iPad App and JetPack for WordPress

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WordPress iOS app allows you to manage your WordPress blog from your iPad and iPhone devices. You can manage comments, reply to them, add/edit posts and publish them too. The app also allows you to tag your location and any photos/videos that your may want to publish along with your post. This is excellent for someone who is constantly traveling and wants to update his/her blog on the move.

Another cool plugin that I installed on the blog is JetPack which is cloud hosted WordPress.com engine. JetPack comes packed with host of features including Stats, social plugins, URL shortening service, Akismet powered contact forms and much more. It also connects with the WordPress iPad/iPhone app to send push notifications on your iOS device about new posts, comments and updates. The plugin also installs a Mobile theme for your blog making is ready for the small screen without any coding/installation.

Moved from MovableType to WordPress

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After much delay, I finally moved the publishing platform from Movable type (installed in 2004) to WordPress 3.0 today. Ideally I would have preferred to move all my posts to the new system as well, but then I decided to leave them in the older format for SEO reasons. Now that I am on WordPress platform, hopefully I will be able to spend a little more time updating this blog and also create a mobile version of the website.