls!!!

    • Hi Arunajyothi,
      You will need documentary evidence for all the addresses where you have stayed in past 12 months. If you have recently shifted to a new residence then documents of old as well new residence will be required. Bank statement or passbook from a nationalised bank will be accepted as an address proof. However it is always recommended that you produce more documents esp for police verification. Registered rent agreement along with a utility bill in landlord’s name is also accepted as a valid address proof by police. If documents are in your spouse name then it is recommended that he gets his passport reissued with current address and include your name. Then you can use his passport as additional address proof.

  210. Hi Manish,
    I applied for the re-issue of the passport online on 26th May 2014 for change in postal address and to remove the ECR status but since my postal address has changed (new city) now they accepted my application under Normal scheme on 9th June 2014. I had opted for the PSK SMS service and I received an SMS from PSK on 9th June itself stating that my passport printing has been initiated whereas the web Tracking till date says its under processing. The PSK receipt after file submission reads “no Police verification” required. so, i was hopeful to receive my passport within 10-15 days but Its been more than 1 month of my web application already. How soon do you think i would get my passport?

    • Hi Shruti,
      Since you applied under normal scheme, it can take few days to few months to receive your passport depending on the backlog at the RPO. All tatkal applications are given preference for passport printing. Once all tatkal passports are printed, then normal passports are printed in the order of application. You may visit the RPO and convert your application into tatkal by paying the difference in fees. Then you will receive your passport in 2-3 days.

  211. Hi Manish,

    First of all, thanks a lot for the wonderful guidance you provide, its really very helpful.
    Now, coming to my case, i want to get my passport re-issued as i need to get the middle name removed from my name. The list of documents reqd as mentioned on the website suggests only my original passport, an affidavit and newspaper clippings of the name change from 2 newspapers.
    My ques is that since this would be a re-issue, would there be any police verification required in this case?
    Secondly, roughly how long would it take to get my new passport given that Tatkal is not allowed in this category and i need the passport asap as i am applying for GRE.

    Any guidance would really help.


    • Hi Vinay,
      Since this is minor correction in name, (First name, Last name not changing), you may be able to convert your application to tatkal once your police verification is complete. Best to get your name change done through official gazette. You should opt for premium scheme to get your name published urgently. Also file an affidavit and publish the name change in 2 local newspapers (buy many copies of these newspaper as you will require it many times in future). Once these documents are ready, check with PSK/RPO once whether you can apply under tatkal since change is a minor one. If they allow, directly apply under tatkal. If they don’t then apply under normal scheme. Get your police verification expedited by visiting the HQ as well local branch and following it up almost daily until the status on passport website changes. Once police report is received, visit the RPO and apply to convert your normal application into tatkal by paying the difference in fees. Once converted to tatkal, you will receive your passport in 2-3 days.

  212. Hi Manish !
    Kudos for the great article
    Just a few queries :
    My passport expired in august 2011, i.e. 2 years 11 months ago. I am a native of Jhansi(u.p), where my passport was made through an agent. it is noteworthy that there is no passport seva kendra in jhansi. The agent got it done from lucknow which is 8 hours journey from jhansi
    At present, i am staying in pune since past 15 months and will return back to jhansi permanently within one year. But pune has a P.S.K.

    1) Should i apply for a re-issue from pune now ( as here P.S.K. is located and i dont need to travel to another city , please note that i don’t want to employ an agent this time ) or from Jhansi after one year ? I dont require a passport urgently for next one year.

    2) if from jhansi after one year, will it not be too late, i.e. about 4 years since expiry ? You mentioned in one post that re issue happens till 3 years, though i could not find such a statement on the passport office website.

    3) i recently got married 6 months ago. Got a marriage certificate made. My wife never had a passport till date. Should i apply for her too, from pune ? But she is not living here since one year. She shifted with me only after marriage, i.e., She is staying in pune since 6 months only. I dont want anyone of us to be called to another city like jhansi or elsewhere for verifications and all.

    Thanks aTon. !!!

    • Hi Gaurav,

      1: If you need the passport now, you should apply from Pune. It will be less hassle since you won’t be required to travel to another city.

      2. If you apply after 4 years of passport expiry then you cannot apply under tatkal scheme without the verification certificate. Currently your passport reissue will be accepted under tatkal without the verification certificate.

      3. Include your spouse name in your passport by producing the marriage certificate. Once you receive your passport, you can apply for your wife’s passport from Pune itself. Your passport will act as address proof in her application along with marriage certificate. She can wait for few months to complete 1 year stay in Pune before applying for the passport. This way you can avoid doing verification in two cities.

  213. hi manish

    my passport`s police verification has done by police already on 19th of june 2014 but still its showing k very physical police verifiaction is oending under thana SP office
    will you please let me know in how many days will i get my passport in my hand
    and even is tehre any issues going to come in between this procedure

    • Hi Moin
      Check with the police if they have forwarded the report to their HQ? If yes, then check with police HQ why they haven’t updated the report in the passport system. Once the report is updated, the passport can take few weeks to reach you.

  214. Hi Manish

    Thanks for a great article! I have a query. My father’s name is written wrongly in my birth certificate. I am 1990 born so BC is necessary. I can’t go back to my place of birth and wait for getting the BC corrected as its almost an impossible as well as time consuming procedure. It may involve change of name through Gazette but for that we can’t even prove that it was my father’s old name in my BC, as its was just a family name, not official one. So I thought of submitting an affidavit saying what is my father’s correct name and that person in my BC is my father. Will that be fine?

  215. Hi Manish,

    I have applied for Re-issue of passport for adding spouse name. i applied it on June 13th 2014. The status is still showing as “Passport application has been granted to applicant on 13/06/2014. Your application is under processing. You would receive an e-mail/sms once the passport is dispatched”. May i know when can i get the passport in hand?

  216. please let me know while changing SIRNAME the ad given in the newpaper should be from the same state from where the passport was made or can be advertisd from any state of India.Please do help me in solving my problem.THANKS.

  217. I have uploaded the xml with the wrong entries like reference name of my current address? how can I change it. Please suggest.


    • Hi
      You can submit a fresh application if you have not already paid the fees with the current application. Otherwise you can get changes done during your appointment. Just mention the same to the PSK official at the time of appointment.

  218. i have applied for three different fresh new passport, via single account on passport seva, is it okay ?
    i have applied for myself, my brother and my mother.
    please help.
    and also i have paid for all three fresh new passport in order to get the appointments, now i am not sure about what i did.

    • Yes its fine. You can book appointments for each applicant, the login account is immaterial, it is no way connected to the passport.

  219. Hi
    My passport expires in January 2016. Can I apply for reissue now. How long will it take for getting passport?

  220. Hii Manish.,i applied reissue passport on 7july. I want to get urgently.when will be come?

  221. Dear Manish

    While applying for a re-issue of passport, I added my partner’s name under Spouse name – he and I have been living together for over 11 years. Will adding this information without submitting marriage certificate affect my application?
    I am not looking to change my surname.

    Thank you for your feedback.

    • Dear Priya,
      You should check with RPO whether live-in relationship legally entitles you to add your partner name under spouse column. I doubt they will allow this without any sort of a certificate or affidavit from both of you. Change of surname is not required as women as allowed to keep their maiden surnames after marriage as well. So no additional documents will be required for the same.

  222. Hi Manish,

    My parent’s passport is going to expire in an year’s time. Will it be advisable to renew the same now or to be renewed in another 6 months. Will the validity date of the renewed passport will start immediately or at the end of validity of current passport?
    What would you advise?


    • Hi Shahi,
      If your parents don’t need the passport in near future it is advisable to reissue it now rather than at the last moment. Validity starts from date of issue irrespective of the old passport status. Old passport days are not carried forward in new passport.

  223. I have applied for my 2.5 years daughters passport and it is indeed very strange to get messages from passport office that a police verification has been initiated for her, I have checked with a friend who had applied for her daughters passport and there was no police verification. Also at the same time I applied for my passport re-issue and it has been more than 2 weeks that the passport hasn’t come

    • Hi Hitesh,
      If your passport contains your wife’s name and the child’s birth certificate contains child’s name along with parents name then no police verification is required. It looks like you applied for your passport reissue so this document must be missing from your child’s application. Hence it has gone for police verification. You should ideally get your and your wife’s passport reissued and add spouse name in each passport and then submit his had a proof in your child’s passport and the same will be issued without any police verification.

  224. Hi Manishji,
    My son has to apply for passport renewal ( within 3 years of expiry) . His permanent address is Gujarat in the expired passport. But right now he is studying college in Goa.
    1. Should he apply renewal through Goa ? or through Gujarat ?
    2. Since there is urgency of passport, can he apply in Tatkal category from Goa ? ( so that his PSK visit comes in Goa only ) ?
    3. For Tatkal apply from Goa in this renewal case , any recommendation letter from Collector Goa or SP Goa is required ?
    Please advise.
    Mahendra Doshi

  225. Hi Manish,
    I have applied for re-issue of passport to change my signature. Can you please tell me the documents required? My appointment is on 23rd Aug. How much time will it take for re-issue of passport (as I need my passport within Aug 31st for my GRE exams). Will I get my passport within Aug 31st?

  226. Dear Manishji

    My son has applied for passsport reissue and while he has submitted all documents his acknowledgement letter contains the following comment: “verified with originals however confirmation from issuing authority required”.He needs to travel to Singapore shortly. How long will the process take for issuance.

    Best Regards

    Surojit Banerji

  227. Hi manish

    I just return from australia I need to renew my indian passpor but I have some complication on question no 5
    Have you ever applied for/ been granted political asylum to/ by any foreign country?

    Yes I had apply ptotection visa in australia but it was not granted.
    Could you please guide me what should i wright on passport form YES or NO

    I got really confuse protection visa or political asylum is same thing.

    • Hi Varun,
      You should consult an immigration lawyer for correct answer. I think you should declare the details. However best to check with a lawyer.

  228. Hi Manish,

    I have applied for new passport through Passport Seva portal and subsequently Police verification also done in Mar-14 and adverse report generated where place of birth verification requested.

    Presently I am residing at Kolkata, West Bengal and my place of birth is Jamshedpur, Jharkhand unfortunately I have no proof of birth place or Hospital Birth ticket, I have heard from my mother that my birth taken place in one rented house.where my parent stayed during that period.

    My father expired in 2002 and my mother also very old and can’t able to recall old memories. The House where I have born demolished and sold out by the land lord. As per my School Certificate my DOB 22.01.1964.

    I have visited local RPO where I have instructed to submit an application with address of place of Birth for place of Birth Verification.

    Kindly advise in this situation, which address I have to provide since it will be really difficult for police to trace and verify, in such situation is there any alternative to manage the situation.

    • Hi Prabir,
      Sorry to hear about your situation. Do you have any document that states your place of birth? If not, you may be able to file an affidavit (standard format is available with most RPOs) stating your name, date of birth, place of birth and other details. This affidavit should be acceptable to police. Hope that helps.

  229. Dear Manish,


    My situation is quite normal like others, who all have misplaced their passports, however I’ve also lost my Ration Card in addition.

    Lodged an FIR and also got an affidavit copy as well.

    But here seems a problem: I started banking with Canara since 2010, however due to a technical snag I stopped banking with them post 2011 & carried on all my banking transactions with ICICI over a period of 3 yrs.

    Now at this very moment, the Canara SB A/C went DORMANT & just 2 months ago I set it back to normal after a full fledged KYC Refreshal.

    Also to inform that I have got a valid Aadhar (issued in 2011), a valid DL, NOC letter issued by the C.H.S. Ltd stating the proof of my residence for more than 5 years & a passbook of a recently opened State Bank of Bikaner & Jaipur A/C, along with few recent transactions.

    So far I’ve got only these all documents readily available; as the other documents e.g Electricity, Gas Connection, Utility, Society maintenance bills & so on are in the name of my cousin whom I have been staying with.

    1. What should I do in terms of my Canara/ICICI Bank Statements are concerned.
    2. Am I gonna face any real trouble during Police Verification?
    3. Also do you see any other way round to overcome the same?

    Request you to please advice on priority. Any help would be highly appreciated at this point~

    Thanking you,

    • Hi Sayan,
      You have an Aadhar card which works as an address proof. Copy of FIR and affidavit should be good enough. You can go ahead and apply for passport under normal scheme. Tatkal won’t be allowed in your case. Police may insist on birth certificate, ration card and utility bills. You can produce society letter and cousin’s electricity bill. If they object, you will have to manage with them directly. Although Aadhar card and society letter should be enough but police have their own list of documents and undue importance is given to ration card, utility bills. You can ignore your ICICI and Canara bank statements as these will not be acceptable.

  230. Hi Manish,

    I suppose to apply for an re-issue of passport.Unknowingly i applied for a fresh passport through online apply (I have a passport which got expired on 2006) and i got an tatkal appointment on 21st jul after paying an 2000/- through challan payment.i went on 21st with doc. and got rejected due to non submission of Annexure F and I.and they have given 3 more days to make the doc. ready.My question is can i go with the same appointment letter and convert it to normal mode? is that cause any problem for non disclosing of my old expired passport in application form? and for 1 year address proof can PSK accepts copy of tax assement order printed from e mail?

    I need your valuable answer since i have to go tomorrow to PSK(i e..24.07.14)

    • Hi RKK,
      Sorry couldn’t reply earlier. You should disclose your old passport details and convert the application into passport reissue. Otherwise your passport will be impound and penalty imposed if and when RPO finds about your old passport.

  231. Hi Manish,
    I have applied for re-issue of passport on 15-May-2013(14 months),I have got divorced & remarried.So applied for reissue to change surname,address & including spouse name.first time i got married & moved to UK ,then there i have applied for name change & there i got a passport in a month ,later after 3 years i got divorced & remarried .Now,I have applied for ressue with all docs adress proof(Aadhar card),Husbands passport,marriage certificate & court decree regarding divorce.starting police verification done quickly & cleared.then the status went to “your application under review at Regional passport”.How long does it take,why does it take so long .What can i do for quick clearence.can you please suggest me!!
    Thanks & Regards,

  232. hi what happened when address while making application gone wrong, instead of present permanent address is quoted, now adays no edit option is available, what to do

    • Hi Manish,

      This is indeed the third time I am coming up with a query for the only reason that I find this blog to be extremely helpful for any kind of passport issuance queries. It is active and appropriate.
      I am applying for a fresh passport for my parents. My father is a retired Government employee and my mother is a homemaker. It was only in July last year that my parents have shifted from Dehradun to New Delhi. What are the necessary documents required to apply for a fresh passport.
      Documents that are already available for my parents are as follows :-
      Voter Id card issued on the Delhi address
      1 years bank account passbook
      Electricity bill, On my father’s name of July 2013 and August 2014
      Father’s Pan Card No. (Dehradun Address)
      Passing certificate reflecting date of birth
      Graduation degree
      They don’t have a marriage certificate
      Is there any other document required.
      Also the voter card doesnot mention the floor(second floor) but I have added that in the passport application form, Is that ok?
      Please reply to the above queries.

      Arundhuti Banerjee

      • Hi Arundhuti,
        Greetings! Documents for your father’s application look fine. Small variation in address should not matter as you have utility bills and bank passbook as well. Make sure that the bank passbook is of approved bank as per passport department list. Your father can submit relevant annexure in lieu of marriage certificate. Best to apply under tatkal, once he receives his passport with spouse name endorsed, your mother can apply for her passport and submit your father’s passport as address proof along with annexure in lieu of marriage certificate. For applying under tatkal, verification certificate may be needed as well. If there is no hurry (you can wait for few months) then apply under normal without verification certificate.

  233. Hi Manish,

    I needed the passport on an urgent basis so i applied under Tatkal scheme. But i had some error in the name of my mother in the birth certificate because of which i was denied under tatkal scheme and i was asked to re-apply under Normal scheme.. I could not understand how that erroneous birth certificate would work in that case ? could you please help?

  234. Hi Manish,
    I have applied for passport and took in karnataka, but now i am working in Andhra pradesh, my passport is near to its renewal date, please can you suggest me, from where i can apply and choose center. Can i apply form Andhra pradesh else i have to move karnataka.


  235. Hi Manish,
    Should we upload necessary documents on the website?
    Or, is it enough, if i take original documents to PSK, on the appointment day?

    • Hi Prabarch, Last time I checked with PSK, they were not really checking the uploaded documents, so it is waste of time. Best to carry originals along with self attested photo copies to PSK.

  236. Hi manish,
    It’s a very informative article. Thank you.
    I have a query though, i had to get my passport while i was not in my hometown so i had to hire an agent for that. He applied online and i visited the PSK and attended the police enquiry.
    Now i got my passport and everything is ok in my passport. However when i asked my agent to give me my login id for portal, he said he can’t give me that as he used that id for other two passport applications too(as 3 applications can be made from a single account). Now i dont have any login id or anything but have my passport.
    Now my question is, Do i need that login id for any purpose in future? Will it be needed at the time of passport renewal or if i want to reissue a new passport with changes or if i lose my passport?
    Or should i not worry about it as that id can’t be used to make further applications?

    • Hi Guldhan,
      Login ID has no use after you get your passport. All the information submitted to PSK should be available in the form that was filled. You can ask the agent for a copy of the form for your records but it’s really not required.

  237. Is there a way of bringing forward the appointment by a few days under normal aalication process

    • No

  238. sir i applied for passport on 12 june2014 and got my police verification done on 26 june 2014. i received a sms stated that your passport printing was initiated on 04th july 2014.till now in the passport seva portal I’m having the same status that my passport printing is initiated.It’s been a month that my status is still the when will i get my passport?…I’m afraid that there may be any problem for the delay……..

    • It can take weeks depending on how busy your RPO is. Tatkal applicants are given preference. Also many RPOs are facing booklet shortage.

  239. Hi Manish,
    I have applied for re-issue of passport on 15-May-2013(14 months),I have got divorced & remarried.So applied for reissue to change surname,address & including spouse name.first time i got married & moved to UK ,then there i have applied for name change & there i got a passport in a month ,later after 3 years i got divorced & remarried .Now,I have applied for ressue with all docs adress proof(Aadhar card),Husbands passport,marriage certificate & court decree regarding divorce.starting police verification done quickly & cleared.then the status went to “your application under review at Regional passport”.How long does it take,why does it take so long .What can i do for quick clearence.can you please suggest me!!
    Thanks & Regards,


  241. Hi, Manish
    Thanks for such a detailed article.
    My passport validity has expired. Old passport was issued on my earlier address of Delhi now i have moved to mumbai and residing in a rented apartment since 9 months. but it is not fixed if i will live in the same apartment after three months. as i m looking for Re-issue of passport which address should i give in my application form i.e. my permanent address (delhi) or current address. what if i give my current address and it get changed in future, then will i be required to apply for reissue of passport again or can i travel abroad on the basis of same passport.

  242. Hi Manish,

    I took an appointment for the tatkal passport. But I could not get the verification certificate required for the tatkal application.

    Could you please advice if the tatkal quota application can be converted to normal quota application at PSK.

  243. Hi Manish…!!


    I’m having so many doubts. Actually my passport was damaged(going to expire by may 2015). so, i applied in normal way for reissue… my prob. is i’m having ECR on the old p.p it should be delete. & I applied for adding my spouse name & my house no. is also changed with my old p.p,…. but unfortunately, my mandal name is not there in the old one… So i attached my new & mandal name included id SBH Account Book, Adhar card also… but in Adhar also mandal name missing… Do i need to get transaction statement of SBH.?

    I applied in normal, but i applied for a visa, it is going to come within 1month… how many days it will take to get the reissue passport in normal with including Police enquiry..? is it necessary to have police verification again.?
    some people called for police verification after they getting the reissue of Passport.

    Is there any way to be change the normal to tatkal…?
    how many days it takes to have police verification after completing application process…?

    I’m in big confusion, tomorrow i’m having appointment…
    Could u please clarify all of questions…
    Thanks in advance…..

  244. Hello sir
    I resently applied for d passport n got d verification done at psk..but I got to know dat I have made a mistake in filling d district name of ma place of querry is can I rectify it in d police verification process?

    • Inform about the same when you visit PSK and get it rectified at counter A.

  245. Hi Manish

    My passport expired in Feb 2014. This was issued in Bhubaneswar Orissa. Currently I am residing in Bangalore for the last 2 years. In June I moved to a new rented house. I have a Gas connection in my name which shows my current address.

    I called the passport helpline and they said that I need to show address proof for last 1 year. I have a rent agreement for my previous address till 31.05.2014. I also made a new rent agreement for my current address which starts from 16.07.2014.

    Will this suffice to get my passport reissued. If not, what are the alternatives.

    I do not have any other residence proof for my previous address as mentioned in the passport website.

    Please help.

    • Rent agreement along with landlords utility bill copies should work. Do check with PSK / RPO once.

  246. Hi Manish,
    Is it possible to get reissued passport before verification by police is done?
    I got it without police verification.Shall I heed to police verification calls?
    Also wish to know when is the right time to initiate the reissue of passport e.g. 3 months or 6 months or 1 year before expiry? Does this affect the process of police verification? Because I got my passport without police verification but my friend still hasn’t got it although both were the case of reissue.

    • Hi Vikas,
      The receipt that you receive at the PSK clearly mentions whether police verification is required or not. If required whether it will be pre or post. In case of no police verification or post police verification, you will receive your passport before the verification is initiated. You can apply for reissue upto 1 year before the expiry of your existing passport. It doesn’t affect your verification in any way whether you apply 3 months or 1 year before expiry of passport.

  247. HI Manish,
    Please note my 1st passport was issued in the year of1997 & then reissued in the year of 2008 but my address was wrongly printed & corrected by hand written & stamped. But I came to know that hand written will not be accept from 2015 so I applied for reissue.
    Today I have received a letter from regional passport office regarding adverse police verification report & I met police verification officer.
    I born in the year of 1968 in DHANBAD, JHARKHAND ,in coal india quarter as because my maternal grandfather used to work in coal india. My grand father died 25yrs back & nobdy from my family is staying there.At the time of police verification I have given an affidavit that I have no birth certificate.. Last 42yrs I am staying in Kolkata.
    Kindly advice me how I can get my passport?

    • Hi Somnath,
      Check with RPO and Police for the reason of adverse report. Birth certificate is not required if you are born before 1989. If you don’t get a satisfactory reply you can file an RTI.

  248. Hi, Manish thank you very much for your valuable information, are doing really great thing than any Government service people , its true…
    I need small information my passport expired in next January, I have to apply for renewal in Vizag, I have bank pass book and voter Id card and pan card, are these enough to submit with application?

    how long time they will take to re issue new passport? with normal fees 1500
    Can I request them to get early renewal, will they accept my request? because I faced many problems to get my first pass port even I am a Central Govt. employee
    thank you very much

    • Dear Naadesh.
      Greetings! Thanks for your comments. Bank passbook of a PSU bank in the approved list is good enough for address proof. The bank list is mentioned on the passport website. Voter ID and PAN card should be good for ID proof. You may need clearance from Central govt. Do check that once if it is required in your case. Reissue under normal scheme can take 1 week to few months depending on how busy the RPO is. If you need your passport urgently best to apply under tatkal. If there are no changes in your particulars, then you will be issued a passport under post or no police verification.

  249. sir my name is gaurav,,i have applied for passport on 5 june 2014 and my pvr has been done on 5 july 2014…at my permanent address,,as iwas pursuing my be degree in chennai,,,so last 4 year i was in chennai.i have given all details regarding that,,but till now there is no any pvr done in chennai…today i got a letter from rpo patna that i have to pay penalty amount of rs1000 regrding some wrong informations.of my personal particulars,,,sir i dont know what to do because the are saying that i have to present,,, at patna rpo within 10 days otherwise my application got rejected…sir now after pvr i came to chennai again how can i come back very soon ,,,,can i come in october 2 week…or what can i do to solve this problem …please tell me sir

  250. Hi Manish – I need to apply for re-issue as it will expire soon. I need to change address. The problem is I lived outside India for 2 years and moved back to india only in end of May 2014. I am living in my new house for past 3 months only. Which address proof should I give? I believe they will accept only latest 1 year’s address for address proof which is outside India in my case. Can I give my native address instead?

    • Dear Sathish,
      I am not sure what documents should be provided for the 9 months. I think you will have to provide documents from overseas where you were based for 9 out of the past 12 months.

  251. I scheduled an apointment and had to change 2 times and at the third apointment i went to psk and there was dome correction on my birth certificate so they told me to correct it and come.. So i corrected it and when i logged into my account to get an sppointment it says that no apointment can be made as i had exceeded the limit.. Shoud i just go there and tell them or is there any other way to get an apointment? Please help really desperate to get my passport.

    • Hi Joel,
      Sorry to hear about your situation. Do check other comments on the blog. Few others had a similar issue and a detailed answer has been posted. Hope that helps you as well.

  252. Hi Manish,
    Thanks for your excellent blog which is helping several in getting their passports smoothly.
    I have a question regarding re-issue of passports: Whether a new passport number be issued on reissue for change of personal particulars. Also please clarify whether there will be any change in issue and expiry dates?


    • Hi Sathyanarayana
      Greetings! New passport will have a new passport number, current date of issue. Expiry date will be dependent on date of issue. Usually a 10 years validity passport is issued. Old passport details are mentioned on the last page of the new passport.

  253. Dear Mr. Manish Singh,

    Firstly, its indeed great that you have taken time out and briefed here about the passport application process.

    Well, my passport is due for renewal on 7th September’ 2014. My permanent address is of Ahmedabad and since last 3-4 years I have been working in Mumbai. I got married in February’ 2014 and we have got the marriage registration certificate.

    I stay in a rented flat and there is a registered agreement (along with Police Verification) for the same. This agreement is from 15th Nov’ 2013 to 14th Oct’ 2014.

    What would be the best document for me to provide as the address proof from the list of documents as mentioned on the passport website:

    As per my understanding I am required to submit atleast 1 of the documents listed below.
    1 Water Bill – Not on my name since its a rented flat.
    2 Telephone (landline or post paid mobile bill) – I am using Vodafone Post paid connection but the address on the bills is of my ex-employer.
    3 Electricity bill – Not on my name since its a rented flat.
    4 One year statement (with transactions)/ Passbook of running bank account (Public Sector Banks only) – I can give my IDBI Bank account, but again the address is of my ex-employer. However, I am still using my this account.
    5 Income Tax Assessment Order – N.A. as of now
    6 Election Commission Photo ID card – It was of Ahmedabad and it is lost.
    7 Proof of Gas Connection – I have HP Gas Cylinder on my name; address mentioned is of this rented flat.
    8 Certificate from Employer of reputed companies on letter head – Its a small private company, just a start up.
    9 Spouse’s passport copy (First and last page including family details), (provided the applicant’s present address matches the address mentioned in the spouses passport) – Do I have to take any NOC from my Father-in-Law for this? My wife’s passport doesn’t feature my name in her passport as of now.
    10 Applicant’s current and valid ration card – Is of Ahmedabad.
    11 Parent’s passport copy, in case of minors(First and last page) – N.A. as of now
    12 Aadhaar Card – I have but it is on my Ahmedabad address. Its issuance date is 17/10/2011. Should this be fine/suffice?
    13 Registered Rent Agreement (for a period of more than one year)- As mentioned above, the agreement is up for renewal on 14th Oct’ 2014. Should this be fine? Do I have to take any NOC from the landlord for this? By when the police verification will take place, what if by that time I may or may not stay at this same address?

    Please guide me on the above at the earliest. I also want to get my wife’s name added under the ‘Spouse Name’ field.

    Thanks & high regards,


  254. Hi Manish,

    I stay at Mira road, thane, maharashtra, at my parents house. My passport is of this address. My husband has a passport with native (ratnagiri, maharashtra) address. I have applied for my 1 year old baby’s passport with current address as my pasport, as all my pan card, aadhar card address is also of same, mira road.

    I have icici bank accnt which is not accepted. I have another bank account corporation bank which has my before marriage name. I can get it changed but.

    Can u tel me if the following documents will be enough:

    Electricity bill present and 1 yr back (my mother’s name)
    Gas connection bill present and 1 yr back (my mother’s name)
    My husband and my passport copy
    My husband and my pan card copy
    My aadhar card copy
    Baby birth certificate
    Society letter stating i staying with my parents
    Bank statement of corporation bank
    Baby two photographs
    Ration card (my name alreadTy there, baby name not there)
    Husband native ration card
    Flat contract papers (owned by my parents name)

    Apart from all these, do i need to get affidavit of my parents stating that i stay with them? Please let me know wats the process if yes…

  255. Hi Manish,

    I stay at Mira road, thane, maharashtra, at my parents house. My passport is of this address. My husband has a passport with native (ratnagiri, maharashtra) address. I have applied for my 1 year old baby’s passport with current address as my pasport, as all my pan card, aadhar card address is also of same, mira road.

    I have icici bank accnt which is not accepted. I have another bank account corporation bank which has my before marriage name. I can get it changed but.

    Can u tel me if the following documents will be enough:

    Electricity bill present and 1 yr back (my mother’s name)
    Gas connection bill present and 1 yr back (my mother’s name)
    My husband and my passport copy
    My husband and my pan card copy
    My aadhar card copy
    Baby birth certificate
    Society letter stating i staying with my parents
    Bank statement of corporation bank
    Baby two photographs
    Ration card (my name already there, baby name not there)
    Husband native ration card
    Flat contract papers (owned by my parents name)

    Apart from all these, do i need to get affidavit of my parents stating that i stay with them? Please let me know wats the process if yes…

  256. Hi ,
    My friend is reissuing his passport. He was working as an architect in goa for last 2 years and has shifted back to delhi where he lives with his brother in a rented apartment. His brother has been living there since a year and my friend just moved in there 4 months back.The rent agreement is on his brothers name. My friend had a govt bank account in goa which he transffered to delhi branch now he has a govt (salary ) bank account in delhi as an address proof..he has his driving liscense which has his old address and he will reissue it with the address on with just these two documents – bank statement and liscense can he get his passport done smoothly? He dosent have any other document. The electricity bills are on the landlord’s name. Also if the bank statement reflects tht he was in goa for 2 years and has been in delhi only since last 4 months will that be a problem? Please help!

    • Hi Riddhi,
      He will have to declare all addresses where he has stayed for past 12 months. Since he has been living in Delhi only for past 4 months, he will have to declare goa address as well. If cops find out later, they will send a negative report and he may be liable for prosecution and penalty under the passport Act. If the passport is not urgent, I would recommend that he wait another 8 months and builds his document list. These could include bank statement, rent agreements, ITR copy, Aadhar card, Ration card etc. once he has sufficient documents he can proceed with the application.

      • It is actually urgent..u mean to say that the with the bank statement and the documents he has it may or maynot be possible to clear the passport process? He will produce the documents tht he stayed and worked in goa..but before he left goa he was in delhi for 7 years but he lived in another rented house..will producing the rent agreements of the previous houses he stayed in help? Please can you guide? Is staying longer in the rented house the only option?

        • Hi Riddhi,
          All that matters is where he stayed in last 12 months. Before that whether he stayed in Delhi or any other city is immaterial. A bank statement may be enough to get the passport process going at PSK. However I am pretty sure that Police verification will be a hassle. And he will have to go through the police verification at both Delhi and Goa. So he will require address proof for each location. PAN card is an ID proof and not address proof. You can use the document advisor tool on the passport website for complete and accurate list of documents for your specific case. Every passport application is different and whether your friend will be successful with his application or not we can only come to know after he goes through the process. Rent agreements in the name of passport holder which are registered under Section 17 of Registration Act and are valid for more than 1 year are accepted as a proof of address. Since your friend is staying with his brother, this may not work as the rent agreement is in his brother’s name. He can try and submit an affidavit and make his brother also submit an affidavit for Passport and police verification. But apart from that he best option would be to wait another 8 months and build his documents in the meantime.

          • Hi manish,
            My friend was able to get through the psk process! They were fine with just the bank statement..luckily for my friend he hadnt printed in the bank passbook while in once he got his bank address changed to the current one he printed the passbook and it printed of the entire year! Thank you for your help!

  257. hi,
    i had enquired earlier about my friend, i forgot to mention that he also has a pan card as proof.
    awaiting your reply!

  258. Also will it be beneficial if he takes his brothers passport copy and the rent aggrement (brothers name) along too? Does he need to take address proof that he lived n worked in goa? Please sir your help will be really appreciated.
    Thank you

  259. Hi Manish,

    Thank you for your excellent blog and helping the society.
    I have a couple of concerns. Please guide.

    Background :-
    I am married since 2.5 years, but my passport is on my maiden name along with my previous address.
    All my major documents such as Aadhar card, Pan Card, Bank Account are in my New Married Surname.
    My Passport expires in March 2015.
    My husband has applied for a H1B Visa which would be coming through by end of OCT 2014, so I would be going on H4 visa ( dependant )
    My previous passport was issued in Mumbai and currently also for reissue would be Mumbai.

    The Problem :
    – I have to reissue my passport before Oct 2014. I need to change my surname/ address – add husband’s name and as well extend the validity.
    ( Can both things can happen together ? )
    – Should I just extend the validity of my passport for now ? ( however major current documents are in my new married surname )
    – How much time would it take to get a passport reissued ?
    – Online website says that I am not eligible for Tatkaal ? ( Is it so because I am trying to do both things together ?)
    – Do I need a police verification ?

    Please help, as I am in a terrible fix and very short on time.

    Appreciate all the help.

    Thank you.

    • Hi,
      Changing surname, address and adding spouse name can all happen at the same time. It is recommended that your spouse has your name (with updated surname) added in his passport. This will make your application process relatively simple. However since you have address and ID proof in new name/address, it is not compulsory to get your name added in his passport. You will need to submit a copy of your old passport, marriage certificate, Aadhar and bank statement. You can check the document advisor tool for any other documents that may be needed. You can certainly apply under tatkal. Not sure why the website says you can’t. Generally change of name applicants can’t apply under tatkal. However if the change of name is due to marriage and only the surname is getting changed then applications are allowed under tatkal. You will receive your passport in 2-3 days after visiting PSK. Police verification will be conducted post receiving the passport. It is possible to get your passport reissued before October.

  260. hello,
    i applied for passport and my police verification is also got over but when i check my status its shows physical police verification is pending at ur respective station, so what should i do now.i even enquired in police station they are saying they have sended. pleasereply ASAP

    • Hi Manish,

      While I was filling my mother in law’s passport application form I had come across “Have you ever changed your name?” & “have you ever been known by other names?”. I replied no. However my mothers maiden name was different. Only her surname changed after marriage. This is a case of reissue of passport as her passport is due to expire in January. Her passport has her my father in laws’s surname on it. We have already made the payment and taken an appointment. We have all the necessary documents. I hope this will not create a problem. Also if we realize that minor mistakes have been made in the passport application form after submission and payment, IS it possible to make changes later, maybe in the passport office itself on the day of appointment?

      Arundhuti Banerjee

      • Hi
        The name issue won’t be a problem. For any correction make sure to inform the person at PSK. All changes will happen at counter A. Beyond that no changes are allowed.

    • Local police may have sent the report to CID office which may take few weeks to submit the report to passport authorities. If the passport is urgent you should visit CID office and get the process expedited.

  261. Hi Manish,

    I applied for re-issue/ renewal of passport as my passport was due to expire by Mar 2015. I approached PSK and submitted all relevant documents. Police verification has been done and everything was cleared. Now after a period of 40 day I am still not in receipt of passport till date. on approaching the passport office, I was told to produce the old passports and the old passports were scrutinised thoroughly. The passport officer entered details of a particular passport in the computer and told that there was some problem and asked me to visit next week. I was a resident of Tamil Nadu before settling down at Bangalore before seven years. Now I remembered that while in Tamil Nadu, I was involved in a money transaction which I could not settle and fled the state without telling anyone. Now I suspect that may be a case to the effect has been filed against me as the old passport in question bears the address where the said unsettled transaction took place. Now am I liable to be arrested in this regard or please advise me as to how should I approach the subject matter now?

    • Hi Yusuf,
      You can check with the relevant courts in your previous address to see if any case has been filed against you. If there are criminal cases pending against you, then they have to be declared in the application and court permission is required before passport can be reissued. Whether you can liable to be arrested will depend on the sections under which the cases have been filed and whether arrest warrant is pending against you. It is best to settle the case with other party before proceeding with passport reissue.

  262. My passport expiry date still have 1 year & 11 Months but validity for work permit should be min 2 years. I should renew my passport. Kindly advise

  263. Hi Manish,
    I wanted to apply for a passport for myself and my 2 kidz and also re-issue my husband’s passport . So I wanted to know if any possibilities where we all can apply and also get an appointment together. Kindly suggest me what can be done. Thanx for all your help in advance.

    • Hi Deeba,
      When I had applied for my passport that time there was no concept of family appointment. However some visitors to this blog have suggested that it is now possible to get family appointments. It is best to check with PSK helpline about this. You can certainly apply for all passports together. However if your husband and you have a passport with spouse name endorsed then kids are issued tatkal passport without any police verification. If passports are not urgent you may take this route. Apply for your and husband’s passport first and after receiving it, apply for your kids passports.

  264. please clarify me weather driving license is a valid document for reissue of passport. also advise me wheather we should complete one year in the present address if there is a change

  265. Hi, I’m a student , I’ve been issued my passport but my surname is misspelled in it with a single alphabet. So I was asked to apply for reissue of my passport, and do I need to again get my original certificates such as custodian, conduct certificates to re issue my passport?

  266. my father applied for a fresh passport and it was sent by passport officer through india post.but ,unfortunately it was lost in hands of india post before it reached to me in month of janauary, please help me sir iam not getting any solution to get my passport.

    • Hi Naresh.
      Passports are never lost. If undelivered they are sent back to RPO. What does India post website say about the delivery status? Have you intimated the post office, RPO about the issue. In case the passport was delivered and lost at your end, then you will have to apply for reissue of passport.

  267. My passport cover is a bit upside down the pages of my passport is out when i got it will it cause me a problem

  268. As i was told by a friend it can cause me visa rejection as it may be considered as tampering of passport

  269. Dear Manish,
    Greetings. Hope you are doing great. Here I need your kind assistance regarding delivery of my Passport. Recently I have applied for re issuance of my passport on normal basis in Mumbai from a rented house. My documentation process in PSK along with Police Verification has been done smoothly last month. Now my lease agreement period will be over by 31st October 2014 and I need to relocate to a new residential address. How long it takes time to receive Passport in hand after PV? If I don’t receive my Passport in hand during my stay period i.e. till 31st October then what are the steps I need to take for my Passport to be delivered at my new residential address without any difficulties. Your assistance will surely help me out. Please help.

    • Hi Priya,
      Greetings! It can take 2-3 weeks for police to update your verification details with RPO. Once this is done, the passport will be dispatched in a few days depending on the backlog. 31 October looks a little tight. I would recommend that you follow up with police to make sure your papers are sent to Police HQ. once at HQ, you can follow up with them to clear your file and update RPO website. All this is possible to achieve in 7-10 days. Once your police report is updated, you can visit the RPO and request converting your application to tatkal by paying the additional fees. In tatkal, you will receive your passport in 2-3 days. The other option is to extend your lease by a few months. In case the passport delivery happens after you have moved out, the passport will be sent back as undelivered. You can also check with the post office and the concerned postman and take delivery at post office. If all of the above fail and the passport is sent back and you need delivery at your new address then you will have to apply for reissue of passport.

  270. Dear Manish, I would also like to know though my PV has been done, my application status is showing physical police verification is pending. I didn’t understand this. After PV what is the nest procedure to follow? I am waiting for your suggestion. I am willing to know the system of the same.
    Thanks and regards

  271. Hi Manish,

    Subject: Passport Impounded due to adverse police verification report.

    I’ve got an serious issue and seeking for guidance/help from you.

    I am a permanent employee working overseas. During my last visit to India (Apr 2013) I’ve applied for Spousal name addition in regional passport office, Coimbatore, Tamilnadu with my permanent address proof and re-issued with a new passport. My old passport was cancelled and retuned back to me. I’ve travelled back to overseas the next week I got the new passport. Post police verification has happened after I left India and an adverse report has been sent to passport office. After that passport office has sent series of letters till date asking to surrender the passport and seeking explanation why the last one year address was suppressed. I provided justification for not being there during police verification and reason for giving the permanent address proof. I’ve also sent the overseas address proof and visa stamped pages proving my overseas travel and my presence in overseas during the police verification.

    Finally last week I’ve got a letter from passport office asking me to apply for a fresh application followed today a new letter stating “It has been decided to impound the passport so request you submit the passport to the passport office with immediate effect”.

    Here are my questions and concerns,
    1. If I surrender the passport, will I be able to re-apply for new passport?
    2. If so, How long it would take me to get the new passport over normal/tatkal process?
    3. How can I travel with the new passport, as my visa stamped pages are in the impounded passport and I afraid the impounded one will not be given to me
    4. In applying new passport, I’ve the risk of losing my job if the passport process takes more than a month and I cannot report to my work on time.
    5. Considering all the above points and risks involved, what would happen if I simply pass through the immigration check to and from India? Will I get caught? Does the immigration officers check only the visa stamped pages or do they scan the passports every time we travel?

    I’m very much confused and not getting any clues to sort out the issue. I am looking for some help/guidance to solve this issue. HELP PLEASE!!!

    Thanks for reading,

    • Hi Varatha — I am in a similar situation where RPO has asked for further clarification on why I supressed information but I don’t live in India anymore. What was the outcome of your situation? Please share!

  272. Hi Manish,
    Please help me with an early reply as I need it for my kids school admission purpose.

    My pre marriage passport has expired this March 14. So can I apply for reissue?
    Few other information I seek from you are;

    I need few personal info changes as I am married now as follows:

    (1) Name change ( I have my marriage certificate)
    (2) Addition of spouse name ( I have his original passport with me)
    (3) Update the address as the building has undergone redevelopment. ( I have just my voters card with the updated address)
    (4) Change of signature.

    Now few of my doubts are:
    (1) Can I continue with my paternal address on my passport or is it mandatory to change to husbands permanent address?
    (2) Can I apply for new passport for my kid ( 3 yr old ) along with my reissue to avoid 2 visits to office?
    (3) Can I carry my address in my kids passport with the consent of his father?
    (4) If I apply for online passport tomorrow, how many days does it take under normal scheme to receive the passport?

    • Hi Archana,
      You can apply for a passport reissue upto 1 year from expiry of your passport.
      For changes #1, #2, #3 – marriage certificate along with spouse passport should be good enough (provided the spouse passport address is the one you want on your passport).
      For #4- refer to the document advisor tool to check if any annexures are required.

      Coming to your questions
      #1 – If you are staying with your parents, then you can continue with the same address. An affidavit from your parents about the same should be good enough. If you are not staying with your parents, then it is not a good idea as police will see through this easily.
      #2 – Yes you can apply for kids passport along with your own passport reissue. However if parents do not have updated passports with spouse name endorsed, then the kid has to go through the police verification process. Hence it is recommended that your spouse and you both get your passports reissued and endorse each others name in respective passports under spouse name and then apply for issue of your child’s passport under tatkal. Your child will receive his/her passport in 2-3 days without police verification.
      #3 – Kid can take the address mentioned in the parent’s passport. No special consent is required from the parent. They just have to sign the relevant annexure which is part of the application process. Refer the document advisor tool on passport website for the annexure details.
      #4 – There is no fixed timeline. But usually 6 to 12 weeks in normal scheme.

  273. In addition to the above details,
    (a) my husband has not added my name as spouse in his passport, is that a concern?
    (b) Is it mandatory to have white background photo for my 3 yr old kids application photo?

    • #a – It is not a concern but if spouse name is endorsed, getting the child’s passport becomes easier. Also you can use the passport copy in-lieu of marriage certificate at many places (visa applications etc) if the spouse name is endorsed. Whenever he gets his passport reissued, he will have to declare the spouse name and leaving it blank would be considered concealment of information and could attract penalty under Passport Act.
      #b – You can check the specification of the photo for children on the passport website FAQ section. These guidelines keep changing all the time.

  274. Hi Manish,

    In my passport my photograph is bit faded, should I apply for reissue of the passport.

  275. In my passport spouse name is mentioned, so at the time of Reissue of New Passport is it mandatory to carry marriage certificate?

    • It is recommended that you carry the marriage certificate or relevant annexure in-lieu of marriage certificate. The old passport cannot be taken as proof for either identity, address or marital status during the reissue process.

      • Manish Thanks for your time.
        Currently I dont have marriage certificate & also not possible to arrange marriage certificate.
        Also in the annexure/affidavit it is written that Affidavit for Re-issue of passport, which was obtained prior to marriage and my passport was issued after marriage.
        Also my passport is still valid & not expired.
        So please advice will they still ask for Affidavit or marriage certificate.
        Also my home town is Bhopal & since last 4 Yrs staying in Gurgaon so will it be better to apply
        from my home town or it does not make any difference.

        • Manish,
          Can you please reply to my query.

          • You should apply from the place where you can currently based. In your case it will be Gurgaon.

        • Hi,
          I don’t think I understand your question. Marriage certificate or Annexure in-lieu of marriage certificate is required for getting the spouse name added in your passport. Your current passport’s validity has no bearing on this process. Hope that helps.

  276. Hi Manish,

    I think you are doing great job answering questions from people, My passport is getting expired in Aug2015, so applying for renewal got the PSK date as of 18-Sep-14, in last 12 months 8 month i was outside India and 4 months in India.
    I am also adding the spouse name in the passport, and my present address would be different than the previous address in passport.

    Following are my questions:
    1) What documents i can show as proof of address ( I have Registered rent agreement only for last 4 months and electricity bill in land lord name is that sufficient?
    2) Do i need to produce address proof for last 12 months I have rent agreement for UK house I have rented will that suffice

    3) Weather Police verification will happen Post passport issue or before itself
    4) How long will the whole passport reissue process might take

    • Hi Uday,
      Since your passport is going to expire in August 2015, I would recommend that you wait for 8 months more and complete 1 year at the current address. That way reissue would be less of a hassle. If that does not work for you, then you can go ahead with the reissue right now as well. Just that they will require verification of addresses that you have stayed in last 12 months.

      Coming to your questions
      #1 – Registered rent agreement which is signed for more than a year (11 months rent agreements wont work) can be submitted as a proof of address. For complete list of address proof documents, check the document advisor tool on passport website.
      #2 – Yes, proof for UK stay is required. Rent agreement along with some utility bills should be fine. I don’t know how they conduct the verification for foreign addresses, may be through embassy. Best to check with PSK.
      #3 – Most probably post verification.
      #4 – Tatkal: 2-3 days, Normal: 10 – 30 days (post verification), 6-12 weeks (pre verification)

  277. Indian Passport Impounded – Help Please !!!

    Hi Friends,

    I’m looking for a suggestion/help for the critical issue I am facing,

    I am an Indian citizen working in Ireland since August 2012. In 2013 April I went to India for vacation and applied for spousal name addition in my passport at Regional passport office, Coimbatore, Tamilnadu. Unknowingly I’ve given my permanent native address as the address proof for last one year. As I’ve applied in tatkal I’ve received the new passport with in 2 days and travelled back to Ireland. Post police verification has happened and adverse report has been sent to passport office in December 2013 stating I’ve suppressed the last one year address. Since then I’ve been getting series of letters from them asking explanation and I’ve been trying to explain the situation stating the reason by giving them my stay proof in India and Ireland and paid the penalty of 5000 on April 2014. I thought that was final.

    But now after 4 months, I’ve received a letter stating “my passport has been impounded and asked to surrender with immediate effect”. When called upon the passport office they said re-verification will happen once the passport is surrendered. But they cannot guarantee the time it will take for the whole process.

    I’ve the following questions in mind.

    1. If I plan for a travel to India as my passport is impounded, Will it be seized at Indian airport?
    2. Out of last one year address, first 3 months were spent in Bangalore and rest 9 months in Ireland. I haven’t stayed in my native. So wondering where the re-verification will happen ?

    I’m totally confused and looking for help from someone who has experienced similar issue or who has heard similar situation in past. Any information on this would be of a great help.

    Thanks for reading,

  278. Can Indian embassy be of any help in this matter ?

  279. Hi Manish,

    I have applied for passport reissue today in Pune, The passport officer have marked as Pre Police verification, The only changes is in my present address, so police verification will happen only at present address or will it happen at Permanent address as well.

    I was expecting Post PVR , not sure how long it will take for new passport to arrive.

    • Hi Uday
      Police verification only happens at the addresses where you have lived in past 12 months. If you have lived at your current address for more than 12 months, then police verification will happen at current address only.

  280. hello sir,

    seems to be a very helpful blog. just required some information. i have applied for reissue of passport due to marriage (changes in surname and address). In my application form i have not mentioned my middle name so is it possible to make those changes.

    also is a letter from my company more than enough for address proof. please advise.

    • Hi Dielle,
      Greetings! You can make changes in the application form at PSK at Counter A. Just inform the person who issues token about the changes and they will note it on your file. At counter A, they will ask you to confirm all the details. For complete list of documents, do check the document advisor tool on the passport website. A letter from your company will work as an address proof if your company is a public limited company. Here is the quote from Passport website “Only public limited companies can give address proof on company letter head along with seal. Computerised print-outs shall not be entertained.”

  281. My ARN receipt is not generating in passport site to print it i am trying not happening anything can i get entry if i dont hav it plz give soln to it

  282. hello sir

    I have received a massage that police has submitted Adverse report for your current address now what should I do please suggest me

    Shivraj singh mehar

    • Hi Shivraj,
      Greetings! Sorry to hear about your problem.

      Contact RPO and Police to find out the reason for adverse report and take corrective steps based on the suggestion received from RPO.

  283. Sir,
    I have a correction at surname in aadhar card only one letter.I applied for correction at me seva.Is it possible to apply for passport with that receipt of newly applied addharcard. It is necessary to submit my passport at joining in a job.please reply soon.
    Thank you.

  284. Hi,
    I am applying for the reissue of passport. I already have submitted documents and appointment is due for the next month. I was not married when i got my fresh passport, but now i am married and i have mentioned my spouse name in online passport application. My spouse has got my name endorsed in her passport and her name includes my name as she got her passport after marriage. I just wanted to know that what are all the documents required in this case. I know only for reissue i need my original passport. I do have the marriage certificate and my spouse’s passport.
    Are these sufficient as required documents? Please advise.
    Also please let me know if my spouse needs to be present at PSK or it is fine if i carry her passport?

    • Hi Trivedi,
      Best to check the document advisor tool on passport website for accurate list of documents relevant for your particular case. In order to get the spouse name added in your passport, marriage certificate is sufficient. If there are other details that are changing (address, signature, etc), then supporting documents for the same will also be required.

  285. Hi Manish,

    Really appreciate your all efforts helping people to resolve their passport related issues.

    I have completed the police verification with local police station and they have sent the file to Commissioner of Police Office and today the Status is changed to ‘Adverse Police verification’ report has been submitted for your application.

    I have no idea why does that happened, I mentioned this to Police officer that i was not in India for 8 months from last 12 months and he said it should be fine no issues on that front.

    But I am surprised after seeing this message today on my mobile that Adverse PVR is submitted for your application, I am not sure if this is done by local police station or by CP office.

    Please suggest me what would be next course of action I might have to take to resolve this issue,

    • Hi Uday,
      Sorry to hear about your situation. If police verification is pending for your overseas address then by default “Adverse” report is shown at Passport office. This doesn’t mean that local police sent an adverse report. It just means they have verified your details for 4 months and the balance 8 months is pending. This is provided you did mention your oversea address in the passport application. In case you did not mention this detail in your application, you are likely to receive a show cause notice and proceedings under Passport Act for suppressing information.

      • Thanks Manish , this helps, yes I have mentioned in my passport application that I was outside India for few months in the last One year, now how this 8 months verification will take place, what next step I should take to get this moving, should I take my overseas Rent agreement and HR letter from my company , also my passport has stamp from immigration authorities, planning to keep them as a proof, please suggest what should be next step for me

  286. Thanks, Very good, updated and relevant information.

  287. My query is as follows.

    1.I want to correct spelling mistake error in mother surname. (extra “A” albhabet)
    2. I want to add my spouse name.
    3. I want to correct spelling mistake in residential address.

    Problem is 1. What is the procedure.
    2. Will my passport number be same after re-issue? I want to keep same number, any chancess are there??

  288. Hi Manish. Great inputs.. A quick query from my end. My passport is due to expire in 6 months and i am looking to renew it before it gets too late. but the catch is, i moved houses last month and i do not majorly have many address proofs to support. However, i do have ration card and gas connection bill changed to the current address. Would that do?

    Thanks in advance!

  289. Dear Mr Manish,
    Its a great service and advice you are providing and giving information not available otherwise.
    I am a retired central government officer (with pension) and am not working currently. I need to change address of my current passport (issued from Bareilly U.P and expiring in Nov 2016) to my present address in Ghaziabad. I stay in a rented flat for last over five years.
    As address proof, I have Bharat Gas (BPCL) LPG Gas connection booklet and all bills of refill, However the locality name is misspelled as Indrapuram instead of Indirapuram, and city name is abbreviated as GZB instead of Ghaziabad. Will it be accepted? Secondly I have an Airtel Landline connection and have current and some bills of previous years (over a year old) with correct address details. Will Airtel Landline Telephone Bills be accepted or they want only BSNL ones? I do have my rent agreement photocopies of last three years (original kept with owner who stays in Dehradun) and all electricity Bills in owner’s name, but with similar spelling errors as in my Gas Bills. Current agreement expire on 31 Dec 2014.
    Kindly advise, if any of above or all would be accepted as my current proof.
    Also, are there chances that Police Enquiry would be waved off in my case being ex Govt employee with PPO?
    Your reply and advise on these matters would be highly solicited.
    Rahul Pandey

  290. Hi Manish, have to admit this is a good FAQ for passport applicants. Really appreciate it.

    I had seen your replies on permanent and present addresses. My doubt is regarding the references. I stay in bangalore for rent and have permanent address in trivandrum, kerala. As I have to renew my passport, I am planning to get it done in trivandrum itself. And I had understood from your previous replies that I need to provide present address along with the permanent address. However, in this case, for the references should I provide references from trivandrum or bangalore?

    Also if in case police would be verifying references provided in bangalore, and the references are not present in their home during the time they visit, I assume I will have to take the references to the police station to complete the verification process, right? In which case what documents should the references bring along, as these reference also stay for rent and may have only rental agreement and mobile bill or bank statement as address proof. And no govt issued id proofs with their current address. So would this be sufficient.

    • Adding to the above. When I try applying in Trivandrum PSK with the present address as bangalore and permanent address as Trivandrum, the error pops up saying I have to select bangalore RPO as the present address selected is bangalore. However, appointment is available in bangalore only for december while my passport expires by nov 16th. At the same time appointment in Trivandrum is available this week itself. Pls advise.

  291. Dear Sir,
    My Son was born outside India,got an Indian passport issued by the consulate there.After that he has had 2 passports issued in India,now when he is turning 18 I filled in the online form but they are not accepting it in Tatkal option.I need the passport on urgent basis.Please advise.

  292. thanks for the info

  293. i applied for re-issue passpoer for ECNR but current and parmanent adress is change so pl tell me here police varification required or not & how many times it will takes by tatkal system..

  294. i apply my passport last month19th and i get call to this month 9th for police verification and i gone there police told your application form your name is spelling mistake you can fix appointment and go again your passport kendra and change your name after you come here like that he told then i called my passport kendra office they told when we get police report after then only we can say what you want to do you can wait like that officers told now i want to get passport quickly what can i do now please tell me

  295. Hi Manish ,

    Thanks for detailed application process . I have a question , i am staying in U.S for the past 2 years on H1B , my passport is expiring on april 2015 , i am traveling to india on december 4 th and want to apply for passport renewal there , i have voter ID , but the telephone bill , utility is under my father’s name can i use them as address proof ? I am planning to come back on dec 29 , how much time wil it take for the processing ? Will i be eligible to apply for tatkal ?


    • Hi Kartheek,
      Greetings! You can use the document advisor tool on the passport website to get the accurate list of documents that are accepted for passport reissue. Do not forget to mention your overseas address. I would recommend that you postpone your travel to India and get your passport reissue at the Indian embassy in U.S. as that may be faster. Whether you can apply under Tatkal will depend on your status. Check the document advisor tool and it will guide you whether Tatkal application is possible. If Tatkal is possible you may get the passport in 2-3 days and police verification will happen after that.



  297. Hi Manish,
    This is emergency
    my passpoet got wet due to some reasons, everything in passport was fine, as i dried it, only few water marks were left in the middle pages, photo is fine too
    do i need to have a re issue ? if do , then i need what documents need to be taken ?

    i very much appreciate your help

    • Hi Venkat
      It is recommended that you apply for reissue of passport for passport damage. There is additional fee apart from the reissue fee that must be paid. If the identification pages are intact, you may be able to apply under tatkal. If you continue to hold the damaged passport, many countries may refuse to grant a visa on a damaged passport. You can use the document advisor tool on passport website to know the exact list of documents in your specific case.

  298. Hello i am from delhi….i applied for a passport where i submitted all my documents…the problm is that…my birth certificate has the wrong dob on it…all other documents have the correct dob.. i didnt know this would matter…as most people have wrong dob on their certificate…now i am nt able to get my passport…is their any way i can get it done now or can i file for a new passport? Please help….

    • Dear Khushi,

      Greetings! Sorry to hear about your situation. If you are born in or after 1989, then the only document accepted for birth date verification is a birth certificate. If you are born before 1989, then school/college leaving certificate will also work.

      If you are born after 1989 then you will have to get your date of birth corrected in your birth certificate. There is no other way to fix the situation. At least none that I am aware of. I don’t know how you have concluded that most people have wrong date of birth mentioned on their birth certificate. I would probably conclude the opposite.

  299. Hi Manish,

    I am looking for suggestion to apply new passport for my finance. Currently I am working in UK,my wedding date is Feb 25th 2015,i will be in India for 7 weeks from Feb15th – April 4th. At the moment my fiance doesn’t hold Indian passport. As per tradition we would like to change her surname after marriage. As i have almost 2 months before wedding date, we are thinking of applying for passport on her maiden name with her parent’s address under normal category, and after marriage with marriage certificate we want to apply for Reissue of passport with only Change name under tatkal option. After we got the passport i have to apply for UK visa, this will take at least 2 to 3 weeks. If every thing goes smooth we will travel together to UK on April 4th. Is it not necessary to have her surname changed for UK visa.

    Could you please clarify my questions?

    1) Is it possible apply for Reissue of passport with Change name under tatkal option? if yes, what are the supporting documents i need to provide to eligible for Tatkal?

    2) While i am applying for Re issue of passport, do i need to change the permanent address to my parents address? Is it Ok to keep her parent’s address? At the moment my passport does not have correct permanent address?

    • Dear Durga,
      Greetings! And Congratulations on your wedding.

      I would recommend that your fiancée applies for her passport right now under tatkal (if she has necessary documents) or normal category in her maiden name. After marriage, arranging for a marriage certificate and then getting her passport reissued could be an issue because her name is not endorsed on your passport and the address mentioned on your passport has other issues. Also the short duration of your stay in India means you have a very tight deadline.

      I would therefore recommend that your fiancée applies for a UK visa with her maiden name passport and produce the marriage certificate for marriage proof. Do check with UK embassy if this is OK. From my personal experience, it should be fine because I know of similar cases where UK visa was issue on maiden name on production of marriage certificate.

      At a later date (on your next trip or in Indian embassy in UK), you can first get your passport reissued with correct address and add your spouse name. After this your spouse can get her passport reissued in her new name and give your passport copy along with marriage certificate for address proof. The UK visa (provided it has not expired) will remain valid so long as she carries both her old and new passport.

      To answer your specific questions
      1) Yes it is possible to apply under tatkal for change of surname due to marriage. For exact list of documents, best to check the document advisor tool on passport website.
      2) She cannot keep her parents’ address on her passport on reissue unless she can prove that she is staying with her parents after marriage. Her father can give an affidavit for such a claim but obviously it will be a false affidavit and can land everyone involved in lot of trouble. Also the police is unlikely to clear her verification on parents’ address even with such an affidavit.

      Hope that helps.

      • Thanks Manish, that’s really helpful, it gives me so much relief.

        I will prefer to go for the passport with her maiden name, and change the surname after we come back to UK. I have one more question about tatkal, do we need to have any specific reason to apply under tatkal?Because i heard from someone we need to get a letter from SI ( I am not quite sure the designation of the police officer), stating the reason for tatkal quote. I know one scenario where if you are travelling to abroad on a business trip you can apply under tatkal by getting a letter from the employer.

        When i check the document advisory tool on passport website, it did not mentioned any documentation about tatkal. It will be helpful if you have some information.

        • And one more question, while submitting Graduation certificate for NON ECR, does the certificate should have Date of birth details? We already have birth certificate for Date of birth proof.

          • Hi Durga,

            You don’t need to give any reasons to apply under tatkal. But the number of documents required are more (identity certificate etc) and the there is additional fee to be paid. You can get the details on the passport website. Make sure to select tatkal when checking the document list using the advisory tool. The graduation certificate is not required to have candidate’s date of birth. You are submitted it for non-ECR status and not for date of birth. Even with all the required documents it is still upto the passport officer whether he/she grants the passport under tatkal or not. The same will be mentioned on the receipt that you get when you leave the PSK.

  300. Hello sir friend got ecr stamp on his passport as submitted all documents and shown them the original but when we go to airport they found that name on passport is not matching slightly as on visa (actual-ananta kumar sing) (on visa-ananta kumra singh). So company sended us a new corrected printed visa but this time also it was rejected by airport athority because new visa number is not same as previous visa number its a whole new visa with a different number but application number is same as previous. Please reply me what should i do now.

  301. Hi Manish,

    I would like to inform your the blog has been very informative and I thank you for taking the time to sharing your experience .

    I have couple of queries which i would like to get some clarification .

    1. The process you mentioned was for Mumbai PSK . i would like to know whether these would be the same for the Thane PSK too ? Since my current passport is issued in Mumbai and i have changed my residence to New bombay. will this cause issue.
    2. You mentioned that Bank statements are allowed. do I need to get offical bank statements from the bank and get it attested from the bank . Or can i take print outs of the my banks statement online and get it attested from the bank statement ? Are ICICI and Kotak bank not recognized ?
    3. Electricity & Telephone bill are not in my name . they are on my mother and brother name respectively . can i still show those as proof identity. Only proof i have from my current address is my aadhar card.
    4. you mentioned e- bills are not allowed. but can i take the prints out of the electricity & telephone bills and get it attested ?
    5. Would there be need for police verification since i am re issuing my passport for the purpose of adding Spouse name and change of address.
    6. Can i apply for my son passport at the same time i am applying for my passport .



    • Hi Jamesh


      1. I don’t know the process at Thane PSK. I guess the only way to find out is to actually visit and let us all know. Change of address will not be an issue in the passport reissue.

      2. Better to get the bank statement from the bank rather than print online and then take bank stamp. List of authorised banks are mentioned on the passport website (link is also in the blog). No private sector banks are accepted as far as I know.

      3. If utility bills are not in your name then they are of no use at PSK. During police verification they can still be helpful but not with passport authorities.

      4. E-Bills are not accepted. Attestation doesn’t matter.

      5. It is upto the passport officer to decide whether to send your case for police verification. Based on the experience, since address is changed, police verification will be required. If your old police report is clear, then you may get your passport reissued under post verification but no-verification is unlikely.

      6. Yes you can. However it is recommended that you first get your passport with spouse name added and then submit your passport copy for your son’s passport. That way, he can avoid the police verification. If you don’t submit your passport copy, then your son will have to go through police verification.

  302. Dear Manish ,

    Thank you for the vital info about passport application process.

    We are facing a unique and unfortunate issue. My sister has a son 3 yrs old. We are trying divorce for her but havent filed it in court till now. Because her husband is asking for hell lot of money . Her husband have never seen his son also.

    Can we get passport for her son without consent of his real father. My sister doesnt have passport.

    Please provide us how to go about this.

    • Hi Richa,

      Sorry to hear about your sister’s situation. She can get passport for her son without the consent of the father. There is an annexure that need to be submitted for the same. Check the document advisor tool on passport website for the same. Also it is recommended that your sister first gets her passport made (with spouse name endorsed since she is not divorced yet) and then apply for her son’s passport. That way, her son will be spared the police verification. Otherwise her son will have to go through a compulsory police verification.

  303. Hello sir, I have to get my old passport reissued . but there is a problem. In my old passport my name is mentioned as Mohammad sohaib zaman whereas in my 10th certificate it is MD sohaib zaman. Also my fathers name has been incorrectly spelled in 10th certificate. His name is M badiuz zaman but in the 10th certificate it is M baduiz zaman. Now I have to go for MS in US but I don’t know how to first get my passport. Kindly reply asap. I ll be very thankful to you

    • Hi,

      What is your correct name? The one mentioned in your old passport or in the 10th certificate? What name is mentioned in your birth certificate, Aadhar card, PAN card, bank statement (if you have any of these) etc?

      • Hi Manish, Hope you are doing good. Just wanted to know if joint account of husband nd wife can be showed as adrress proof.?

  304. Hi manish how can i renewal may passport expary date is december 29 / 2014 any urgetly proces

  305. hi manis,
    You’re doing a great job.
    Now my query.
    My son’s passport expires on May 2015, we shifted from chennai to mumbai 6 months ago.
    I filled the form online,mentioned both present and permanent address as in chennai,took an appointment in chennai psk ( tatkal),we were there for a week.however app got cancelled as parents passport( son being a minor) was not submitted.the website makes no mention of this!
    Now my query is
    1) can I apply again,how long will the ARN be valid ,intend going to chennai in 4 months time for a month,will it be a problem in police verification?is it really done? My parents applied last year for re issue and NO police verification was done and passport was parents stay there and can vouch and collect the passport if it comes.
    2) else can I apply in mumbai with different permanent and present address? If I fill online,will the system track the earlier ARN with the passport no. I have a rental agreement and a gas bill in the present address but is only 6 months old,website says one year.
    3) hope mine and hubby passport showing chennai address would not pose a problem if applied in mumbai,clarify
    Also take this mail to warn parents who apply for minor to take their passport in original if there,or requisite Id and address proof

  306. Hi Manish,

    Excellent blog and thanks a lot for information all your replies.
    My case is straightforward – passport expires in April ’15, I applied for Re-issue but the appointment date is 18th Feb in Pune. I’m staying in current address for last 12 years and do not have any case registered. Do you think Police Verification will be required. Also, does anyone know, how much time require in Pune for Re-issue?


  307. Hi Manish,

    I am a working professional in Noida. My hometown is Bhopal. I had applied for normal passport in November 2014 but unfortunately Police Verification has been submitted as “Adverse.”

    There are reasons for it.

    I have filled incorrect application form. I had made following mistakes:-

    1) I had interchanged my present address and permanent address by mistake while applying.
    2) Later at passport office Bhopal I asked officer to correct my address as co- applicant advised you dont required to mention the address of Noida. Just fill permanent and present address same of M.P.
    3) Second mistake I did was gurantor name was not from same town as I entered gurantor name as my collegue so he could not be presented at the time of verification.
    4) Then I got the call from police for verification so I requested him that I could be present at weekend as I am in Delhi and also asked that whether is it ok if only single gurantor can be presented then he replied that is fine.This has created whole problem.
    5) During verification he asked why you were in Delhi then I said I am staying at my aunts place and doing bank coaching from Delhi.

    At last I end up getting Police verification report as “Adverse.”

    Please advise what can be done now. Your response is highly appreciated.

    Thanks & Regards,

    • Hi Jayati,

      If you are living in Delhi then you should mention the Delhi address in your application. Police verification will happen at your Delhi address and then passport will be issued. Since you have provided false information and police has already submitted adverse report your best option is to immediately visit the RPO at Bhopal and explain the situation and plead that they don’t initiate penalty or prosecution proceeding against you under the Passport Act. Most probably you will be let go with a fine of 5000/- . Once this is done, you can mention correct details on the application and finish the verification process.

  308. My passport is going to expire after 10 months. From past few years I am leaving in Pune on rent but my passport was issued from my hometown Bhopal. If I get it renewed from bhopal again, can I give the address proof of my bhopal home which is on my fathers name? Will there be any problem with police verification since I am not living in bhopal from a long time?

    • Hi Vishal,
      Since you have been living in Pune you should get your passport reissued from Pune and not Bhopal. If you try to get it reissued from Bhopal, then police may submit adverse report based on your job details (which they will definitely inquire about). You will then be liable for prosecution and penalty under passport Act for submitting false information.


    • Hi Vishal.
      If you are submitting both these documents then you need to give an affidavit of name change. It is recommend to get it published in the gazette as well as two newspapers. Keep multiple copies of gazette and newspaper with you since you will require these documents every time you reissue your passport.

  310. Hi Manish. I m.Manu .i want to get your suggestion..actually i got divorced in 2009 and have my husband’sname of my passport.would you.let me know wat is the procedure to get it removed passport as i m divorced now??as i m getting married in this year so wat i need to do.will i get thr police verifications in the reissue f a fresh passport?


    • Hi Manu,
      If you are getting married this year it is best to apply for reissue of passport after marriage. That way you can simply change the spouse name rather than getting it removed now and then again adding later in the year. You can use the passport document advisor tool to know the annexures required. Generally a divorce decree from the court should be good enough.

  311. Hi Manish,
    My daughter passport expiring this year. She came to India from US and she want to renew her passport.
    Main problem is she need change of address, she is not having any proof of address except my proofs (parents).What is the solution for this?

    • Hi,
      If your daughter is based out of US and is in India temporarily then she should apply for her passport from Indian embassy in US. She will need documents in her name and prove she has been staying with you for past one year (very difficult as stamps on her passport will tell a different story).

  312. I reventy visited Passport office at ITO for submitting my passport to renew under Tatkaal scheme, which is still valid for next couple of months. It was surprising to know that all offices offer a dfferent process. ITO office at Delhi demanded annexure F for my renewal, while there is no such document requested by Shalimar bagh office from my colleagues. Things may have improved, however there is still a long way to go while the process can become more transparent and better. I will check again if the other means are still actve for getting passport through a quicker means and update you all.

  313. Hi Manish,
    I am having 4 years old account with SBI with current address details. I changed my flat 11 months back but since from four years I am leaving in Pune only, but in different flats (I have all documents of my previous address). My passport expired last year mid but due to insufficient address proof I haven’t applied. My queries are below

    1. Do I need SBI stamped bank statement or internet downloaded self attested statement would work?
    2. I am in current address since from 11 months and also bank statement is having current address and it is allowing me to download 1 year statement with current address, would it work as address proof.
    3. I working with ., would it letter head work as address proof?

    Please suggest.

  314. Is Bank Statement really necessary for address proof

  315. i need to renew my passport, my address has changed, do i need a police verification, how much time it would take to renew passport?
    Which method would be fastest to renew passport?

  316. Hi Manish,
    I am getting my passport renewed and also getting my spouse name added in the passport.
    I’ll be taking self-attested passport copy and marriage certificate.
    Now, issue is, in the marriage certificate, my last name is mispelled (one character is missing in the last name in marriage certificate). Do I need to get any additional affidavit to validate this mispell to the passport authorities?

    Please let me know.

  317. Hi Manish,
    I applied for reiisue of passport.
    My status is showing as

    Pending for physical police verification at your respective Thana under SP Office, noida
    Do I have to visit SP office or someone will come to my home for verification.
    Do I have to contact anyone for Verification?

  318. Hi Manish,

    I have lost my passport after my US H1B visa got approved. I am trying to get a duplicate passport. Can you please tell me If the visa is still valid and I can travel on Duplicate passport in lieu of lost passport.

  319. Hi..I had applied for my re-issue passport.police verification is completed successfully. .but when I check my passport status, it says” your passport application is under the review at regional passport office”.wt does it mean..

    One more information, whn I was traveling from south africa my passport got stolen, then I went to the indian embassy on Cape Town. They had given me the passport which is valid for 1 year. So I had applied here to renew this passport.please help in this situation. .

  320. Hello sir,

    I have a passport at my native wil expire in may 2015. I want to apply for reissue and change the address to mumbai address. I stay here with my brother. I have the following documents, please suggest if any additional documents would be required

    Old passport
    pan card
    bank account with my name and brother address of mumbai
    society letter stating that i stay with them
    electricity bill with brother name
    gas bill with brother name
    affidavit in d name of brother stating that i stay with them

    I have ration card but my name is in native, wil i need to cut from there and add at brother ration card…also please suggest if the above documents would be enough..

  321. Hi manish,
    I posted a query earlier on jan 2nd,can you have a look and get back to me ?

  322. hi Manish my children are 17 and 14 their pps are expiring in december month and they wants to go to Dubai in the month of July as expiry is within 6 mnths is it must to renew it and how much time will it take for it.

  323. Need to renew passport. However since was living in cousins house have no address proof. Will a letter from cousin stating that i stayed with him for last 4 years ( together with cousins address proof suffice in getting passport renewed? I do have valid ID proof ( pan card) only.

  324. Hi Manish,

    Thanks for the work you are doing for all. I have few questions regarding fresh as well as re-issue of passports. It may look similar to the questions asked earlier but the solutions for the same are different.

    1. I want to apply for re-issuing of my passport as validity will expire in Oct ’15 and I am planning to travel abroad in the month of May. My permanent address is of Gujarat while present address is of Mumbai (shifted 6 months back). All my documents are having permanent address only. As I have shifted before 6 months only, I dont have any other address proof other than rent agreement (signed in Oct ’14) while bank account of ICICI also will not be valid. So is it fine if I apply from Gujarat without mentioning about my present address as I dont think police verification will require any documents of my current job.

    2. My father also wants to apply for re-issue of his passport which is to expire in Nov ’15. In his passport, the last word of surname was misspelled as “a” instead of “e” while all the other documents have the correct spelling. So whether he needs to apply under “Change in name” category or simply under “validity about to expire”? Will it be fine if he apply with the correct surname or he just needs to apply with which is there in his passport and then correct it at PSK?

    3. I want to apply for fresh passport for my sister who is married (in 2010) and her 3 years old daughter. Due to some personal problems, she is not living with her husband. She neither has the marriage certificate nor any other documents mentioning her post marriage surname. So can she apply with her maiden name with Affidavit (as per Annexure K) and all of her pre-marriage documents? Whether she can apply for her daughter’s passport without her husband’s consent by submitting the affidavit as per Annexure G? And will it be good to apply for both the passport together or first to apply for my sister and after that for her daughter? Also, can she apply for Tatkal scheme for both in this particular situation?

    Your prompt reply will help in faster processing from our side.

  325. thanks a lot have done a very nice work.very question–I have shifted to a new address.I have bsnl landline bill of august 2014 of the present if I submit that and present month it is not a case of 2 bills of 12 months will it be accepted as proof of address.or should I wait upto august 2015 for applying.
    fresh passport is my case

  326. Recently I had an appointment at PSK, where I showed Identity certificate which was in printed letter head pad with original signature , and is not accepted. They told me to bring identity certificate on original letter head pad with signature of higher authority who signed previously on my identity letter. When I came back and told in my office the signing authority told me he had issued identity certificates in the same manner to other employees which came back to him for verification also from passport office and also showed me one. I was shocked seeing the same patterned letter which came from PSK for verification. I don’t understand why they did to me in my case and accepted the same in other’s case. My friends told me that I should go for the process through some agent and PSK will sort out everything.

  327. Dear Manish,

    I am a government servant, my wife has to get her passport reissued. In her old passport she was unmarried and working and now she is a homemaker.

    The problems are:
    1) We currently stay in a rented place and most of the documents listed for residential proof are in my name.
    2) Her bank account is in a private Bank
    3) Her Aadhar Card is an Eprint and not more than a 1 year old.

    Though we have a Marriage Certificate and her name is included in the CGHS Card.

    seek your advice

    • That’s okay, if document has your names on it. She just need to show marriage certificate, along with those documents which shows that you guys are there since from 1 year (Your name document will work). I just renewed my passport and created new passport for my wife and daughter.

  328. Thanks Manish for such an exhaustive blog. I seem to have a problem when applying for a reissue of my passport.
    hen filling the form online i seem to get stuck at the present address page an error msg reads”You have registered under RPO Mumbai but yr present add lies within the jurisdiction of RPO Thane.The reg. & present add should be in the same RPO. I stay in Vashi Navi Mumbai.The police stn is Vashi.How do i register unr RPO Thane.
    Also i got an ARN no before the display of the error msg. What does this mean?

    • Hi Jyoti
      Vashi Navi Mumbai falls under the RPO Thane.

  329. Hi Manish,

    Thanks for your blog post. Sometime back my passport got partially water damaged. Everything is distinctly visible but the first and last page absorbed moisture and looks somewhat cloudy. The last time when I traveled outside with the same passport, the immigration officer (Chennai airport) initially asked a few questions but eventually let me go. But after that incident I felt that with this passport I will always be at the mercy of the immigration guys.

    I have been in Chennai since more than a year but my passport was issued in Bangalore. Now when I am trying to apply for a re-issue in Chennai I am getting the following error message on the Passport seva portal:
    “You have registered under RPO Bangalore but your present address lies within the jurisdiction of RPO Chennai. The registration and present address should be with the same RPO.” I also tried calling the Passport helpline no. 1800 258 1800 but couldn’t manage to speak to the Customer care person.

    Can someone please confirm whether we can apply for a re-issue of Passport from a different city RPO or not? I need to get this fixed asap.

    Thanks in advance!!

  330. Hi Manish

    My old passport expired in 2004. Since I forgot to renew the same, I applied for a fresh passport and went through all the processes you had mentioned. But at Counter C, they asked me whether I had applied for a passport in 1994, for which I said Yes. Then they asked me to come again on 19th with a fine of Rs.2000/- along with all original documents and an Affidavit explaining why I did not submit my old passport. I am not aware of this procedure. Pl let me know what other documents I should produce along with the Affidavit. How should I pay this amount of Rs.2000/- (thro cash / check / DD). Apart from this, I have the following documents with me


    PL guide me whether I should undergo the whole procedure when I go back on 19th or I just need to meet the senior officer at Counter C.

    Also in my passport application, my father’s name is mentioned as Senapathy instead of Senapathi (as mentioned in my DOB certificate). should I correct this before meeting the officer. Pl Pl guide me.

  331. Hi,

    I want to apply for fresh passport.
    What are the docs required?
    I have my spouse passport copy, mrrge certificate, 10th marks card and birth cerificate. Whether these docs are sufficient or still more docs are required?
    Please reply asap.

    Thanks & Regards,

  332. Unknowingly I have written my status as single.But the passport officer told me it should have been divorcee as I am divorced .He said have to pay a penalty of Rs 5000/-.Plz guide me what to do.He also said a dvorcee cannot apply for Tatkaal passport.Plz guide me .

  333. Hi
    I got my passport. but Mother’s name is wrongly mentioned in. what shall I do to changet it?

  334. Hi..I’m from bangalore …I had a passport that had expired 4 years ago in 2011. But, I applied for fresh passport instead of reissue…
    What to do..? Really confused… need your advice. ..

  335. Hi, My place of birth is wrong in the passport, what is the procedure and how long does it take?

  336. Hie
    I applied for name bifurcation through normal mode
    My appointment is scheduled on 15th April 2015..
    I would like to know after how many days will I be re issued my passport since I have not applied in tadkaal…
    Please reply soon…

  337. Hii manish

    I applied passport online but while filling the form I made mistake of marrg date and address it shows 4 mnths proof of staying at present address and marrg date .while police verification they told we wll reject . Now wht I can do further for processing of passport. It wll get rejected I hve to fill new fresh form. Or penalty

    Marrg year is written wrong by me that is 2013 instead of 2014.

    Wht I can I do passport officewll reject the form. From which site I can know the police has rejected the form .or passport off gas rejected.

  338. Dear Manish,

    Pls explain the procedure for reissuance of passport and documents required.

  339. As per their website and according to an agent I spoke with on their toll free number, if I do not have a marriage certificate, I can submit anexxure D as a proof of marriage to add my wife’s name while resissuing a passport. However, when I reached counter C, the officer simply refused to accept the affidavit as proof of marriage. What can I do apart from submitting a marriage certificate as my wife is currently out of India for 2 months.

    • I would recommend that you get your marriage certificate made. Its a one time hassle but saves lots of time in future. Each time you renew your passport you will face this harassment. Not to mention many embassies will not issue dependent Visas without marriage certificate. Coming to your specific query, you can take an appointment with the Regional Passport Office and meet a senior officer and take his advice/opinion. Most likely they will allow your application unless rules have changed recently. Once they allow your application, you can revisit the PSK (after taking another appointment) and complete your application.

  340. Hi Manish,

    My passport will expire in 4/2017 so it has 1yr and 11 months time left.. I need to apply for Chinese Z visa for 2 years. So I need to renew the passport urgently. Please can you tell approximate minimum time it will take to get the renewed passport.

    • Hi Ashutosh,

      It can take between 3 days to 3 months. Really depends upon your personal circumstances and under what category you apply for the passport. If you need the passport urgently, you can apply under tatkal. If application goes through fine, you will receive the passport in 3 days.

  341. Hello Manish,

    Thank you so much for this article. It helps a lot.

    I am applying for a renewal. I wanted to ask you that do they return your old passport once we are issued a new passport?? I want to keep my old passport for the stamps as memories. Also, I am going to apply for US visa once I get my renewed passport and they ask for all old passport too. So do they return the old expired passport once we get a new one??

    • Hi Mansi,


      Your old passport is stamped “Cancelled” returned immediately when you visit the PSK for the new passport. You cannot use the cancelled passport for travel but if you have valid visas in them (depending on the foreign country’s laws) you may be able to travel on such old visas by carrying both your old and new passports.

  342. I applied for reissue of passport since there were four blank pages in the old one.The date of appointment is 24 days hence.I have to travel in 10 days for a week. Does the application nullify/ make invalid my old passport? Can I travel on it?


  344. Hi Manish.

    Ur help is greatly appreciated.

    I got married recently.Now I want to add my wife name in my passport under spouse name.I have validity till 20/03/2018.

    I have following doubt.

    1: I just need to update spouse name and rest all are same.
    in this case whether they will do police verification. (Pre or post)
    2. How much time they will take to deliver my passport under normal scheme and tatkaal.

    3 if I will go for tatkaal . Do I need verification certificate from any Gazetted officer.

    4. can I apply for 60 pages passport.

    5 last 1 years I stayed in more then 7 cities due to my official meeting will they do police verification for all the cities.

    6. Max. Time I m not available at my home due to busy meeting scheduled always out of city. So if they will do policeVerification and I m not available then what they will do?. Can I visit police station before my application reaches police station.


  345. Dear Manish,

    I had lost my passport recently at Angola & have traveled to India On Emergency certificate issued at Indian Embassy at Angola, since I have employment abroad , Hence shortly, I will have to travel back to join my duties , to retain the job.
    As I could not opt for Tatkal scheme, is their any faster way to get fresh passport , normally how long it takes to get passport in such cases.
    what is the exact procedure to be followed to avoid any delays.
    can I produce job appointment order to get passport issued faster.



  346. Hi Manish,

    I have few queries regarding renewal of passport. Hope you will guide me.
    Am going to reside in US. My passport is due for renewal after three years. I want to do the following modifications.
    1. Add my dad surname. Presently only maiden name is mentioned as in my birth certificate his surname was not there. In his passport it’s mentioned properly. Is it possible to add his surname in my passport with ONLY his passport Xerox as proof. I won’t be having his original passport with me. Also, I don’t have any other document wherein his surname is mentioned. Should I get any affidavit made in this regard before I leave.
    2. I want to change my old address according to my husband’s. He is in US since one year. He has the new permanent address of India in his passport. I guess spouse passport proof is enough to get the address change done. As I will staying be in US at that time do I have to give present address proof to be mentioned in the passport.
    3. I want to add my Husband name in GIVEN NAME section along with my name. Hope marriage certificate is enough for the same.

    Hope I can get all the above changes done through the Indian passport application center in US.

  347. P.S. I want to add my dad surname in ‘Name of Father’ column.

  348. Hi Manishji
    My first PP will expire in October ’15. All details in my passport are correct and fine.
    Only thing is I have changed my address. The address appearing in my earlier pp is my own flat address, to which I will be shifting back in another two years. So the address I am living now (in a different area within the city) is a temporary one. Address in my ration card and aadhar card are old address (i.e. my own house address).
    Can I apply for re issue (or renewal) of PP based on my own house address only? Or should I apply for reissue along with change of address only with the support of BSNL Landline bill (in the new address). Please advise.

  349. Thanks for detailed information Mr.Manish. Excellent .

  350. Hi Manish

    My son applied for a reissue of PP on Aug 4th ’15 which had expired in 2010 (he took it when he was a minor). Now he has applied for reissue with name change (only surname) with all supporting documents. After verification they gave the acknowledgement but the PP officer asked for my PP but my son had not taken it along with him so they gave another date of appointment on 2nd Sep to produce same. Will this be sufficiant to get the approval by them

    • He had his appointment opn 4th Aug ’15

  351. HI Manish,

    I have applied for re-issue(only address change) of my passport in tatkal, took appointment and went to PSK with all documents.
    I had a latest gas connection bill on my name with current address.
    My passport is kept on Hold at Counter C saying that insufficient address proof and resubmission is required.
    They gave me another appointment on September 3 again.

    Now i have noticed that my door number in the application has a mistake 2-21-150 and actually it is 15-21-150.

    Can you please guide me what address proof (with correct door no or what is there in application submitted) should i take for my next appointment.

    Also can i correct my door number in next appointment at PSK and submit the address proof with the same address.

    Appreciate your help in this.

  352. Dear Manish,

    we are very thankful to you for this blog and your answers, i have one problem in my passport, In my passport my name is correct but in my father’s name there is suffix problem. my passport fields name like this,

    surname:- PATEL
    given name:- PARTH JAYANTILAL

    i want to change my father name from JAYANTILAL to JAYANTIBHAI because in my others document like voter id, aadhar,driving licence ,pan card my father name is JAYANTIBHAI so i want name PARTH JAYANTIBHAI in my given name in passport and in my father name field i want JAYANTIBHAI KACHARABHAI name after correction.
    i have talked to customer care passport officer on mobile.

    he told me that i have to submit my father property document to change my father name field only, if i want to change my mother name field in passport also i have to submit my mother property document,but my mother don’t have any property what i have to do then? and he also told me that i have to do annexure E to change my given name field From PARTH JAYANTILAL to PARTH JAYANTIBHAI.i am very confused about all this things please tel me what i have to do? is there i have to submit different property document to change my father and mother name ? they can not change my mother name field to SUMANBEN JAYANTIBHAI after change in my father name from JAYANTILAL TO JAYANTIBHAI.

    what type of different document come under property documents for passport purpose is there require to be that in english?

    waiting for your positive and fast response
    thanks and regards

    • Hi Parth,

      You will have to get your name changed officially through gazette publication, affidavit and publishing your change of name in two newspapers. This will be sufficient documentation to satisfy he passport office. Take as many original copies of newspaper, official gazette as possible because you will need them every time you renew your passport. As for your mother and father name, simply mention their new name in the application supported by any relevant document eg: copy of passport, property document, Aadhar card etc.

      • hi manish,
        thanx for being there for us .Passport seva’s customer care service not at all helpful.

        1.I was applying for visa for my father, but on passport he has just first name ,last name is blank.(i’ll tell u a quick story behind this,when we went for fresh passport ,my father forgot to take gazette original ,so they wrote name on passport according 10th marksheet which contains first name only,though my father showed all others documents which contain surname- retired government doc,bank passbook etc.) i am applying for reissue of passport : will gazette original work for adding surname? or i need to submit newspaper copy as well which i don’t have. any mandatory docs

        after two months my niece birthday is there,plz tell me time saving solution to this.
        thanks in advance manish.

  353. Dear sir,
    My son having Indian passport issued by Indian passport commission Singapore, the passport is expired on 26th January 2016 (less than 6 months) now my son is studying in India. what is the procedure for renewal the passport.My son is 14 years old he also having Permanent residence of Singapore but do not have NRIC card.

  354. How much days does it take to get a passport renewed?

  355. I applied for the passport in the month of that when i can get appointment

  356. Hi Manish,

    I came across this forum and saw that your responses have helped many people and so I thought of posting on it with my doubts regarding my passport reissue.

    I want to get my passport reissued on account of the following changes:

    1. Change of name after marriage
    2. Addition of spouse name

    Now, I do have the necessary documents to provide as proof for the above changes. However, I have lived at two different places in the last one year and therefore, I have to provide details regarding both addresses on my passport application. So I want to know what documents do I need to furnish mandatorily as address proof.

    The point to note here is that I have officially changed my name after 2.5 years of marriage. During this time I used my current passport (with the old name) to travel to the UAE and have stayed there during that period. Now, I’m in India for the past three months (staying at the same address as mentioned on my current passport) and I’m trying to get my new name updated on the relevant documents so that I can use them as ID/address proof to get my passport reissued. So far I have been able to do that on my PAN Card and my HDFC bank account. I also have the State Gazette Notification for my name change and have already applied for name change in Aadhaar, but that’s still under process.

    Do I need to provide address proofs for both places? I’m asking because I have no valid address proof in the UAE. Also, since right now I have my new name updated only on the HDFC bank account, will that suffice as address proof for the India address? Will they accept my existing Aadhaar card/Ration Card (with the old name) as valid address proof?

    Hoping for some clarity on this. Thanks in advance.

  357. Can I use my latest Income Tax Assessment Order [Intimation U/S 143(1)] as the proof of address while applying for passport?

  358. Hi Manish.. thank you for so many information.

    I have a question, I stay at Bangalore, but my permanent address is of Pune, and thats what I would like to mention in my renewal request then , can I take an appointment in the Bangalore PSV?

  359. Hello Sir,

    I have submitted an online application on 4th July 2015 & my police verification was on 27th Aug 2015 but i was nt aware that i made one error while submitting the application that there is change in my address & the date which i mentioned in application was june 2014 & i said dec 2014. Dec 2014 is the correct date & i explained to police also but they said they will send the application to passport office let them take a call & i got an email stating that objection letter. when i visited them they said i need to closed the application & pay the penalty & send the fresh application.

    1 – Can i submit my application again once i get my closure report.
    2 – How penalty i need to pay
    3 – When i checking for re-issue of passport in tatkal scheme. I have ticked in change of name & address & its showing as it cannot apply in tatkal scheme.

    Need your help & concurrence on the same.


  360. My date of Birth in Documents is 02-12-1975. I have passport and date of birth in Passport is 02-12-1974. I want to change in date of birth according to my documents which is 02-12-1975.

    By mistake I applied for fresh passport instead of renewal or reissue. I visited PSK than they told me that you have already passport I admit there yes but I want to correction in my passport’s date of birth.

    They hold my passport refer my file to RPO office Jaipur, what should to do now?

    Please guide me proper to avoid any mistake to get passport according to my correct Date of birth which is 02-12-1975.

  361. Very Informative….Great Job

  362. senior passport officer seated on A counter not D . process start as D-C-B-A-DN EXIT

  363. Thanks a lot for the details Manish… One quick thing though… If we get the passport reissued, is the validity extended too ? I mean the passport is now valid for another 10 years ..right?

  364. Hey Manish…
    I want to apply a passport application for my mom… She had a passport 30 years back which is expired and is not available with her right now… Should i apply for a new passport or do i need to apply for a reissue of passport ??

  365. Mr. Manish

    Chandresh here!

    First I would like to congratulate you with great information and practical knowledge.

  366. Hello Manish,

    I need your advice My passport is expired in 2013 and I have Sbi saving acccount, pan card, matric certificate and driving license but driving license was misplaced thats why I I applied for the duplicate which I will be getting by the end of this month. I dont have voter card and aadhar card. So, I would like to know if these proofs are enough to apply for the reissu? My age is 31.

  367. Namste
    I have to re issue Passport of my son.
    can you suggest me the required documents

  368. how to find out the file no in previous passport column passport reneval form.pls reply soon.

  369. hi maniesh sir
    I apply the passport on 29-9-15 i did not get any message for pcc

  370. Hi Manish Ji.

    Appreciate your informative blog. I have a situation and I need your guidance. My wife lost passports of all of us including mine, my son and my daughter and herself. Unfortunately I don’t have xerox copies of these lost passports neither recorded their numbers. I have registered the police complaint and shall reapply. However, I wish to update my surname on all of our passports which were not there earlier and change in the spelling and surname on my wife’s passport. We have Aadhar ID to support our claims of surnames issued 2 years ago but nothing else apart from this. Do we have to first change names by giving affidavits and news paper advertisements or first we reapply for passports and change the names later?
    Thanking you in anticipation of your positive and prompt response yours truly.

  371. Hello Manish

    Thanks for such a great post.

    Could you please throw some light on this:
    I have damaged my passport, it fell in water. Now the expiry is Year 2020 but If I give for reissue will they give me same old expiry or add extra 5 years becoz the amount is same?

    Also, Is there a physical Police Verification? Do they call or visit or we have to pay some fees to police station?

    Kindly advise.


  372. Does in case of passport renew, since it will be expiring in few months.

    Do they keep the old passport at PSK or else return the current one??

    • Hi Manish,

      I have a query on lost passport. When I was a bachelor i got passport and its validity till 2021. After getting marriage added my wife name in my new passport and old passport has been cancelled and handover to me. My new passport has a validity till 2025. At this moment I lost my old cancelled passport and i have valid new passport. I never traveled to anywhere and no Visa stamping is there in any of the passport. Now im looking for onsite travel through L1 blanket, to apply visa they are looking for my old cancelled passport during the VISA interview. Im not sure whether my old cancelled passport is required for any purpose. But i am looking to file the police complaint on this for future purpose. Also Please advise me whether my old cancelled passport requirement in future…..


      • Hi Gopal,
        Best to file a police complaint and keep a copy of the same. Old / cancelled passports are required in certain cases. For eg, if you apply for Schengen visa, you will be required to submit all passports (including the expired, cancelled) in original. So it is best to keep old passports safe.

  373. I waIt to renew passport in chennai. Please. Tell me what are the documents require for renewal of new papaaport

  374. Thank you so much 🙂

  375. Hi Manish,
    My case is re-issue one.

    From Dec2013 to May 2015 I stayed in one address and now I got my own flat and staying there from June-2015.

    So Do I need to submit the address proof for 2013 to 2015 stay? or will it be fine If I submit the proof for Jun-2015 stay.

    Please help me

  376. My passport expired on 08/2015, can i renew it or do i need to request for a new passport

  377. Hi Manish,

    My Aunt is an Indian, but went to Canada early 70’s, She has either lost of misplaced her Indian passport. Please let me know what is the process to get another passport or an Affidavit stating that she is an Indian by Origin.


  378. Dear Manish.. I need to apply for reissue of my passport on an urgent basis however I don’t have a marriage certificate issued by the registrar but hold a certificate issued by the church.. Upon surfing through various pages it is evident that church issued certificate can’t be considered as a proof hence need your advice if any affidavit duly signed by the notary – gezerted officer can be submitted for passport reissue whilst I await for the proper registered doc from the IG office ?

  379. Recently I had applied for fresh passport instead of reissue as my old passport expired 20 years back. My application was put on hold for suppressing pre passport and penalty.Actually old expired passport was not traceable and I do not have a travel plan for long.So I do not want a new passport now. Can I avoid paying penalty, showing pre passport and explanation.I will not travel abroad due to illness hence I not interested in new PP.

  380. Please reply

  381. Hi,
    Due to expiry (July 2016) on my passport, i would like to go for renewal. My present address (Communication) is different from existing passport address. I would like to renewal my passport with the existing address (permanent).
    But if i select the option as present address is not the same as permanent adreess, then in the new passport, current communication address is displaying in the preview. what shall i do to get the permanent address in my passport?

  382. Hello Manish Ji,
    Great work – hats off to you.

    My passport expires in Nov 2016 and my son passport in August 2016 and the address is old, i want to re-issue with my current address.
    i am working in Saudi Arabia since 2007.
    What documents required.
    please advise

    Thanks & Regards

  383. Hai manish,

    My passport is expired 4 years back. I am recently married also. I am applying for reissue through the website.
    I have all the address proofs and id proofs in my hand.
    Do i need to submit Annexure D and I. is it required.


  384. Hi,

    Have an urgent concern. I have to get my passport renewed in tatkal as need to travel soon. I got married 2 years back and have been staying with my husband (in delhi only). I used to stay in delhi as well before the wedding. Now, the concern is that

    1. I do not have any address proof in my name having my husband’s address, apart from a bank statement which is just a week old, but has his address and my primary name. Would the bank statement be sufficient for getting the new address on the renewed passport.

    2. In the form it asks if my present address is same as my permanent address is, now what would be my permanent address?

    3. Would a verification certificate , annexe “F” be ok as supporting document for address proof

    Please suggest

  385. Hi Manish,
    I have applied for reissue of passport online.
    Old passport valid till 24/09/2016.
    For change in address, the only proof I m having the sale deed, electric bill. In the name of my father, present address. Is it will be sufficient,.

  386. Dear Manish,
    I have a question. My passport will be getting expired sometime in April 2017. Also, there was a change in present address. So, I have applied for reissue – with address change clause . (I was not able to select the option regarding expiry as remaining period for expiry should be lesser than a year)

    I just wanted to know whether the new passport will have 10 years of validity or will have validity just as old with Present address changed.


  387. We dont have society registration in place? Can you please suggest alternative for society letter for passport verification?

  388. Sir,
    My Passport validity Expired and i need to renew it as i still have the US Business Visa valid till 2019, i came to know for renewal process we need to submit Bank Statements from any Govt.undertaking banks only for the last 1 year, so i had to create an account.

    My question is:
    Can i apply for renewal of passport with Bank statements for last 6 months as i need the passport for some important work and i cant wait for a year to get the statements? or can i apply for renewal without the Bank statements.

    Please suggest.

    Thanks in Advance,
    Best Regards

  389. Dear Manish,

    I have handwritten passport with me , which is going to expire on 2018, I have not change with digital one, right now I am in Hyderabad and my passport issue from Patna, now I want to change that with digital passport, can we do it at Hyderabad ? Please suggest the best for the process

  390. Hi Manish,

    I want to appy for reissue of passport and i got married in 2013 and my passport getting expired in March 2017 and I wish to travel in November 2016 to Dubai and want to reissue my passport as it does not contain six months of expiry of my passport to travel…

    Would please tell me the documents required for Re-issue of Passport and is there any police verifcation.
    One more query there is mistake of spelling error in my building name ….what to do???

  391. Hi Manish,

    I applied re-fresh passport last year(April 2015). took appointment but due to insufficient docs . it was cancelled. since one i didn’t appointment again . now it is more than one year . according to my knowledge my payment for passport will expired after one year. so now I have valid document for submit then Next What I have to do.

  392. I don’t have tenth having only Xerox can I go with only Xerox to passport office

  393. hello, i frequently change my home . so each time do i have to apply for reissue of my passport. plz reply.

  394. Hi, my passport is lost. I have affidavit from courier company that they have lost my passport. But police are not ready to give properly missing certificate. They say give some time to find out. Its been three months now. What should i do now?

  395. Hi Manish,
    I have to travel abroad in coming few months so I want to add my spouse name to raise dependant visa . Is it necessary to update address ? Do both of us need to have same address ? Our passport is issued from Lucknow but now we are staying in pune and bought a house in pune so I wanted to make our present address in our passport .. So can we do this from pune psk or we have to go to Lucknow for this ? Police verification will be done in pune .. Please suggest


  397. During the rescheduled appointment, do I need to carry all the originals which were already uploaded & verified in the first appointment or just the original of the required document?

  398. I have applied for reissue of passport, I had mentioned my wife’s name in the application, where I have not yet applied for marriage certificate…what will I do now?


  400. I lost the original copy of my marriage certificate. But I have few true copies of the original which I used when I was in Netherlands 3yrs ago for my visa extension. Now, my passport is expiring. Can I use the true copy of my marriage certificate?

  401. I have passport from kolkata, 2 yrs back i suppose to renew, but till now no time a i am travelling here and there in country. i have 10 yrs us visa.
    Is it possible to renew now from gurgaon.
    if yes tell me the process and doucuments required.

  402. For re issue…i wrongly submitted my apllication as fresh…how i can get my re issue my passport again…

    Thier any procedure to ..apply a shedule again

  403. Sir, I want to apply for a fresh passport. My below documents are misspelled:
    Adhar card – additional ‘A’ in my address
    Graduation Certificate – Mom’s name misspelled in mark sheet, passing & convocation
    My municipality name certificate – my name in English is accurate but is misspelled in Marathi.

  404. Hi,

    Thanks a lot for detailed analysis of the Process. Requesting you to please help me with below query.

    I have changed my house 2 years back. But i didnt update in Adhar. Now i have updated in Adhar. will it be accepted?

    Rajesha H G

  405. Hi
    I am an Indian citizen but living overseas. My passport is expiring in feb 2017 so I applied for a renewal on 13/12/16 since than there is no update on my application my tickets worth of almost 3lakhs are cancelled now and after my wedding me and my husband are not able to return back due to my passport. As of now there is no update and it is very annoying as no one is giving proper answer. Is there any contact details where I can put a complain or atleast somewhere I can address my genuine issue?

  406. Q: How to “PAY AND BOOK APPOINT MENT” in case in Payment RE-VERFICATION shows PENDING where as bank account did not debited . On many process will not go beyond PAY AND BOOK APPOINTMENT option even under new user ID with on maiden application for reissue of ordinary passport.

  407. my indian passport does not have matching passport and barcode numbers..what should i Do

  408. Is birth certificate asked by police during verification at the time of reissue of passport ?

  409. Hi Manish!
    Excellent article on reissue of Passport.
    My Passport expiry date is on 28th March-2017. I have 3 specific queries:
    1. Can I apply for reissue after the above date? Will the procedure and documentation will be different then?
    2. Will it be valid if I apply online before the expiry date but the appointment date is after the Expiry date?
    3. I reside at Silvassa, in Dadra and Nagar Haveli. In March, 2007, I had to apply to Mumbai RPO. But now, there is a nearby RPO at Surat as well. Can I apply for the Passport reissue at the Surat RPO also? Will it be acceptable during online application? Or should I apply to Mumbai RPO?


    • Hi Supriya

      1. You can apply for reissue after your passport has expired. No the procedure and documents will remain same upto 3 years post expiry of passport.
      2. Yes
      3. You can only apply to Vadodara, Surat or Mumbai RPO.

  410. how can we change date of birth in expired passport. My passport expired five years back now can i cha